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Thought of here, Xi Fangping couldn’t help being furious. If Huolingzi isn’t involved at this time, obviously, the other party will fight with themselves to the end. In that case, the souls of more than six million monks will mostly become supplements for all souls, and he can also catch a large amount of Lingshi. Alas, the times are confusing, and you will never die. Huolingzi saw the bargain and came here for a windfall.

The appearance of more than two million Feixianmen disciples directly led to the great rout of Jin Guangding and Tianling Sect. Those Yuan-infant monks who struggled in the sky turned and fled without thinking. Their degree is amazing, and they also have certain advantages in escape. In the blink of an eye, they ran away. Especially those spiritual monks. It was their last 100-year-old monk who ran away directly, which led to the complete change of the whole battlefield. The Tianling Sect, who is the main worker, got away first, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Jin Guangding. Although on the surface, Tianling sent this trip to Meihua City as if to help Jin Guangding. But they all know very well in their hearts that Jin Guangding is just a small piece of heavenly spirit. The person who brushed it ran away, so there was no need for those pieces to stay. Jin Guangding’s Yuan infant monks quickly got rid of the entanglement of monster beasts. Some are willing to be hit by the monster beast physically. So as to seize the time and leave the battlefield. The monks’ degrees in Yuan Babies are very fast. If they try their best to escape, they will run for thousands of miles every hour. It’s a piece of cake. They can run to the site of Jinguangding in an hour or two.
The disciples in the Yuanying period also quit after this run. At this time, the disciples of the two factions were a little confused, but at least, their ability to analyze the situation was still there, and they didn’t know anything. As soon as they saw all the monks in Yuan’s infancy, they turned around and left their companions. Desperately ran to the outside of Meihuayuan.
However, their escape was not as smooth as that of the monks in Yuan infant period, which was not only slow, but also. It was blocked by the high-order monster beast. There are more than 1000 high-order monster beasts sent by Xi Fangping, and their opponents have run away. Naturally, they can only take their anger out on these poor Godsworn. I saw those gray tigers, tigers, lions, beasts, tigers’ heads and phoenix-tailed carvings chasing up from behind and constantly attacking backward monks. The fighting capacity of these high-order monster beasts is obviously not comparable to that of Godsworn Dan. Almost a hit, a quasi-Dan period monks like rain, constantly falling. When the friars in Yuanying period of Feixianmen also caught up, the number of raindrops fell even more.
Brother Yuanying escaped, and brother Jiedan escaped. Those remaining monks in the gas condensation period will be in great trouble. They have no means of transportation, and most of their troops are trapped in the dense forest, basking in books and drying their clams. Heart cannon can’t run away. Want to fight. Attacked on both sides. It is even more impossible to fight. Especially, more than 200,000 celestial beasts originally used to deal with the Godsworn in the Jiedan period in the hills have no opponents at the moment, and they have also started to attack the ground. In addition, there are 804,000 celestial beasts already on the ground, and almost every breath, there are countless Godsworn in a pool of blood in the condensate period, and there is no ability to strike back at all. The only thing they can do. Just hold your head. Take the road out of the jungle, run as far as possible, and leave this terrible place as far as possible.
Xi Fangping’s sound drum rang again. 800,000 green giant locusts and 800,000 clouded birds came and ran out from their belts, and they killed Jin Guangding’s disciples with a fishy smell. Yes, it’s a green giant locust and a cloud-shadowed bird, two kinds of four-product celestial relics that Xi Fangping specially used to fight in the field. Six kinds of immortal beasts. In fact, each has its own expertise. As far as personal combat effectiveness is concerned, red-yang bees are the strongest. Before they die, they can kill monks who are one step higher than themselves with a full blow. However, they are the strength of that blow. Therefore, red-yang bees cannot be released until the critical time. They are equivalent to the strategic forces in the four immortals. Without them, we can’t do it, but we’d better not use them.
The individual fighting capacity of the ice scorpion is a little bit, and its strength lies in the coldness of its body and the virulence of its tail hook. However, their degree is not fast, and only when they are sent out in large-scale positional warfare can they play the greatest role. If nothing else, the cold that hundreds of thousands of ice scorpions meet up is the monk in Yuan infant period. Also dare not treat sth lightly, a heart. Could be frozen stiff.
Green-winged snake is another type of four-product immortal beast. Their most terrible place lies in their strange attack degree and way, the virulence of their teeth and their ability to hide their own breath. Therefore, the green-winged snake is a natural killer, especially in the dark, and one of them can serve two purposes. However, in large-scale operations in broad daylight, the role of the green-winged snake is not great, which has been confirmed in several battles on the Destroyer. In a large-scale battle, the record of the green-winged snake is far worse than that of the ice scorpion, but the casualties are more than that of the ice scorpion. Also, the green-winged snake is not good at cooperating with its companions, so it falls behind in large-scale field battles. Colorful beetles are different among the four immortals. They are not fast, but their defense ability is surprisingly strong, and they are especially good at fighting. Once entangled in them, even monks who are one step higher than them can do nothing. One more thing. They are quite tenacious, once they are consumed with each other. Unless there is an order from Xi Fangping, otherwise, it will definitely be immortal. This kind of four-product immortal beast is definitely an option when used in large-scale defensive warfare.
However, the real offensive forces in large-scale field operations are the green giant locust and the clouded bird. The green giant locust has a big body and a fast speed, and its two forearms are the same as two green sharp broadswords. Its quality will never be worse than that of the magic weapon on the magic star, not to mention those junk things held by the monks during the condensation period on the Cape Star. This thing is quite bloodthirsty. It likes to storm and fight hard and pursue bravely. Its real fighting power is famous among the four immortals.
Cloud shadow bird is another kind of special existence. This thing is horribly small, only as big as a child’s fist, and its skin is as hard as steel, and its skull and mouth are even more broken. The knife won’t break. Their long-distance attack is not as good as the green giant locust, but their short-distance sprint is absolutely above the green giant locust, so fast that it can’t even be seen by the naked eye, and it will only leave a virtual shadow in its place, so it is called the cloud shadow bird. The attack mode of the cloud shadow bird is quite simple. Aim at the target and bump into it. If the opponent intercepts it with a spirit device, they will suddenly turn to avoid it in high school, which is quite flexible. Once it is rammed, the average monk’s body can’t stand it at all, and he will be hit right away. Moreover, the target of the cloud shadow bird is generally the heart. Once it hits the ground, the heart will immediately become a piece of meat. It is simply impossible to live.
These two powerful attack monsters were released, and there were so many of them that they immediately caused a panic among Jin Guangding’s disciples. In the screams, Jin Guangding’s disciples fell down one after another. Their death was quite miserable. Either the green giant locust cut their bodies into two parts, or a big hole appeared in their chest, and their internal organs kept flowing out from the big hole. After a few twitches, they would never move again.
At the same time, the snow wolf and the giant-tailed red wolf also jumped down from the platform and joined in the pursuit of Brother Jin Guangding. These bloodthirsty guys are far better than those monks, and. PiJian fleshy, not afraid of blow, their joining, the morale of the Jin Guangding monk, it is a heavy blow. Those unlucky guys have no choice but to die and flee. They can’t always surrender to the monster beast. They want to, too, but the monster beast can’t understand them. No matter whether you surrender or not, as long as you stand in front, as long as there is breath left, they will jump up without hesitation. With his sharp teeth, he tore the monks to pieces. Concave 8 yue Kuang Shan ten-day book drying umbrella.

Chapter one hundred and forty-nine loot (on)
I’m so happy when the disciples of the flying immortals arrive. The battlefield is already a mess, and the disciples can’t form an effective defense at all Can only let the monster beast slaughter, millions of monks shrieks, resounded through the plum blossom. Seeing the army of Feixianmen killed in the sky, Xi Fangping sighed slightly and had to take back all the monsters. I can’t help it, these celestial relics, especially the four celestial relics. Their spiritual wisdom has not yet reached the point where they can distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. They only know to do their best to kill the monks in front of them, no matter whether they are disciples of Feixianmen or disciples of Tianling Sect. If they don’t take them back, they will not conflict with Feixianmen’s life.
The arrival of Feixianmen troops is a great blessing to these golden-crowned monks. They almost want to also don’t want to throw away the horoscope. According to the tradition of the Pleiades, stand in a row and surrender to Feixianmen. For them, as long as they can not be targeted by the monster beast. It doesn’t matter what’s embarrassing. Even if you are imprisoned by Feixianmen and then sent to work as a laborer, it is better than being cut off by a green giant locust or being knocked out of a big hole by a cloud shadow bird.
At the same time, 800 Yuan-infant monks and 200,000 Jiedan monks rushed to the Jin Guangding troops responsible for interception. At the beginning, there were more than 3 million troops in charge of interception, including 300 or 400 monks in Yuanying period and more than 200,000 monks in Jiedan period. But now, the Godsworn in Dan period and the Godsworn in Yuanying period have all run away, leaving only three million Godsworn in condensate period.
These monks were not built during the condensation period. When all the important people ran away, how could they not run away? Just, on two legs. How can you escape from the Godsworn of Jiedan and the Godsworn of Yuanying flying in the sky? The chasing troops of Feixianmen are in no hurry. They slowly follow the head of the 3 million disciples of Golden Light, and slowly cast spells below. What a thunder! Ice blades, ice bombs and fire dragons can be thrown down vigorously, and they all choose spells with strong lethality and wide coverage. Anyway. Friars can’t reach them during the gas-condensing period, and they can slowly torment these guys with a recreational mind.
Thunder is booming, flames are soaring, light is bursting, and the cold is dense. Every attack, Jin Guangding’s disciples will lie down in a large area without air cover. These monks who can’t take off in the condensation period are simply lambs to be slaughtered, and they don’t even have the ability to fight back. After only two hours of tossing, the loss reached hundreds of thousands. By noon, the remaining two million disciples of Jin Guangding couldn’t stand such torture, just like other disciples, they chose to surrender. As soon as the monster beast was recovered, Xi Fangping immediately ordered more than 5,000 bodyguards to run to the dense forest. There are at least two million monks who died there, and there are many things inside. Especially. The battles in the air are mainly born on platforms and dense forests. There are many storage bags for monks in the Den Dan period and Yuan Ying period in the dense forests. If you don’t pick them up, it will be cheap for Feixianmen. By noon, when Feixianmen had forced all the enemies down, nearly one million storage bags had been piled up on the platform. The disciples of Feixianmen just came to their senses and rushed into the dense forest. Go straight to those storage bags, but it’s too late. The storage bags in the Dan period and the Yuan baby period basically fell into the pockets of Xi Fangping.
Xi Fangping told his men to throw the monk’s body on the platform into the dense forest, and then turned my head. Looked at the soul of the banner. At this time, the soul is dying. It was so dark that white light even flashed faintly in some places. One, at night, ten thousand souls have absorbed the souls of at least three or four million people, and such a huge amount of souls have been mixed in. It makes all souls have signs of change. XiFangPing now also don’t know how much power, ten thousand soul complications, the pole of the white tiger mountain gathered soul complications, there is no such phenomenon. Its power is already quite great. This is a soul-saving banner. It can’t be worse than it. Xi Fang is calm and happy, and there are still many battles in the future. There is also the possibility of making a big supplement and making a special supplement.
A finger of the hand, originally as high as a few tens of feet of soul banners. Suddenly, he slowly shrank and flew into Xi Fangping’s belt. XiFangPing this just have the idea to calculate their own losses. As for the monster beast, the three products lost about 40,000. The loss of the four products is about 200,000, and the proportion is quite large, which makes Xi Fangping quite heartbroken. In particular, the fire crow and the short-tailed ice dragonfly, as the main force in low-altitude operations, suffered the greatest loss, with the loss of each reaching about 15,000. It seems that there is a chance to return to the Destroyer in the future. Try to increase the number of these two monsters as much as possible, once they get together. No one dares to underestimate that power.
There was no loss of any of the first-class and second-class immortal beasts, which was indeed a bit unexpected for Xi Fangping. On second thought, yes. Originally, high altitude is not the focus of the other side’s breakthrough. The purpose of sending a large number of monks in infancy. It’s just holding off these high-order monsters. Only at that time when it was just dark. Just gave birth to a real battle. And high in the air, Xi Fangping has an absolute advantage. The number of monsters he sent out is not much different from each other, but the fighting capacity is much better than Fang Fang. Five Jin Jiao alone can deal with at least a dozen or twenty monks at the end of Yuan Ying. And XiFangPing sent a fairy beast, but as many as fifteen, are twelve order, one can deal with at least two or three yuan baby at the end of the monk.
In addition, "production sent to other high-order monster beast. Except for the blood-sucking butterfly. They are all guys with strong fighting ability, all of whom are hand-to-hand combat type, and they are already superior to them in fighting capacity. Coupled with the existence of blood-sucking butterflies, it is inevitable that the brothers in their infancy can’t fight with all their strength, and it is inevitable that they will be at a disadvantage. Also, the winged Tianma and the red-faced snow persimmon sent by Xi Fangping are alarmingly fast. When the monster beast there is in trouble, they will all arrive at the fastest speed and give support, which will soon resolve the crisis.
However, the first-class and second-class immortal beasts have no damage, and the biggest contributor is nothing but the shadowless snake. Ran Yu, a shadowless snake, constantly used his special skills to sneak attack, which made many monks in Yuan Babies inexplicably injured or even destroyed. Make opponents panic, unable to deal with the monster beast, in most cases, can only take the way of Yuto. Under the action of several factors, it is quite natural that the first-class and second-class celestial beasts are completely undamaged.
In contrast, Tianling School and Jin Guangding are not so lucky. Such a huge army arrived, and under the joint strangulation of Xi Ji’s firm and Feixianmen, only more than 100,000 monks in the Dan-forming period and about 1,000 monks in the Yuan infant period ran back to the dish, and the high-order monks lost more than half, but the monks in the condensate period were completely annihilated. As a result, even Xi Fangping did not expect it at that time. Worst of all, there are the heavenly spirits, 1,000 yuan-infant monks and 500,000 knot-Dan monks. Only less than 100 yuan-infant monks and about 156,000 knot-Dan monks can finally escape. Originally, among their monks in their infancy. Most of them were destroyed and Yuan Ying is still there. If they are given a certain period of time, they can be repaired. However, after they were reborn, most of them were prisoners of Feixianmen. Being banned, like other low-ranking monks, it is very likely that they can only work hard in dark mines all their lives.
In addition to the monster beast, bodyguards also lost more than one hundred. These bodyguards were all killed when the other side suddenly stormed the platform. However, their deaths have also been rewarded. After a moment of panic, these people quickly calmed down under the organization of ten people, including Sheikh. And, constantly using crossbows to support the monster beast, some people even flew directly into the air and threw the thunderbolt at the dense crowd. Although the number thrown out is not much, it is enough to have an impact on the morale of the other side. The power of this thing when it exploded made the other side concerned, and the formation was not too dense, which made the monsters get more opportunities.
After counting the losses, Xi Fangping turned his eyes to those storage bags. He told his men to take out everything in the storage bag, sort it out, and let ten people, including Sheikh, supervise it. He doesn’t care that his men take advantage of it. However, the big ones are cheap and must be occupied by themselves. Otherwise, why do you spend a lot of LingShi and invite them to be bodyguards? In particular, in the storage bag of the friar in Yuan’s infancy, Xi Fangping personally put all the contents into his own pocket, and even did not let go of the magic weapon. Although he still despises these magic weapons, it is worth some Lingshi to sell them out.
The sorting and sorting of millions of storage bags. It is not a simple matter. Even if there are nearly 5,000 people working, it is impossible to finish it in a day or two. Xi Fangping is not worried. Now that the war is over, he has enough time to clean up the captured goods slowly. And then find a way to sell it elsewhere.
Looking at his men cleaning up the storage bag, Xi Fang was calm and happy. It wasn’t a storage bag, but piles of Lingshi.
If nothing else, just a million storage bags. You can sell hundreds of millions of lingshi. Coupled with the captured goods obtained by defeating the opponent last time, it always adds up, and your own pocket should be bulging.
Suddenly, the one-horned cow next to him who really followed Xi Fangping looked up and looked at the distance, with a low roar in his mouth. Xi Fangping knew that someone had come to the door again. He hurriedly looked into the distance and saw five figures flying directly towards the platform, which was extremely fast. The gods told him that it was the so-called flying fairy gate five elders and the fire spirit children who came. Just in time. Even if he doesn’t come, Xi Fangping is thinking of looking for them.
Before people arrived, the voice of Huolingzi arrived first: "Xi Daoyou, congratulations, you made a fortune today."
Xi Fangping laughed loudly: "There, there. What a fortune! You fly to the Fairy Gate from the north. I just made a little money. Please forgive me for coming here for a cup of tea. "
After saying no, the five old men fell in front of them. These five guys are all radiant, even smiling at the corner of their eyes. Also, I thought Feixianmen was about to be wiped out, but I didn’t expect it. Xi Fangping not only solved the siege of Feixianmen, but also made Feixianmen get so much wealth. It’s strange that they are not happy.
Just after the fall, the five fire spirits made a deep salute to Xi Fangping and said sincerely, "Xi Daoyou, millions of monks went up and down the Feixian Gate. Thank you for your great kindness. If Xi Daoyou has orders, our Feixian goalkeeper will fully satisfy it. " Jifangping was overjoyed: "Are you serious?"
Fire spirit son and several other teacher younger brother looked at each other. Nodded firmly. This time, they defeated their masters, the Celestial Sect, and won the battle. It’s estimated that they can’t get along well in the Cape Star Buban. Idealism is to rely on another big sect, and Xi Fangping, who is a disciple of Hunyuan Sect, is obviously ordered to make trouble in Cape Star. If he can be next to Hunyuan Sect, they will not be afraid of anyone. Besides. Legend has it that Hunyuan Sect is quite good to its subordinate sects. At the very least, it is much better than Tianling Sect. If you invest in Hunyuan Sect, you won’t suffer a big loss. So what they mean by this. Just tell Xi Fangping that we have millions of monks up and down the Feixian Gate, and this time it’s all up to you Hunyuanzong. Do you want it or not, it’s up to Xi Fangping.
Yes, Xi Fangping is a disciple of Hunyuan Sect, and. He is a true direct disciple, but this Hunyuan Sect is not the other Hunyuan Sect, where can he promise? Therefore, he can only pretend to be confused, and his face shows ecstasy: "Well, since all five predecessors said so. Then you’re welcome. I am a businessman, and all my actions are from the merchant’s point of view. Today’s battle, you Feixianmen got at least seven or eight million storage bags, and there must be a lot of things inside. The five seniors also know that this battle was fought by our Xiji firm, and you just came here to get a bargain, so you should give me all those storage bags, at the very least, 70% to 80%. "
The five old men froze for a long time before they came to their senses. Fire spirit son bowed his head. Gently asked: "Xi Daoyou, is this a small matter?"