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Then, the real person surnamed Yu then waved, and the void suspended Huntian resin banner quickly turned into a streamer and rushed into his body. Then, it will be a vertical shape, foaming at the mouth, towards the beginning. He sensed that then the direction with the heaviest human breath flew away. It’s not that the real person surnamed Yu then knows that Brother Wang chose the direction with the breath in the middle, but he thinks that that direction is relatively more likely. After all, to a great extent, people who are smarter like to do the opposite.

Apart from this, the real person surnamed Yu then went to another road to pursue the zombies. Only the real person named wang xing then followed the path he chose, and it didn’t take much effort to catch up with a fake zombie puppet from Fu Shan. His choice, no different from that of the real person surnamed Yu then, is that after the current interception, he will take out the three treasures of the corpse of the Yin Magic Sect and attack the fake Dan zombie puppet.
However, the wang xing then reality is different from the surname then reality, and the shock corpse order he has has made a magic weapon. Therefore, he is more confident than the surname then reality, and his moves are very casual and free and easy. It can be said that he is just walking around. If it is not, wang xing then the real person has a name in his heart. After discovering that he is pursuing in the wrong direction, he will quickly catch up with him and compete for it. I am afraid that even half of his strength will not be displayed.
Fu Shan this fake zombie puppet busy Dan, already ready to cheat. Nature is secretly encouraged wang xing then reality of this kind of mood, soon, was its surrender. At this moment, wang xing then reality, is also made an empirical mistake, thinking that shock resin makes powerful unparalleled, for zombies, but also the power of shock and awe is amazing, so, it is so swaggering to start this fake Dan zombie busy, cast up the method of ban and control.
However, wang xing then reality where know, at present dominate this fake zombie puppet busy Dan, but a little read Fu Shan, Fu Shan, has completely restored his soul, memory, although said, in the achievement of zombies, rebirth at that moment, his mind has also undergone some secret transformation, but, under its various preparations in advance, the transformation is extremely subtle. Strictly speaking. His fascination is almost the same as that of an orthodox monk. Therefore, the shock of resin has little effect on his fascination, although it can’t be said that it has no effect at all.
Sober matchless fake Dan zombie puppet busy, at this moment, under such a good opportunity, nature is not hesitate to choose the hand. His hand. Is the explosive, will fully play out all their strength, into three powerful unparalleled, sharp black sword light, flying towards wang xing then reality.
Wang xing then reality, although also refined with life’s core monuments magic weapon, but, it is far less than Huntian resin complications such spirituality. So, off guard, all of a sudden, it was the three sword light to cut the flesh, then, the three sword light, burst, instantly, then the wang xing reality flesh, blown to dust, bit by bit, is the soul of the mud pill palace, also dissipated in the invisible.
Only wang xing then reality formed then, tough, abruptly with their own magic weapon of life’s core monuments, rushed out from the shock wave storm.
As a result, nature is wang xing then reality want to cry, secretly regret in the heart, this time, you should not come. However, in the past, where could he have thought that an arrest operation that was thought to be a shoo-in had actually become stealing chickens and costly, and he still folded his own money in.
Wang xing then reality, who ended up in such a situation, naturally dare not delay here. Although, here is a barren mountain and a wild ridge, few people come. However, if we meet, we will really live to the end. At present, wang xing then reality vigorously vibrates his magic weapon of life’s core monuments, releasing one share of black smoke, and rolling up all the valuable things on the ground. Then, it turns into a thick black column of smoke, which is like a rainbow, and flies rapidly towards the gate of Yin Magic Sect.
At this time, no matter who passes by this black smoke column, hundreds of feet away, you can feel that there is a magic monk in the real world. Wang xing then real people do this, it can be said that it is a great loss of vitality, but he has to do it, not for ostentation, but for self-protection.
Because, for the Mormon monks, arrogance is a matter of course. If they are weak, there may be many monks who come to find fault with their eyes open. If it is normal, he naturally doesn’t care, hard, and he is very happy in his heart, because those people have sent Lingshi to him. However, as the saying goes, belonging to one’s own family knows one’s own business. At this moment, he never dares to let these people come, because, with his present strength, if he doesn’t blow himself up, maybe a little monk who has just entered the preconditions will be able to escape him with a good instrument.
In wang xing, then real-life ambassador life’s core monuments’s magic weapon, when he returned to the Yin Demon Sect, then real-life Yu, with the extraordinary speed of evil corpse in Huntian, caught up with the second fake Dan zombie puppet in Fu Shan. This time, he learned the lesson for the first time. The Lion Beat Rabbit also attacked with all his strength and strength, and soon, he suppressed it with no strength to fight back.
Of course, this fake zombie puppet, Dan, at such a moment, naturally chose to blow itself up. However, this time, the real person surnamed Yu then relied on the strong body of Huntian evil corpse and the powerful armor released by Huntian corpse, but it was intact. However, without any damage, he also got nothing, because this time, when the fake zombie puppet of Dan exploded, it exploded together with the treasure in his hand.
Twice, I destroyed my own foundation, but only got a treasure that was barely scraped together. This serious disproportionate effort and harvest made the angry group in the heart of the real person named Yu then want to get up. However, at this moment, he also knows that his revenge can no longer be repaid.
In his mind, since his two-way pursuit is futile, then the real then zombie must be on the road pursued by his brother Wang. With his brother Wang’s strength, it must be iron and iron to win the then zombie. Then the zombie became his zombie puppet, and naturally he wouldn’t allow himself to get into trouble with him.
Although, in front of people, the real person surnamed Yu then has always retained a certain strength, but he has not been able to find out the bottom of his brother Wang. At this point, although he occupied the body of the evil corpse in Huntian, his strength has been greatly improved. However, it is still unpredictable to fight with the brother Wang. And this kind of uncertain things, in the surname then reality nature is not to do, after all, in my life, so far, and the somebody else, but still have the hope of entering the yuan baby true gentleman, now we have sinned against others, certainly no good fruit to eat in the future!

Chapter 357 Douxin stuff
Chapter 357 Douxin stuff
Yu’s surname is then a real person, although his heart is extremely angry. He is very depressed, but at this moment, under such circumstances, he can only break his teeth and swallow it in his stomach.
At this moment, the real person surnamed Yu then no longer turns to his patrol site and continues to perform his task, but directly flies to the gate of Yin Magic Sect. Because, he wants to hurry back to the mountain to practice, so that the body of this evil corpse can be completely transformed into his real body. After all, this foreign body, no matter how consistent it is, will always take a while to run in. Before that, if someone wanted to snatch it, it didn’t take much effort.
The real person named Yu then has lost the possibility of the advanced Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, and can’t be a phoenix tail. Naturally, he will try his best to be a chicken head. In this level of reality, then shine brilliantly, and become the first person of two immortals and demons. And this evil corpse is the biggest guarantee for his wish to come true. If he is lost, he doesn’t know what his existence means.
Having made up his mind, the real person surnamed Yu then naturally mobilized his most powerful force to fly, striving for an early return to the Yin Devil Sect.
Soon after the flight, the real person surnamed Yu then discovered that there was a huge black smoke column ahead, and the surging breath, after a long time of inspection together, he was no longer familiar with it. It was his brother Wang. See wang xing then reality this posture, in the name of then reality heart, but unexpectedly raised a bit jealous.
"In the end, winning and returning, the momentum is different!" In the heart of a real person named then andao. However, he only dared to imagine this in his mind, but he dared not say it in his mouth.
In the future, in his view, wang xing then real strength, has become a foregone conclusion, no matter how his heart think, this on the surface. Naturally, it is necessary to have a good relationship with him. Otherwise, if he keeps trying to make himself hard in the door, his life will be sad. At the thought of this, the real person surnamed Yu then had the potential to rush at that time, and picked up speed, catching up with the black smoke of the real person in wang xing then, and shouted loudly, "Brother Wang is good! ……”
That’s all that was said in the population named Jin Danzhen, and before the next compliments were spoken, he felt something was wrong. This wang xing then real person’s breath is enough, you can feel it from a distance, but when you get close, you find that its real breath is very weak. This posture doesn’t look like a triumph at all, but rather like a serious injury, with the intention of hiding the sky from the sea, so as not to be cut by a passing monk.
But … The real person surnamed Yu then was gloomy, but it didn’t show directly. He still maintained a smiling face and said, "Brother Wang, why don’t you show up? I’m here to congratulate you!"
As soon as this statement came out, the black smoke across the void could not help but tremble, and the smoke cloud changed at that moment, making some places loose. In the surname then reality, it is seized this moment, see clearly the situation inside, impressively, wang xing then reality only a then, suspended on a disc, besides, there is nothing inside.
"Brother Wang, how did you become like this?" The real person surnamed Yu then immediately changed into a concerned face, saying.
"What? Didn’t you get the then zombie? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. Wang xing then real smell this, immediately asks.
"How can it be on me!" The real person surnamed Yu then immediately replied, "I pursued two places altogether, the weakest and strongest in the real person’s breath. As a result, I met all the evil fake Dan zombie puppets, and I was also destroyed by the self-explosion of those two distracted people. In desperation, I can only be integrated with this demon refined by myself!"
After a little meal, the real person surnamed Yu then continued, "Brother Wang got it, and there is no need to hide it. You just said well, we share the same number of shares. Although I said that my senior brother was seriously injured now, I didn’t do that, so I went to assassinate my senior brother and rob him! Therefore, Brother Wang doesn’t have to worry at all! "
"Brother Yu, you misunderstood, because brother really didn’t get the then zombie. What I found was also a fake zombie puppet!" Wang xing then reality immediately replied.
"Brother Wang, this is boring." The face of the real person surnamed Yu then turned cold and said, "I originally wanted to escort my brother for a ride, so as not to meet any hooligans on the road. Since Brother Wang is so suspicious, I, a younger brother, can only leave here in order to avoid suspicion!"
"Brother Yu, why is this?" Wang xing then true population though said, but, it is not the slightest to Yu then real meaning to stay.
A real person named Yu then looked at the expression on her brother Wang’s face. But no more words, a cold hum, going to twist the head, suggesting the sword light, tearing the sky and splitting the clouds.

Chapter 358 infighting, defection
Chapter 358 infighting, defection
This place is still quite a long way from the gate of the evil Sect. To tell the truth, wang xing then real people’s heart, for will meet the monk of cutting diameter, or very worried, after all, he is now a big loss, and his net worth is very rich. In the eyes of monks who have penetrated into the details, nothing is more than a mobile resource pool.
However, compared with those foreign monks who haven’t seen the slightest trace, wang xing then real people are more wary of this fellow teacher younger brother whose surname is then real people who have been together for a long time. Although the present magic gate is not as cruel and infighting as the eternal theme as it was in ancient times, it still happens from time to time when the opportunity is right, to cut off several students and enrich their own strength. At least, this kind of thing. In those days, he did a lot of work, caring for each other. Under such circumstances, he was really afraid that the real person named then had a mind. In that case, he really had no choice but to blow himself up and destroy both form and spirit.
It is precisely because of this that although the population of wang xing then really speaks like that, it seems to explain the misunderstanding, but on the expression and attitude, it has not changed at all, and it has maintained its initial attitude for a long time, and it is not welcome to leave a colleague with the surname then.
Wang xing then reality think, so, is the most correct choice. Because you do this, it is obviously quite confident, but it can make the real person surnamed then more doubt that what he said earlier is yellow smoke, and the real zombie then is on his own. Although it is said that this zombie has just been soothed, it is not very handy to use, but it is also a real-life level, and it can also pose a threat to a real person named Yu then.
In this way, in the name of then true people have scruples, in a short period of time. I guess I won’t put my mind on him. While wang xing then reality can take advantage of this moment, return to the gate of the demon clan, as long as it is returned to the gate, he is safe. After all, if a sect wants to be strong, unity is essential, at least on the surface, otherwise, people will fall apart sooner or later.
Watched the figure of the surname then reality far away, disappear, wang xing then reality just continue to shake out the surging incomparable breath, flying towards the gate of the demon clan. His flying speed, though not slow, is not so fast, because he knows it very well, so that he can show his composure. As cool as a cucumber posture, if blindly covet speed, it is easy to be seen clearly, in that case, he would be in danger.
Wang xing then reality flies all the way, flying out of the boundary of hundreds of miles, and it is not far from the gate of Yin Magic Sect. Basically, you can already expect that you will return safely. At this moment, wang xing then reality can’t help but sigh of relief, vigilance, and slightly relaxed.
However, at this moment, all of a sudden, with a very light, very light black shadow, abrupt from wang xing then reality not far from the mountains, only a moment, then surprises, came to his side. This man, without using the multiplier, just turned his fist and the serial boom came down.
After two fists, wang xing then released a bluffing black smoke rainbow, which was broken by the shadow. Then, the shadow’s right hand, turning fist into palm, suddenly jumped up and turned into a three-foot size, just like a huge cattail leaf fan. Covered down, all of a sudden, then wang xing then reality, to the cage in it.
This big hand, at this moment, is not only using the physical strength, but the void enclosed by the whole palm is like a huge cage, full of countless heavy banned forces. When this palm is held, when it is, a heavy ban force becomes a series of substantial apertures, which keep shrinking, and finally it is tightly bound on the then and turned into a series of silk-like decorations.
All kinds of forbidden forces turn into apertures, which are rapidly blessed on the wang xing then real-life then, and the silk thread patterns are constantly increasing and criss-crossing, forming a particularly dense network.
This black shadow is naturally a real person named Yu then who returned to the gate in advance.
Yu, a real person named then, was afraid of him because of his previous understanding of wang xing then. So … In that case, but did not do more refutation, directly left. However, his heart has been in a whisper, that is, the name then zombies, whether it falls into the hands of wang xing then reality, if it falls, how much strength can he show?
To tell the truth, after the real person surnamed Yu then lost his path of practice, his mind and spirit began to develop in a distorted direction. When he thinks that wang xing then the real person is a better person than him. When a strong man with more potential than he is, although he is ready to curry favor with and improve relations on the surface, his heart is full of endless jealousy. However, when he found that wang xing then reality is worse than he planted, his share of comfort, not to mention. And with this kind of comfortable feeling, another idea came into the mind of a real person named then.
"I’m the king’s brother the victim, isn’t it my great opportunity? Now I have no hope of achieving Yuan Ying, and my greatest achievement is that I am the first person then. However, there are so many monks in the world who don’t care about their own faces. If they want to win this title, it is absolutely necessary to kill all the way. My own cultivation, fighting in the realm of reality then is no problem, the key is resources, all kinds of resources available for fighting.
It’s not easy to collect this. After all, I don’t like things that are idle. Only the collection of the strong at the same level can enrich my inventory. Opportunity is rare, such a good opportunity as today is hard to be the only one in this life. If we don’t seize it, it’s a pity! "
With this in mind, the real person named Yu then immediately made up his mind to attack the real person wang xing then, his fellow brother!
Due to the surname then reality himself, it is really impossible to accurately judge whether there are then zombies in the hands of wang xing then reality, but he dare not let the fighting time be too long. Therefore, the surname then reality chose to ambush in a place close to the entrance of the Yin Magic Sect. He believes. People are lazy, especially those who are seriously injured like wang xing then. In a place like this, vigilance will definitely drop a lot.
Not only that, in order to be able to ensure that the wang xing then reality caused a blow, he just made a move, which is his strongest trick. This unique skill, called void forbidden hand, is the natural magical power of evil corpse in Huntian. This void forbidden hand is not only quick and convenient to display, but also a power, which is better than the great ban he developed with the tactic of uniting all laws. Although, with his present means, it is far from enough to rely on this recruit to ban the mid-term master who is equivalent to himself, but the strength is under him, but it is no longer a problem.