23, Jun 2024
Zhao Xinglin refused this time without thinking. "You agreed when I came out, and I didn’t use the slightest relationship at home. I didn’t break the contract and I won’t go back."

"OK … OK, then you should never come back."
Seeing that his father seemed to hang up, Zhao Xinglin quickly called out, "Dad!"
"Don’t call me."
"Grandpa, does he … know?"
"Hum!" Zhao Xinglin’s father snorted heavily and said grumpily, "If your grandfather didn’t support you to do this, I would have sent someone to bring you back. Take care of yourself! "
Zhao Xinglin was relieved to hear that grandpa still supported himself. "As long as Grandpa supports himself, I can go on."
At this time, a woman’s voice came from the other side of the phone. "All you know is to scold your son. You agreed when he went out. What’s there to say?"
"I …" Zhao Xinglin’s father’s voice was interrupted, and the woman took the phone and said, "Xinglin, don’t pay attention to your father, do what you want, and go home if you can’t persist."
"well! Ok, mom. "
After that, it was another time to be caring and attentive. After hanging up the phone, Zhao Xinglin was secretly relieved. He’s not afraid of getting all coquettish. He’s afraid of being blocked by his family, but he didn’t expect his family to support him. He’s also relieved.
As soon as this call was answered, Zhao Xinglin was in a happy mood for a long time. He didn’t sleep, but began to prepare for today’s plan. One of his main tasks today is to contact Li Cheng for an exclusive interview, which is the most important part of all his plans.
The fans and he are both busy. How can Li Cheng, the protagonist, not come forward?
On the other side, in a mansion of the Emperor Capital of China, Zhao Xinglin’s parents and a young man who is seven points like Zhao Xinglin are sitting together and discussing something.
The young man frowned and said, "Dad, are you really ready to leave my brother alone?" He is the brother of Zhao Xinglin’s mother, Zhao Xingyu.
"Bullshit, we’re going to sit here and watch, and your grandpa won’t tear me down? He scolded me for not caring about Xinglin. If we don’t care about this again, he can’t tear me down alive! "
"Oh, I see."
"Don’t, you wait. What’s the matter with that player named Li Cheng? It’s a mess. "
"This matter, it is also li cheng that boy unlucky, originally fart bigger things. I don’t know who he offended, but he was attacked by people in public opinion. He became famous soon, and he didn’t have much background, so he put all the lavatories on his head. " Zhao Xingyu said.
"In this case, you can simply do a little, let the shut up all shut up. Hurry up, if you can’t, call your uncle and deal with this matter quickly. The old man in the province will scold me again. Alas! Why do you think this old man is different from others? After the old man retired, he raised birds and listened to go to the opera. Our old man actually liked watching basketball. What do you think this is? "
Zhao Xingyu didn’t pay any attention to his father’s nagging, so he said hello and left. It’s getting late now. He’s tired after a busy day today, so he thinks about going to bed first and getting up early tomorrow morning to deal with these things.
At this point, Zhao Xinglin has prepared for today’s interview. Everything is ready at the moment, except for an appointment with Li Cheng.
Zhao Xinglin dialed the telephone of Li Cheng.
At the moment, Li Chenggang went to the arena to prepare for training. Originally, Li Cheng never answered this strange number, but today he took his mobile phone in his hand and picked it up conveniently. This also shows that Zhao Xinglin is lucky today.
When Li Cheng heard that the reporter wanted an exclusive interview, he just wanted to hang up. Zhao Xinglin had a good explanation, and Li Cheng was relieved.
Li Cheng was naturally moved by the website that domestic fans spontaneously set up for him. In addition, Zhao Xinglin’s purpose of interviewing him was positive, so he naturally had no reason to refuse.
"Then at half past five in the evening! At Wan Li Yuan Chinese Restaurant! You should know this place! "
"I know here. I’ll book a private room in advance and wait for you. I’ll send you a message then."
"Okay, so be it! I still have to train. "
"well! Goodbye, Mr. Li. "
Li Cheng put the mobile phone in the cupboard, turned the wrist strap of his left hand and walked out of the dressing room smiling.
"Eat bee shit? So happy? " Granger saw Li Cheng with a smile on his face and asked curiously.
Li Chengdao: "Sweeter than honey!"
"What is it?"
"I won’t tell you."
"awesome?" Granger criticised and threw his basketball at Li Cheng.
Li Cheng unloaded the ball with his right hand and said, "All right! Stop fooling around and train. "
Granger didn’t say anything, and the two of them went into training. It wasn’t long before the Pacers’ players arrived. Today, their mental state is very good. Recently, the Pacers’ momentum is very fierce. The Hawks, the eighth in the East, have been left behind by them, and they are firmly sitting in the seventh position in the East.
And recently, they have won seven consecutive victories, and unconsciously, they have become one of the longest teams in the league that still maintain a winning streak. Another team that has maintained a seven-game winning streak with them is the Boston Celtics, which gathered the Big Three.
The Pacers’ next opponent is seattle supersonics, a team that has been told to move to Oklahoma next season and is now at the bottom of the league. However, in last year’s draft, they got a talented general-Kevin Durant.
Before the rise of Li Cheng, Kevin Durant topped the list of the best rookie of the week every week, but now this position has been taken away by Li Cheng.
And the next game, the media think the biggest point of view, that is, the struggle between Li Cheng and Durant.