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Chapter DiErSiEr mei, bright and quiet.
Chapter DiErSiEr mei, bright and quiet.
Who mowgli out of the chamber of secrets. Along the way, I found that I didn’t know anyone in my yard. Obviously, the original group of disciples outside the door have reached the time limit allowed by their own merits and have to leave.
At this moment, Wei Wuji has a deeper feeling for the gathering and separation between monks. After he came to his study, he immediately summoned two maids who are now in charge of all kinds of chores.
These two maids are younger and more beautiful than the two who dressed him at the beginning. However, the two men, are faint with a kind of flattery.
Although Wei mowgli’s eyes can’t say how high, it’s easy to see this little monk in the gas refining period. He saw at a glance that the charm of the two maids was not only due to the achievement method they had practiced, but also to their own reasons.
As the saying goes, natural charm is the most attractive! The highest state of flattery. Is to achieve natural charm! A monk, if he doesn’t take the initiative to display his obsequiousness, the brilliant light added by the spontaneous operation of obsequiousness also contains a trace of natural meaning. Although it is worse than the utility of confusing people, the purity is easier to gain people’s sincere appreciation.
If it’s the initiative to urge the charm to be released, if it’s enough cultivation, it’s all right for the performer to get lost. If it’s insufficient cultivation, it will lose the true meaning of nature, and the axe chisel marks will be very heavy. In this case, not only will it not add luster to your beauty, but it will affect your beauty.
It is precisely because of this that people who specialize in flattery and defeat the enemy all over the world mostly display flattery. If they are interested, if they are not, they can enhance the power of magic and exert their own charm, and the two are in harmony and complement each other. On the contrary, it can achieve greater utility.
The two little monks in the gas refining period obviously haven’t realized such a state. They not only actively urged the art of obsequiousness, but also deliberately strengthened their power for fear that the effect was not enough, making the chisel marks particularly obvious. As a result, it seems that Wei Wuji’s own beautiful appearance has a somewhat distorted taste, which makes people lose their appetite.
Obviously, these two maids, who are outside the door for female training, almost completely gave up their own efforts and wanted to win the appreciation of the master in the door or the master in the future by relying on their charming appearance and exquisite body, so as to obtain numerous resources for assistance, by going up one flight of stairs.
Wei Wuji appreciates the efforts of Che Qinger and Ding Xianshang, the two original maids, but. I don’t despise the actions of these two men. After all, this is also a way of spiritual practice. Comparatively speaking, for women with poor qualifications, the latter road is more universal, and among them, there are more achievements.
Besides, the two maids of his are quite measured, and they actively display their charm, not to confuse him, but to show their charm more strongly, hoping to get his favor. Therefore, although Wei Wuji doesn’t like it very much, he is not angry because of it.
If two people hold the idea of confusing him and getting benefits, Wei Wuji will definitely fight back at the first time, wounding them and driving them out of their own courtyard.
Now, who mowgli just as didn’t see it.
Because he didn’t appreciate the two handmaids, he didn’t ask the names of the two handmaids, and directly got down to business, saying, "I just went through customs, and I don’t understand the present situation. One of you, give me a brief account of the important things that have happened in the clan in recent years. The other one will take all the books left by people who have contacted me in recent years. "
Wei Wuji’s face, with a very warm smile, looks as warm as spring breeze. However, the two maids did not feel the slightest closeness from the eyes of Wei Wuji, or even the slightest desire. The two men looked at each other, knowing that the idea of taking the opportunity to win the favor of the second peak disciple of Gengjin, Wei Wuji, was shattered.
They are both people who don’t believe in adventure. Knowing that you can practice by yourself, no matter how hard you work, you can’t achieve anything. Only by becoming a concubine of a promising elder and disciple among the five elements can you go further. Therefore, the credit they have accumulated for their arduous tasks is used for the opportunity to get close to the disciples of the Five Elements Sect.
Although they are ready to be concubines, they naturally want to find young people of their peers if possible. However, if you count Wei Wuji. They have failed five times, and they have no confidence in their own charm.
At this moment, the two people have even decided in their hearts that after completing the task of being a maid for Wei Wuji, they will no longer find young and handsome disciples, but replace them with those ugly elderly elders.
Both maids tried to hide their disappointment and said "Yes".
Later, the man who looked a little older stepped forward and began to tell Wei Wuji about some things that happened in the five elements in recent years. The younger ones, after a ceremony, withdrew and went to fetch those books for Wei Wuji.
When the younger maid returned, the older one had finished telling the basic situation of the Five Elements Sect and stood there respectfully.
Seeing this, the maid dared not say much, and immediately presented all the books to Wei Wuji. Who mowgli letter hand took over, on the front of a few cases. He was not in a hurry to look at it, but took out a blank jade slip from his storage bag and was busy by himself.
Moments later, who mowgli letter hand threw this jade Jane, threw it to the elderly maid, said, "this is my gift to you two. I hope that when you are here, you can work wholeheartedly and don’t spend your mind on other things. "
Speaking of which, Wei Wuji waved his hand. "All right, you go!"
On the surface of the two maids, it is quite embarrassing. After giving a cry, they left silently.
After arriving in the courtyard, the old maid couldn’t help but put her mind into the jade slips immediately. After scanning it briefly, she found that what she said was the omission of the two of them on mei Shu. At this time, she just understood why her own conditions are not worse than some of her classmates, but the results are so frustrating.
At this moment, she is full of gratitude to Wei Wuji. Because, among the jade slips, Wei Wuji not only pointed out their omissions, but also recorded his own understanding and thinking about Mei Gong. For them, this jade slip is no less than a masterpiece.
Aside. When the young maid saw that her sister saw the jade slips, her face was beaming, and she couldn’t help it. She immediately asked in a low voice, "Sister, what is recorded in this jade slip?"
The elder maid didn’t say much, so she handed the jade slips directly. The young maid leaned into it, and after reading it, her face lit up, and she couldn’t help it.
Both of them understand very well that with their own skill, they just want to repay Wei mowgli, a disciple who has entered the house, but they have no ability. The only thing they can do is to do their part well. At the moment, the old maid whispered, "Sister, Wei Shibo has treated us so well. In these two months, we must put aside everything and do everything that Wei Shibo tells us!"
"hmm!" The young maid nodded heavily.
In the study, Wei Wuji never paid attention to them after the two maids left. He gave them the jade slips, but it was also because at that time, his mind was touched and he felt that it was too difficult for a disciple with low qualifications to become a Taoist. After all, at first, he was not even qualified underground, and he could not cultivate at all. If it weren’t for the awakening of past life memory and the inheritance of two supreme treasures, it’s hard to say that he would have died long ago.
At this time, Wei Wuji, absorbed in looking at a letter from all over the book. There are quite a few of these books, some from Zheng Fan, the original strong friend; Other disciples with the second peak of Gengjin; There are also swords and veins of other mountains and peaks.
Among these books, only Zheng Fan has the highest value. In addition to the first letter is to tell him that he has successfully built the foundation, and joined the sixth peak of the highest plough in Taiyi Mountain, becoming a disciple of Luo Zhenren, the rest are all important information, secret information and some big things that happened in Chu State.
The rest of the people, mostly general polite words, are maintaining the previous friendship. Occasionally, they are also invited to participate in the sermon or participate in the implementation of the task. These may have been of some use at that time, but now, time has long passed, and naturally they are of no value.
Browsing one by one, soon, in front of Wei Wuji, there was only the last jade slip left. The date recorded on this jade slip is July 18th, that is, three days ago.
Wei mowgli has just closed out now, but he is ready to relax for a while. Therefore, after seeing the date of this jade slip, his eyes suddenly lit up, and his heart made a decision at that time. If the message left in this jade slip is to invite him to participate in activities, whether it is activities, he should get off as long as time permits.
God’s thoughts, like a wisp of silk, penetrated into the jade slips, and immediately, a beautiful, noble and elegant image of a female practitioner appeared in his mind.
"Bright and quiet!" Who mowgli recognized the identity of the female repair at a glance, impressively is at the beginning in the days of mountain trials, the female repair that sold him Xin Jin.
At the beginning, they also set a friendship, but obviously, Ming You didn’t enter the sword vein, but entered the dharma vein. Therefore, after Wei Wuji joined the Five Elements Sect, he never saw her again.
After Wei Wuji entered the Five Elements Sect, a series of things happened, which made him overwhelmed. Therefore, he didn’t have time to make friends in the whole Five Elements Sect. Similarly, he didn’t take the initiative to find Mingyou. And Ming You, it is also obvious that after entering the Five Elements Sect, he has been practicing hard, otherwise, with his understanding of Ming You’s character, he will definitely not come and make further friends.
This, who mowgli can also feel it from this illusory image. Because of this simple influence, there is a bitter cold. There is no doubt that her cultivation has also entered a very high stage.
Soon, Wei Wuji finished reading the information left by Ming You. There are two things besides a brief introduction of myself in recent years. First, I hope that Wei Wuji will help him forge nine dragon-killing arrows; The second is to invite him to participate in a private hunting mission.
Although Ming You didn’t directly say this task, Wei Mowgli wanted to know that it must be related to dragons. Otherwise, Ming You wouldn’t find Wei Mowgli, a master refiner, to forge dragon-slaying arrows.
Dragon slaying arrow, as its name implies, is specially used to slay dragons.
The strength of the dragon, there is no need for anyone to say anything, fools know. As recorded in The Journey to the West’s past life memory, the dragon is the length of scales, the phoenix is the length of birds, and the unicorn is the length of animals. The same is true of this world. In the boundless sea, the dragon is a well-deserved overlord.
Moreover, the dragon has another daunting place, but because of its yin nature, there are countless branches of blood. Compared with the purity and sparsely populated of Phoenix and Kirin, the dragon is much larger. If you provoke a dragon, you will probably be retaliated by a large group of powerful monsters.
However, because the dragon’s body is full of treasures, even though it is not pure blood, it is much more valuable than the ordinary monster beast. Therefore, as long as the human monk finds the dragon alone, he will still not shrink back, but will try his best to slay it. Of course, even the lone dragon is difficult to deal with, not to mention the natural magical power, all kinds of powerful secret methods passed down from ancient times, and the thick scales on him alone make many monks’ instruments helpless.
However, it is said that there is no unbreakable defense in the world! This is how the dragon and arrow were killed. It has two major effects. First, it can track attacks according to the blood of the dragon. Second, you can ignore the thick scales of the dragon and directly penetrate into the flesh and blood.
According to Wei Wuji’s knowledge, since the successful creation of the dragon-slaying arrow, there has been no shortage of such instruments in all previous dragon-slaying. Moreover, there are more than 90% successful examples, all of which hit the dragon hard by killing the dragon arrow, and finally you’re done.