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Zhuge stepped on the Yuan God of Ludan before dawn, looked up at Xuenv and said with a smile, "Now we are friends? Or the enemy? "

Snow Girl’s face turned cold and said, "Let go of my people."
"Let go? Didn’t you just try to kill me? How? Now that they are under my control, you want me to let him go? " Zhuge walked over without light, and the sole of his foot was slightly hard, and the Yuan God who stepped on the following road Dan suddenly screamed.
"Hum!" Snow girl snorted, and the cold breath suddenly became more intense, and the snowflakes flying all over the sky turned into pieces of ice crystals, which were biting cold.
"The field?" Zhuge Liang squinted, smiled coldly, and pieces of phoenix petals danced around his body.
At the moment, the whole world, phoenix petals and blue ice crystals danced, and the forces of the two fields collided, and the whole world was shaking, and the sky almost collapsed.
A blue graceful figure appeared behind Snow Girl, and her appearance was the same as that of Snow Girl. She spread her arms, her long blue hair was flying, and her blue body was * *, but it made life not profane.
Behind Zhuge Liang, a phoenix tree took shape, and a series of curtains hung down, and scarlet phoenix flowers wrapped around Zhuge Liang.
The force of two fields collided, and a huge gap appeared in the sky.
Snow Girl and Zhuge both snorted. Snow Girl stepped back a few steps slightly, but Zhuge stood like Mount Tai when he was not bright.
"Hum!" Zhuge snorted when he was not bright, and the soles of his feet were hard. The Yuan God of Ludan flew back to annihilation in a scream.
"You …" Snow Nv Jiao Yan becomes angry, and a pair of wonderful eyes are so cold that they stare at Zhuge.
"If we really want to fight, I’m not afraid of you snow people." Zhuge said before dawn, and took off, and the shadow of that phoenix flower tree followed him. Phoenix branches hang in front of Zhuge’s dim light. At the moment, there seems to be a sad song between heaven and earth, which makes people cry.
Phoenix petals are flying all over the sky, which seems to be a discourse, and rows of phoenix flower trees emerge in the void. The whole sky seems to have turned into a forest of phoenix flowers.
The shadow of the goddess behind Snow Girl also folded her hands on her chest, with long blue hair flying, a blue ice curtain appearing in the air, snow flying in the sky, and the cold breath became more intense than before.
Two powerful forces in the field collided, and the surrounding mountains were submerged. Liu Mang, Sheela and Miao Xianji were washed away thousands of meters away.
Zhuge Buliang and Xuenv tried their best to fuel their own fields, devouring each other in the past, only to see who could suppress each other.
These two powerful fields have been at loggerheads for more than ten minutes, and the surrounding mountains have become a mess. Finally, with a loud crash, the phoenix trees in the sky disappeared. And the shadow of the goddess behind Snow Girl also collapsed.
The field of the two people actually collapsed and dissipated at the same time.
"Well …" Snow girl corners of the mouth shed a little pale blue blood, stumbling back.
Zhuge’s body trembled violently when he was not bright, but his treasure body was not comparable to that of a snow girl. The boiling blood in the body was quickly put down by Zhuge Liang, and he walked in vain, moving forward step by step, with seven stars shining and seven small worlds circulating overhead.
"It turns out that the seven-star body passed by Nanyu is you." Snow woman wiped the blood from her mouth and said.
"Hum …" Zhuge not bright shrugged his shoulders.
"Why don’t we talk calmly?" Snow girl eyes slightly fluctuations, said.
"Is that right for you? Two of your people died at my hands. And … we have nothing to talk about. " Zhuge said without light.
"How can it be?" Snow Girl said. Just chat. "
Zhuge grinned: "Well, let’s talk …"
Chapter 498 The whole fairy city
Chapter 507 The whole fairy city
Snow girl naturally won’t understand the strange words of Zhuge Liang, and Zhuge Liang is also talking about himself.
"Words are lovers and words are different, so we have nothing to talk about." Zhuge grinned when he was not bright, and he walked step by step towards Snow Girl, with golden light shining on the bricks.
"Huh!" Snow Girl suddenly snorted, and her long silvery hair suddenly turned blue, just like the image of the goddess that appeared behind her when she used to exert her power in the field.
For an instant, Zhuge felt the biting cold before dawn, and it seemed that the cold was still mixed with Yin cold qi, which went deep into the bone marrow and could freeze the human soul. Rao is a seven-star treasure that Zhuge is not bright, and there are some more.
"Hum, since you don’t want to be friends with my Snow Family, you will be enemies if you meet again in the future." Snow Girl said, her long blue hair stood on end, and her beautiful face was extremely cold. He flew against the sky and fled out into the sky.
The plank brick turned into a celestial monument and blew up, making an abyss in the air.
A curtain of ice crossed the plank brick, freezing the void. The golden light on the brick was dazzling, huge as a monument, and it hit the ice curtain. The ice crystals in the sky dissipated and the ice curtain was broken, but the figure of Snow Girl disappeared in the sky.
Zhuge took back the plank brick before dawn, and stared at the sky with dignified eyes. He breathed a long breath, as if there was an ice stream spewing out and formed ice slag.
Liu Mang flew up and complained, "Boss Zhuge, why did you let her go? You shouldn’t keep her with your strength."
Zhuge didn’t speak until he was bright, but sat down directly, and purple gas hung around his body surface. Every time he exhaled, he would spit out a layer of ice residue.
"Are you hurt?" Wonderful fairy ji surprised way.
Zhuge frowned when he was not bright. Since then, he has been trying his best to stimulate his spiritual strength and dissolve the yin and cold qi that has penetrated into the bone marrow. Just now, when Snow Girl suddenly challenged, an extremely overbearing Yin cold gas penetrated into his body, so cold that he almost froze his blood.
This is also the hidden treasure of Zhuge Liang. If it turns into an ordinary practitioner, I am afraid it will turn into a big ice lump in an instant.
For two hours in the past, zhuge didn’t light to dissolve the Yin cold qi in the body, he gently spit a sigh, no longer become ice slag. His pale face has improved a lot, and his skin is radiant and glittering.
"This woman is really not simple …" Zhuge Liang sighed with emotion.
Liu Mang said: "Is the Snow Family really so powerful? Even Zhuge boss has been recruited. "
Zhuge Liang said, "This woman named Xue Nv has a very powerful force in her body, but she can’t use it flexibly, otherwise she doesn’t have to choose to run away. I am afraid that the reason why you talked so much nonsense with me just now was to delay the time to mobilize the cold force in her body. "
Miao Xianji seemed to suddenly think of something, and her face changed. She said, "I have heard about the Snow Family before. It is said that every generation of this ethnic group will give birth to a body that is extremely yin. This system is most suitable for practicing the skills of the snow clan. I think this snow girl must be the most yin body of the snow clan. "
Liu Mang swallowed with a lingering fear and said, "My God, so she is like a piece of ice with life for thousands of years. Who dares to marry such a woman in the future? Why don’t she freeze her son into ice?"
Hearing this, Sheela and Guo Huai had black lines on their foreheads, while Miao Xianji gave a charming white look and spat softly, "How come all the words go bad as soon as they reach your mouth?"
Zhuge stood up before dawn, shrugged his shoulders and said with a wry smile, "I didn’t expect to make such a powerful enemy before I arrived in the East."
Packed everything, a few people on his way again, flying in the direction of the east domain. This stretch of Guling has flown more than half of the distance. Seven days later, Zhuge Liang finally crossed Guling and entered the eastern region. Although the eastern region is not as vast as the southern region, it is the cradle of a strong man and has produced many legends.
After another three days, Zhuge Buliang and others finally found a city with a foothold. This is an ancient city with a long history. The tall city walls are full of vicissitudes of life, and even some traces left by swords can be seen.