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JiFan with anger ran to the front of Liu Er’s house, and everything in sight made JiFan eyes splitting!

Chapter 20. Bingfeng Plain
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JiFan with anger ran to the front of Liu Er’s house, and everything in sight made JiFan eyes splitting!
Liu Er is being torn by two slaves and pressed to the bed. 、
And Cao Rongrong is holding a slender silver needle and walking towards Liu Er.
JiFan anger pulled out the waist sword, a step behind Cao Rongrong, a foot kicked her out.
Shu Shu!
After two clean, subtle bone rubs in a row, there were two big heads on the ground, and one took Liu Er.
"Liu Er, what’s up?"
"Bad guys. . . You are a big bad guy. . . It’s all about flirting. . 。” Liu said in tears.
JiFan patted liu’s back and sighed.
JiFan loose willow son will sleep in the past willow son gently on the bed.
Looking at Cao Rui kneeling at the door, Ji Fan was very angry and smiled and said, "Your good daughter, come!"
Cao Rui begged, "Please, my Lord, bypass my daughter’s life! Please! For the sake of sharp family help! "
A slave ran outside the door.
Ji Fan said coldly: "Go. . . Call in a hundred unparalleled troops outside the government. "
"Go, send back all the slaves of Cao Cao, and I won’t leave a slave of other palaces in Jifu. In addition, put this vicious woman in the small courtyard in the north of the backyard and assign ten maids to wait on her. Closely guarded. " A moment later, JiFan clap chair arm growled.
Cao Rui took a long breath. It’s good to be alive. There will be another chance in the future.
JiFan gas trembling fingers pointed to Cao Shi two people said: "I really want to kill you all! Hey! " Say that finish stood up and walked outside.
————————— dividing line—
April 20, only one month away from that appointment, what happened in these two months was unexpected by everyone, so the hasty and compact pace passed.
All the equipment was ready, and the other three towns were helped by Cao Rui’s materials, and the foot soldiers were trained.
On this day, Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun returned.
The determined faces of the two tiger generals are filled with the imprint of the harsh environment of Bing.
Ji Fan looked at the two Iliad generals with a complicated look and only said one sentence: "You have worked hard!"
On the afternoon of April 20, Wuji Town prepared for the battle!
Zhaoyun’s 12,000 elite cavalry, Zhang Liao’s 10,000 bing fighters, Lu Xun’s 8,000 unparalleled troops, Wargo’s 10,000 elite spearmen, 10,000 sword shield hands, 20,000 archers, 5 Zhu Huan’s 20,000 sword shield hands, 10,000 water army, 10,000 spearmen and 10,000 archers in Ding Feng. The rest are standing armies.
The Fourth Route Army marched on the plains for a group of 100,000 troops. All the way above, it was spies from all sides who stayed in the plains with great momentum. He heard the news.
Of course, we won’t forget the sad Wu Gongzi. Until now, Wu Gongzi’s father didn’t come to trouble. Obviously, it’s no use knowing you’re here.
Forward: Ding Feng’s 20,000 troops.
The rest of the generals were escorted by Xun Yu and Ji Xiu’s logistics.
General: Ji Fan, Xi Zhicai, Marotta, Lu Xun, Zhu Huan, Wargo and Zhao Yun.
In the plain city, Wu Yaoyang patted the table and growled: "Damn Ji Fan! Damn it! ! ! I ordered all 48,000 foot soldiers to go to the city wall for me, and forced the people to transport supplies. Relying on the benefits of the city wall can completely resist him. Damn 60 thousand yellow turban insurrectionary army, untouchables! ! !”
Want a plain? I want you to die even if you enter the plain!
Jilu frowned and guarded the west gate with 8,000 foot soldiers.
A hundred thousand soldiers? Which side is in power?
What if Brother Fan didn’t come and the plain was occupied by others?
As everyone knows, thousands of boats quietly came to Gaotang Port.
There are only 4,000 foot soldiers in Gaotang Port, and they are still unguarded.
Ding Feng led twenty thousand foot soldiers to camp at the east gate of the plain.
In the middle of the day, the army and logistics also arrived one after another.
One hundred thousand troops in Enemy at the Gates.
Ji Fan came out of the range of the gate with the hostage Wu Gongzi, and clear voice roared, "Wu Lao is immortal! Did you die? Come out and swindle the corpse! "
Wu Yaoyang was angry on the spot, and it was difficult to vent his anger in his heart.
The atmosphere on the wall is a little weird. Those foot soldiers are frowning tightly and biting their teeth, as if they hate JiFan very much.
Wu Yaoyang roared: "Boy, you’d better let my son go, or I’ll be bitter with you!" "
Ji Fan dug ear wax and frowned and shouted, "Old deathlessly, what did you just say?"