25, Jun 2024
Han Xilang gritted his teeth and spat out his one eye "Liang, Jun, Bang!"

"Hey," Liang Juanbang raised his hand and surrendered seriously. "Ok, I’ll find a way to stare at me for you. What’s the matter?"
Han Xilang frowned. "What do you want?"
"hey!" Liang Juanbang clapped his hands together. "Don’t ask this first, but you have to promise me never to tell early or I’ll die …"
Men’s tacit understanding prompted Han Xilang to nod "good"
Outside yelling to "hilang good have no? Ready to go! "
"Eldest brother …"
Liang Juanbang was busy agreeing, "Okay, okay, this is coming out!"
The city’s alert, festive and solemn atmosphere blend together, especially from the long summer to the presidential palace. The martial law has long been imposed, and a float in the long summer gate will not delay the explosion and the official media will follow the live broadcast along the way.
Liang Juanbang nest beside Han Xilang was about to take it out and call the former genus for a while, but it was very noisy when the early words were connected.
"Wife …"
"What do you want to say? I am so busy! " Where did you pay attention to him early? Ning Dai has a lot to do there.
Liang Juanbang’s face would be "Oh … then I don’t …"
"Hang up"
He hung up long before he finished speaking.
"Hey" Han Xilang couldn’t help laughing.
Liang Juanbang boring rubbing his nose "eldest brother, don’t laugh at me"
"I’m not laughing," Han Xilang said seriously. "It’s good to see your position … do my thing quickly!"
Liang Juanbang tugged at the corners of his mouth and dialed Cheng Ang’s words.
"Hello" Cheng Ang hasn’t heard from Liang Juanbang for a long time. It’s hard to be excited. "Where are you calling me? International call? Don’t the Longjia listen? "
Liang Juanbang criticise can come back directly, and he can’t hide his excitement. "I haven’t been with you for a long time!" Has your ability dropped? Directly under the peak is back and is rushing to the Presidential Palace Road to attend the big wedding. You don’t know if this is dereliction of duty? "
Cheng Angxian was excited. "Really?"
"nonsense!" Liang Juanbang said with a smile, "I need to talk to you. Now you can take a bath in your pet shop and change clothes and send me something to the presidential palace."
It turns out that Cheng Ang is the owner of the pet shop that has been lurking in the imperial city and belongs to Liang Juanbang.
"What is it?" Cheng Ang is puzzled.
"Uh …" Liang Juanbang hold mobile phone low spit out a few words.
"God!" Cheng Ang ghost called "no! Do you still need this thing when you are pregnant? "
Liang Juanbang glanced at his uncle with a black line and shouted, "Just ask less and do it!"
"Is … hey hey"
Hung up the words Liang Juanbang Jiro nodded "OK, it’s done"
Although he never said anything, Han Xilang also roughly guessed what Liang Juanbang got for him. He thought that his bridal chamber would depend on those drugs. Han Xilang nai shook his head and smiled. What are these things?
The car stopped at the presidential palace. Han Chengyi, Le Xuewei, Hang An and Ruan Danning smiled at each other.
Although they are the most prominent people in the imperial city, they will welcome guests together at the gate after a little trimming today.
Han Xilang remembered that Hang Ningdai had something to tell him and found an opportunity to quietly go to the hospital.
Han Ximing in the courtyard has also got up and packed up. His body hasn’t recovered yet, but why is he absent from the big brother’s wedding?
Section 726
Adjusted the bow tie and was about to go out when the bedside phone rang. It was Han Xilang’s number.
Han Ximing picked it up and glanced at it. It was a short message from Sun Chuchu, but it startled him … Hilang, I know I shouldn’t bother you on a day like today, but I … I seem to have it.
Han Ximing suddenly looked up at the bottom of his eyes and found it incredible. What do you mean? How is that possible? Others can’t be so confused! What tricks does this Sun Chuchu want to play?
According to his sexual hatred, we can’t directly crush her to death! But she still has something to dig up, and it’s not time to end her now.
I didn’t know what to do for the time being. Han Ximing took the phone and turned out of the hospital.
Hangningdai Courtyard is full of people at the moment.
"Here comes the bride!"
I came out with Hang Ningdai early and greeted everyone with a smile.
Today, Hang Ningdai is really a star-studded girl. Her sister-in-law dressed very low-key early, specially dished her hair and didn’t steal the bride’s limelight. After several hours of dressing up, Hang Ningdai came upstairs like a fairy.
Han Xilang just stepped in and saw this scene.
His eyes are amazing and his heart beats faster. The baby he held in his hand really became his bride.
"Oh, the groom is here." When she chuckled early and helped her eldest brother and sister-in-law to get alone, "Can everyone give them a few minutes?"
No.1 in the imperial city ladies’ room is still attractive even after such a long time.