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"Does your Majesty know them?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Owl slave asked, "how do you know those despicable people?"

Chu Yanqi really wants to say that he is actually a very humble person, not as good as Jiuhou and Thirteen. However, since the old man mistook him for someone else, let him continue to admit his mistake, and he may take the opportunity to ask him for Jiuhou and Thirteen.
"Is there anyone else?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. ChuYanQi asked.
"Today’s few people, today’s few people, a boy and a big girl, ran so fast that they escaped. Your majesty just came again, and I didn’t dare to stay away, for fear that something might happen to your majesty, so I let them run away." Owl slave said, "only caught a fat man, that fat man is really humble, a mouth full of nonsense, but I can’t listen to him, so I locked him in the punishment hall and let the ghost teach him a good lesson." The other two people, one is a middle-aged man with a high level of cultivation, and the other is a handsome boy. It’s okay. It’s good to watch people relaxed and stay around as slaves. " The slave said.
"Where is that middle-aged man?" ChuYan habitat surprised asked.
"the punishment hall." Owl slave said, "the middle-aged man is not weak, called, pale post? After all, he was no match for a slave, but he still had a chance to run. As a result, he protected that handsome boy and another person and got stuck in it. The slave ordered the ghost to take good care of him. If you dare to come to the temple to make trouble, you will die. "
"Can I go and see him?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. ChuYan habitat asked tentatively.
"Your majesty is such a noble person that it is not appropriate to go to the punishment hall." Owl slave said, "please go to Huaqing pool to bathe and change clothes first, and then go to Lantian temple to rest." If you want to meet those lowly people, I’ll have the ghost sent to bring them here. "
ChuYan habitat to see the old man is not opposed to bring Mr Cang to see him, immediately also don’t say, he just wanted to tell the owl slave, he really mistook one for another, now, but afraid of owl slave know, he mistook one for another.
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Broken seal (1)
Your majesty, who knows all this shit, must continue to pretend, otherwise, Mr. Cang, Thirteen and Nine Waiters will all fall here and may never return to the East Wilderness.
Soon, Xiao Nu took him to Huaqing Pool. ChuYan perched on the huge warm pool, and a strange idea suddenly rose in his heart. The old man didn’t want to drown him, did he? There are many words in the error-free novel network
Really, the warm pool is as big as a football field, and it may be even bigger. There are still a few lotus flowers floating on the water. At the edge of the pool, there is a strange tree, and the milky liquid is constantly left on the tree and poured into the pool. The whole pool is floating with a faint flower fragrance, which should be said to be the clear fragrance of lotus flowers.
"Your Majesty, I’ll get your laundry." The slave said.
"good!" ChuYan habitat to see him leave, in the heart is eager, busy promised.
Looking at the owl slave turned and disappeared in the darkness, Chu Yanqi looked around, and this place didn’t know how to light it with anything. Anyway, it wasn’t as foggy as outside, but it wasn’t too bright, with a soft luster and milky white.
Wanted to think, ChuYanQi or give up the idea of asking around, he is a total stranger, the owl slave is very severe, who knows if there is any more severe here? Forget it, not all demon families are as gentle and lovely as Alice.
So, Chu Yanqi took off his clothes and tried the water temperature at once. The water temperature was just right, neither cold nor hot.
Walking along the stone steps to the pool, he really dared not enter the deep pool for fear of drowning. He’s just a mortal.
"Your Majesty, are you back?" A charming voice. Suddenly sounded in ChuYanQi ears.
"who?" ChuYan habitat startled, busy turning around, he saw the pool, a woman with black hair, with him, soaking in the pool, the woman is quite beautiful, absolutely not inferior to Alice. A little lotus makeup between the eyebrows, white skin, like suet white jade.
"Your Majesty, let the flower slave wait on you!" The woman leaned over, but Chu Yanqi was startled and busy calling, "Don’t come over."
"Your majesty. What’s wrong with you? " Hua Nu seemed a little surprised and asked, "Let me wait on you for a bath, or let Qing Nu come?"
"Who is the green slave?" ChuYan habitat calm mind at once, don’t pick up the asked.
"Your Majesty …" A clear voice. It came from behind him.
ChuYan habitat turned around and saw that strange tree just now, gradually turned into a human form, but it was a child dressed in blue, only 16 or 17 years old. She looks very cute with makeup and jade.
"Are you … a green slave?" ChuYanQi instantly understood. Flower slave is not a person, but the lotus floating on the water. Sure enough, he looked around and the lotus has disappeared.
The green slave has undressed, entered the water, took out a white towel, poured some milky liquid on it, looked like milk, and then carefully rubbed it for him.
Chu Yanqi said in his heart, "This young slave and flower slave are actually cultivated by monsters and were born here. The original owner of this place is too luxurious."
But think about it, it’s really comfortable to live in such a big hot spring pool with two monsters waiting at any time.
Think about the monster Chen Jing that I collected, but all kinds of ugliness.
"Your majesty is tired today. Let Munu give you a massage?" Flower slave asked a little meaning.
"Who is the wooden slave?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Your Majesty is really joking." The flower slave covered her mouth and smiled, and her eyes wandered, watching Chu Yanqi stay slightly.
Now, he is soaking in the pool. The flower slave is a woman, and she is also soaking in the pool with him. They are close at hand, and the little hands of the flower slave are still restless and groping on him.
If it weren’t for his identity, he estimated that the flower slave would be bolder, but now, the flower slave only dares to wait on him to take a bath carefully and dares not make further moves.
ChuYanQi wanted to think, and wanted to think, such a beautiful flower demon, he really doesn’t pick and choose.
He is now more and more aware that his thoughts are very abnormal. He doesn’t love beautiful human women, but actually likes the demon race. What is this mentality?
"Your Majesty, Munu sends his regards to you!" A child, as handsome as Qingnu, lay by the pool and saluted him.
"Can you massage?" ChuYan habitat curious asked.
"yes, your majesty!" Wood slave promised, and then a little finger, a piece of emerald leaves, so spread on the water, looks like a banana leaf.