16, Jun 2024
"Uh …" By ChuYan habitat, Xia Nanfeng prepared a bunch of rhetoric, abruptly suppressed in the belly, this feeling, absolutely worse than eating a bad stomach, want to pull, partial life can’t pull it out, so, for an instant, her face is not very good-looking.

"Get to the point!" The promise is quite impatient.
"Yes!" When Xia Nanfeng was mentioned by him, it was really hard to say anything more. He immediately said, "I discussed with the elders for a while, and at most I could spare 82,000 top-grade spiritual stones to the eldest son."
Wuji hesitated for a moment and nodded: "Give me 82,000 yuan first, and the remaining 20,000 yuan. Give me a way to make it up in two days."
Xia Nanfeng wanted to say no, but looked at the infinite. She nodded and agreed.
Soon, Xia Nanfeng sent 82,000 Lingshi, took a look at it, put all Lingshi into the storage ring with a wave of his hand, and then left with Chu Yanqi without saying hello.
Chu Yanqi feels. This behavior is so rude, you should at least say "thank you!" " Then let the beauty of Xia Nanfeng say, "Welcome next time!" Something like that.
However, Wuji walked outside with his thoughts so careless. No, I should say, I took him straight out. He found that Chu Yanqi seems to be particularly interested in flying things, so he is going to let him experience the benefits of flying instruments at once.
"Master, if you are not sleepy, shall I take you to practice flying wings near Yunmeng Lake?" Wuji said.
"Not sleepy!" Chu Yanqi said, "I’m going."
"ok!" Wuji said, and he wanted to fly directly, but at this time. A black man descended in the sky.
The black image is a big black bat, commanding, just rushing at them.
"Big bat?" ChuYanQi cried.
Infinite look carefully, busy with ChuYan habitat falling underground, he is not afraid of the man. And they were afraid to fight in the air, once distracted, attend to not top ChuYan habitat, let him be injured.
Although he knew that Chu Yan’s cultivation was very special, he knew something about it. Chu Yanqi wants to start work, and needs some special preparation. If he adopts the method of sneak attack and gives it to him directly, he is no different from ordinary people, which makes him very dangerous.
So, after the attack of those weirdos in the red robe and spectre last time, Wuji has decided that it will be convenient here in the future, and he will pay attention to it.
Sure enough, he just fell to the ground, and the huge shadow followed, and then his long wings converged directly and straightened up, which was a tall and burly man in black.
"people?" At this time, Yunmengcheng not only didn’t seem deserted because of the arrival of night, but became more lively.
A series of glow flies by, all of them are immortals who use flying instruments in the air, and there are all kinds of aura lights everywhere, which are colorful and very beautiful.
Looking up, some buildings were built in mid-air, which felt like castles in the air.
Chu Yanqi feels that this place is surprisingly similar to some fantasy science fiction films on earth.
Because of this, the movement of the man in black and Wuji, and no one cares, the blue light in the hands of Wuji flashes, and the sword has been out of body experience.
"Master, stand aside." Promise whispered.
In fact, it goes without saying that Chu Yanqi has stepped back a few steps, but to his surprise, the man in black across the street looked at him and said, "Sir, don’t get me wrong, there is no malice next time."
"You are purely provocative in mid-air, and you say there is no malice?" Infinite cold snorted.
"Just looking at Mr Chu childe don’t know want to fly to the place, the next look in the eyes is not very good, didn’t see clearly whether Chu childe, so take a closer look, sorry sorry …" The man in black repeatedly apologized, saying, and he also bowed at the infinite.
In this way, it’s hard to say that Wuji has a bad eye, but it’s actually nonsense. A cultivator’s eyesight is many times stronger than that of ordinary people. This is not good. Where to start?
"Do you know my master?" Wuji asked.
"I am the brother of Thirteen." The man in black smiled. "I’m ranked ninth. Childe Chu and my younger brother have been hanging out for a few days. I wonder if I’ve heard thirteen talk about me?"
"Oh …" Chu Yanqi suddenly remembered at this time. Thirteen once told him that his nine brothers were a research madman.
Last time, those needles and things like that were stolen from Jiuhou by Thirteen.
"It turned out to be nine waits!" Chu Yanqi smiled. "I’ve heard about it thirteen times."
"Chu Gongzi, where are you going?" Jiuhou was busy bending down and saluting, and then he said, "It’s so late, can’t we go out of town?"
"Ready to go to Yunmengze to see the night scene!" ChuYan habitat laughed, he naturally won’t lose face to tell him that he just bought flying multiplier, ready to practice.
"Thirteen said that he is waiting for you in Huazhou and asked me to pick you up." Nine Hou said.