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"When I was in the ghost land of Shifang, I had promised my Lord Xiao. If he died, I would bury him with me after Jiazi. I want to take care of him, and he can’t do it." Mr. Cang wry smile way.

"Don’t look at me!" Jade virtual reality sighed, "he is so discriminating against fat people that he won’t accept my apprentice as a slave. How can I take care of him? I don’t lose weight. You know, it’s not easy to raise such a whole body of meat." However, his apprentice loves to eat what is left of him, and he has eaten so much. It’s really something. Can I do nothing? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Referring to this, Sang Changfeng was curious and asked, "Yu Xu, your apprentice is at least an immortal, and he can get through the valley when he is on camera during the Yuanling period. Why didn’t he get through the valley?"
Referring to this problem, Yu Xu sighed, "I also told him not to be so fat." At first, he also listened. He didn’t eat for ten and a half months. Occasionally, he only ate something like us, but this time he was outside, and I didn’t know what he thought. He said that he liked to eat the rest of the food. "
"What is this mentality?" Sang Changfeng has long discovered that there seems to be something wrong with the mentality of the fat road flyover. He loves to eat the leftovers of Chuyan Habitat, and he will feel all kinds of delicious food every time and eat them all.
Mr. Cang smiled and said, "I don’t know what he thinks. At the beginning, Prince Chu couldn’t practice, and he had to rely on food to get nutrients, which was necessary to maintain his life. Therefore, no matter what the situation, he had to eat, even in the ten-square ghost domain, which was no exception. Lord Xiao will prepare all kinds of food for him. He doesn’t eat much. He looks at the delicious food-it looks delicious, his exact words, so when Prince Chu eats the rest, he will pack it all. "
"Fat people are not without reason." Sang Changfeng said.
"Do you agree to my conditions?" The demon asked again.
"I agree." Sang Changfeng laughed. "My son, I naturally protect him."
"It’s good that you agree, but-"Chi Mo suddenly laughed and asked, "My master, this is your son, Lord Sang. You can cheat others, or you can cheat my master, so why cheat us?"
"Damn, I feel that I have become a son." Sang Changfeng nu way.
"You were mistaken." The demon smiled.
A table of mahjong, because Chu Yanqi lost too much at first, Chi Mo went up and turned over a little book, and finally he was the biggest loser-finally he had to sigh with emotion that he really had the potential to lose the owl slave.
Just after mahjong, Mr. Cang saw Wuji come in and bowed down to him.
"What’s up?" Mr. Cang knows the promise very well and immediately asked.
Wuji nodded and said in a low voice, "Master, please come over at once, and besides-"He glanced at Chi Mo.
"I’ll go, too." The demon said, "What happened?"
"Thirteen was the one who got into trouble two days ago, so he was very anxious and sent a message back, hoping that his master could come to help, even if it was nothing, he could take his master away." Wuji said, "After receiving the message, his master remembered his friendship with Gu She Fairy, and he was very anxious. He scolded thirteen and nine times and waited for a meal, so he hurried to the East Wilderness. However, on the way, something happened."
"Is something wrong?" Asked the demon.
"When he passed the Poisonous Fire Bird Pond, he sent a message to Thirteen, saying that he had found the trace of Gu She Fairy in the Poisonous Fire Bird Pond. At that time, the master had arrived and the overall situation was stable. So Thirteen sent a message to tell him all kinds of things. He thought-since the Lord Sang was there, he went to find Gu She Fairy to avoid delay." Wuji said. (To be continued. )

Chapter three hundred and five Gu Gu Xian Zi
On hearing the news of Gu She Fairy, Sang Changfeng couldn’t sit still and immediately stood up and left.
"Where are you going?" Mr. Cang hurriedly grabbed him and asked.
"I’ll go to the poison fire finch pool to find Gu She." Sang Changfeng said, "since I have heard from her, I naturally want to go there-"
"I’m also in a hurry." Mr. Cang said, "at least let Wuji finish."
"Yes!" Wuji said, "don’t worry, master, until I finish."
Sang Changfeng said in his heart, "What’s there to say? What’s the matter? I can’t find Gu She?" He was in no hurry, and Gu She’s a high-level fairy, not under him. He ran out to play in anger in those days, and he was at the critical moment of retreat, so it was only her little woman’s temper that she ran out for two days in the evening and would naturally come back.
Of course, she didn’t come back for so many years, and he didn’t care about it. Ten years and eight years is really nothing but time. A concentration is more than ten years and eight years. If you have a fairy fate outside, once you practice, you will be in the mountains, and you will never know the year. Where is the concept of time?
I knew that someone in the Sangs had inadvertently discovered Chu Yanqi in Kunlan town. After probing, the Sangs knew that it was not good.
Sang Changfeng is not an idiot. Knowing that Gu She had an accident, she immediately ordered people to find an excuse to take Chu Yan to the city of Cangwu before making plans.
Therefore, there is a saying of adoption by adoption.
However, it doesn’t matter. What Mr. Cang and others discovered later was incredible. What makes Sang Changfeng unable to accept more is that Chu Yanqi is the child of Gu Shexian, but his biological father is not him, which makes him very depressed.
In any case, he is a child of Gu She. He is also prepared to be generous in his name. Then find the Gu She Fairy. Make plans again.
Now that he has heard from her, he naturally wants to go there at once and ask what happened. If Gu Shoots Fairy, he will move on. He won’t pester me, after all, they are all immortals, a long time. She can’t accompany her, so she is looking for someone else, and she is also cleaning up.
"Thirteen’s master is missing." Wuji said.
"Missing?" Mr. Cang was stunned and asked, "What’s the matter?"