14, Jun 2024
Tianxin understands very well that it will be all simple as long as the three big families join the Jiuyoucheng. Others, if you train the vision and skills of Jiuyou City, it will be easier, and it will be enough to disperse a lot of auxiliary brains. There are no weak people in Jiuyoucheng, even children are cultivated by immortals, and the energy in the body can fully afford the energy consumption of the auxiliary brain.

Everything happens naturally when both sides benefit from each other.
Tianxin is naturally vigorous and resolute. In just a few moments, each of the three million people in Jiuyou City has been equipped with an auxiliary brain, which is both an identity certificate and a learning machine. People in Jiuyou City can choose relevant content for practice according to their hobbies. Then join the newly established seven institutions of personnel, education, finance, people’s livelihood, infrastructure, security and foreign affairs in Jiuyou City.
Everyone is interested in new things.
Because the number of people who want to join seven organizations exceeds the establishment, people in Jiuyou City have gone through a selection process that can be called competition. At this time, all the people in Jiuyoucheng discovered that strength is not the only thing, but also the wisdom to use it. For example, in infrastructure construction, young and middle-aged practitioners in Jiuyou City have no strength, but construction cannot be achieved by their own strength. You have to know architecture, art, practicality, refining tools, and how to skillfully combine these things to complete construction tasks quickly and perfectly. Another example is the law enforcement department of security agencies. Strength may be necessary, but law enforcement mentality is more necessary. The law enforcement department is the department with the least number of people, not that there are fewer people to join, but that there are three million people in Jiuyoucheng, some of whom have the concept of "all doors and valves" and "all doors". But I don’t understand at all. So that Tianxin had to open a special training class! Don’t worry, law enforcers will not die if they enforce the law according to the concept of "cutting the tradition"!
A thousand miles a day, a thousand miles a minute.
Once the nine deep and remote cities are combined, they are unified under a baton, and each
Turn, the city’s three million people have their own divisions, the energy has been perfectly released, and the effect has been shown. This season’s ground-to-air animals besieged the city, and the trained troops galloped freely. With a certain degree of cooperation, the ground and air animals not only did not get cheap, but left a lot of food for Jiuyoucheng. Tianxin even put forward the essence of these animals and made them into energy food to reward the whole city.
Life is getting better and better in Jiuyoucheng, and quite a few new things, such as hydropower, electric energy blocks, lightning guns and fighting games, are appearing one by one. Employees in seven organizations have also changed from unpaid to paid. With the increase of materials, the life of the people in Jiuyou City is getting better and better, and the commerce in the city is also developing.
It’s just sad that the land animals and the fish and animals in the sea are miserable. Seven institutions in Jiuyou City were newly built, and there were few taxes or anything. In order to balance the budget, Tianxin had to hunt them with the newly built army, and at the same time regarded this as a group battle training for the army.
In this way, after fifteen minutes, that is, fifteen days of less clear skies and fifteen years of eternal life, the nine secluded cities will be considered orderly, and the three million people in the nine secluded cities will realize the benefits and power of order.
After another five minutes, Tianxin saw that Jiuyoucheng had adapted to the new system, and under the influence of the auxiliary brain content, a simple guild appeared. Everything is thriving. It is developing in a vibrant direction, so it is decided to introduce practitioners of Jade Qing Tian from other places in the sad wasteland. Time and tide wait for no man, although all kinds of practitioners will not leave in three or five jade qing days, but the population. In the case that we can’t expect to have children to expand the population, the sooner the better.
"Ha ha, it is a family killer. The peerless fierce fairy, peerless fierce demon, will also contribute to my quasi-three-system when he enters Jiuyoucheng. "
Tianxin set out, without anyone, and flicker into the flying star and animal empty layer.

On the first floor, the fire beast, as soon as the heavenly heart arrived, scattered and was scared.
The second floor, Jupiter beast, also scattered, they know this man, know to fight with this guy, will only end up sore all over …
On the third floor, the beast on the cloud did not disperse, but did not dare to attack. It was said that there was no good fruit to eat when attacking.
Tianxin didn’t collide with Shi Jiaoxing, the guardian animal of this empty layer, until the 21st empty layer. Shi Jiaoxing, a fierce beast, has many tricks against the enemy. Jiao’s eyes can emit a magic light that will not only disturb the Yuan God, but also paralyze even the Luo Tianxian for a long time if it touches the skin. Don’t say anything about the body, the hardness of diamonds; Jiao claw, that sharp, can make a sharp mans; Jiaokou, with good teeth, likes to eat all kinds of inner elixirs and elixirs; Jiaojiao, it is said, is comparable to the mixer.
However, the stone dumpling beast with a huge physique like a planet is not much cheaper this time. The purpose of this heavenly heart is not to fight, but to open a gap and attract people, so the means are fierce. Not only did the gods add an attack, but also the purple iron sword was sacrificed.
Animals sometimes know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Flying stars and animals are especially outstanding in this respect. As a sacrifice of heavenly heart and purple iron sword, a huge god knowledge with coercion function was added, and the surging stone dumpling beast immediately retreated until it withdrew from the scope of coercion.
What really dares to fight against Tianxin in this state is the armored one-horned and two-winged beast in the 31 ST empty layer. The armored one-horned two-winged beast is the size of a small star. The means of attack are animal horns, stomatitis, walking on the limbs, armored tail whip, armored front wings and collision. And the first wisdom, when there are many armored beasts together, they will form a very insidious offensive and defensive battle array.
It’s also the misfortune of the armored one-horned two-winged beast. The armored one may not be afraid of hitting, but it is afraid of one thing, fire. In the face of the rushing armored one-horned two-winged star beast, Tianxin directly sacrificed the original fire Tianluo and spread to the ultimate state of thousands of kilometers. As soon as the nemesis appeared, the armored one-horned and two-winged beast had to retreat angrily. Of course, this was in the case that several armored one-horned and two-winged beasts who did not believe in evil were refined by the invisible fire layer of the original fire, and they made a terrible painful roar.
The Qingyun beast in the thirty-second empty layer is as straight as a nebula and can be transformed into a form at will. It is the most tempting and seemingly harmless star beast. But in its hands, it is absolutely finished. For Qingyun beast, in the case of not understanding, Tianxin does not have a good way to deal with it, just like dealing with the golden thread of the 33 rd empty layer, it can only be carried hard.
Very strange situation.
Outside the sad wasteland, the avatar practitioners are attacking the golden thread that eats the empty layer. I probably didn’t expect that they had become the prey of "someone" and were scanned by someone’s majestic knowledge.
"Yes, the channel is opened."
At some point, the outer space corresponding to the Nine Dark Cities sounded screaming.
The excited monks look over. Sure enough, at this point, thousands of flying instruments have driven away the golden thread of the cluster, and a black hole of hundreds of kilometers in Fiona Fang has appeared, and many masters of the nine-day Xuanxian series have already invested in black holes.
The crowd was so excited that no one thought it was a complete accident. Someone was inside to meet them. Otherwise. Even if the gold thread is opened and eats the empty layer, there are still 32 empty layers below. The sad wasteland is so easy to enter, it is not a sad wasteland.
Tianxin evaluated the entrants’ cultivation, and these guys who came at him and finch spring were really not bad, and the lowest cultivation was also a pick Jin Xian. Nine days is the most mysterious fairy, accounting for about half, and the fairy below the fourth order accounts for about 10%, but not above the fourth order. It seems that the yogi of Jade Qing Tian is quite self-aware, knowing that those who dare to challenge the Infinite Sect and let the Infinite Sect make a promise are tough.
But … The divine knowledge of Tianxin scanning obviously felt a change. Although the void is densely covered with high-level practitioners, there are many people who join in the fun and want to find the legend of sad wasteland. There are very few high-level practitioners who really want to arrest people in exchange for the benefits of Wuji Sect. The Infinite Sect knows this well, so it is better to ask for others than to ask for themselves. The community formed by the Infinite Sect practitioners is the largest void outside the sad wasteland.
If there is anything that makes Tianxin dissatisfied, it is that there are too few advanced practitioners. In the vast void, under the sweeping survey of the heavenly heart and the divine knowledge, except for the infinite disciples, the high-level practitioners in the east, south, west and north add up to less than 30 million, and although there are many middle and low-level practitioners who pick Jin Xian, that is, Jin Xian’s sixth order, they are not impulsive, and seem to understand that such occasions are not their turn. We need to motivate them. Not at present!
"30 million is 30 million, eat it all, I am not afraid that I will not attract more advanced practitioners."
God is cruel. Continue to control the empty layer, turning the black hole’s
Hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
30 million advanced practitioners entered. Tianxin is not afraid of their trouble. The wasteland of sorrow is tens of billions of kilometers long, even a trillion yogis can hold it, and there is no shortage of living resources. Therefore. When all practitioners find that they can enter or leave a strange world, or they can’t get out at all with their cultivation, they should be able to accept their fate, settle down and jointly cope with the endless crises in the wasteland. Maybe there are guys who want to seize Jiuyou City, but it’s not easy.
Advanced practitioners keep flying in …
Finally, even many middle and low-level practitioners have devoted themselves to entering the sad wasteland.
But as time passed, no one entered again. Or it can be said that the yogi who did not enter was frightened, so many people plunged into the black hole and disappeared silently. Many pick immortals run their gods to find out, but if there is an evil heart, where can they find out a little information about their gods?
The black hole over the sad wasteland is so open after the initial noise.
"Ha ha, there will be another legend of devouring in the sad wasteland from now on."
As did Sarah laugh, see no one to enter, also quietly sneak back. The black hole closes slowly, no, for the empty monster to cover again.