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"Your majesty, I …" Shark slave wanted to stay, but for a while. I can’t find any good excuses.

"Get out!" ChuYanQi this straightforward ordered.
"All right!" Shark slave nodded, and he was practicing the secrets of space to himself anyway. Now, at close range, he is in the same plane space. He wants to eavesdrop, and he is afraid that he can’t eavesdrop.
Thought of here, he saluted ChuYan habitat, and then strode out.
Mr. Cang didn’t say anything, just opened a note, and then began to stack the notes layer by layer by using the secret technique.
Sang Changfeng directly used the realm to separate the sound waves from the outside world, and then said, "Well, what are you going to say?"
The desert fairy looked at Chu Yanqi and asked, "Chu Gongzi, who is the shark slave?"
"This-"ChuYanQi also don’t know how to explain the shark slave to her.
"He seems to have hidden the realm of cultivation?" A faint worry flashed across the face of the desert fairy. "Your mother did it for you, but she almost put her life on the line. Can you have an accident?"
"Thank you for your concern. How is my mother?" ChuYanQi busy get up, salute to the desert fairy, for the desert fairy, although he met for the first time today, but ChuYanQi know, 13 and 9 hou regard sb with special respect or new views to him, all back to protect, because of the desert fairy.
The reason why the Desert Fairy looks after him is because the Desert Fairy and his cheap old lady are close friends.
"Not good, very bad!" The desert fairy shook her head.
"What happened to Gu She?" Sang Changfeng heard the words, and suddenly he was in a hurry and suddenly stood up.
"The situation of Gu Shooting is very bad." The desert fairy looked at Chu Yanqi, then shook her head and said, "Don’t worry, just hear me out."
"Can I take my time?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Sang Changfeng said, "I just closed it all at once. How did this happen?"
"This matter has to start with your retreat." The desert fairy sighed.
"You say!" Sang Changfeng said.
"When you were closed to the outside world and bored, you came to see me and played with me for a while. I wanted to close to the outside world because I had some problems in cultivation, and she left, saying that she was going to the secret land of Fusang and looking for the Queen of Fusang to play." The desert fairy said, "She was pregnant at that time."
"Wait!" Mr. Cang suddenly felt something was wrong and asked, "You said the specific time at once." Said, and he couldn’t help but looked at ChuYanQi and SangChangFeng.
"The time before and after is exactly twenty-one years." The desert fairy said, and couldn’t help but look at Chu Yanqi again.
Chu Yanqi was confused in an instant. If Gu Shexian was pregnant twenty years ago, shouldn’t he be seventeen this year?
"Twenty-one years?" Sang Changfeng shouted a sentence.
"Yes, twenty-one years, this is also the place where I can’t understand. If Chu Gongzi was the child who was in the past, then he should be at least twenty years old this year, not eighteen. There is a gap of two years, and it seems that … something is wrong. " Said the desert fairy.
"Maybe there is something wrong with my birth. I was lied about my age. In fact, I am twenty years old?" ChuYanQi could not help but asks.
"No, absolutely not." The desert fairy shook her head. "When Gu Gu left me, she was about to give birth. She also said that she was going to have a baby in Fusang’s secret land. The Queen of Fusang is beautiful, and she can’t say for sure that she will have a beautiful baby, too. I regret it now. I shouldn’t have let her leave with a big belly, but she was the pinnacle of the Holy Spirit. Even if she was pregnant, it wouldn’t matter, because I didn’t care and made fun of her-how beautiful a boy is? "
"How did you know it was a boy?" ChuYan habitat silly asked.
"You can look inside." Sang Changfeng bluntly told the answer, they are great cultivators, different from ordinary people. (To be continued …)

Chapter three hundred and fifty-eight Time difference (2)
Chu Yanqi said with some dissatisfaction: "This is really boring." Although in the human world, science and technology have developed in recent years, you can know men and women by doing B-ultrasound, but even so, what you hear is not 100% accurate.
However, once you practice, you can actually look inside, so the female cultivator should know whether the fetus in the abdomen is a boy or a girl from the beginning of pregnancy.
Sang Changfeng just smiled. For Chu Yanqi, he always said that he could not understand.
"That is to say, it didn’t take long for Gu She Fairy to leave Ximo, so she should have given birth to a child?" ChuYanQi asked.
"It should be like this." Said the desert fairy.
Chu Yanqi thought about it, and immediately took out a book of impressions from Lan Li, handed it to the desert fairy and said, "Look!"
Sang Changfeng took it directly, looked through a few impressions and said, "This should be what Yanqi looked like when he was a child."