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This person is really an exile city. At this time, I saw three old acquaintances in the palace. In fact, I still had some regrets that I had just been scolded.

When she heard someone calling herself "bitch" and "gorgeous" Li was about to get mad again, she found that her brother Ling Batian was giving her eyes "color". Then she looked up and found that the old man who appeared in front of her had actually improved a lot this season.
"Yelling at me, how dare you, a little puss-head, come to us? It turned out that you were promoted by yourself. No wonder?" Ling’ Yan’ Li is ironic at this moment.
Ji Lao spoke directly at this time. He knew that if he talked to this person again, it would be a curse.
The Beast Emperor burst out laughing. "Gee, today’s original chat actually saw such a good play. It’s really a’ fine’ color."
Who knows that when Ji Lao didn’t export to scold him at this moment, Ling Yan Li had once again cursed "Blue, we humans talk, what’s the name of an animal here? Shut up, shameless thing, stay in our palace for so long and don’t fuck off …"
At that time, the beast emperor suddenly said something. He didn’t expect that he would bring disaster to the east and lead him to himself. In the past month, he has been scolded a lot, but he already knows how to deal with it. That is, he can get a few less scolding if he doesn’t squeak.
Hear ling’ Yan’ Li’s "exhibition of great power" here directly made the two super masters speechless, and all the monks in the palace felt very happy, especially when the monk who had just been beaten saw Ji Lao’s despondent appearance.
All the monks in the hall are trying not to laugh, but they all know what color this great elder in their country is.
Ji Lao saw the beast emperor’s weak appearance and immediately widened his eyes. In his memory, the beast emperor was fearless. How come he has no temper like a sheep now
"All right, don’t talk about Yan Li. Let’s ask Ji Daoyou what we have here." Ling Ba Tian’s words stopped Ling Yan Li from scolding the beast emperor.
Never like this moment, Lingba Tianyin sounded so sweet and moving in the ears of the Beast Emperor.
Ji Lao immediately said at this moment, "Actually, there are three things when I came here today. The first thing is that we, the monks in this realm, took over things. The second thing is that there are some things in exile city. The last thing is also the most important thing. Is there a monk named Xiang Ye in your west Mundus state? He killed my seven-level monk. I want to find a statement."
The other two things were not heard by these monks. There was the last sentence in their ears. At this time, they were all "Sao" and "disorderly". They didn’t expect that the original recognition was definitely a narrow escape. Xiang Ye didn’t die but killed so many seven monks.
There are four people whose faces’ colors’ have changed even more. Lingba’s face’ colors’ directly’ show’ the expression of fear, followed by a burst of Naiyong’s heart. "Too bad this person is not dead, which is not a good thing for our western demon empire." He directly muttered in his heart.
Ling’ Yan’ Li is also a god’s’ color’, which changed immediately, but then recovered. In her opinion, even if this monk named Xiang Ye is no matter how severe he is, he can’t be allowed to continue living this time. Now that he has sinned, he will be offended to the end.
At this time, her brother Ling Fenger’s face condensed with an expression. I don’t know what it is. There are both surprises in her heart and a feeling that she can’t say it. It seems that she is very happy after getting the news that Xiang Ye is not dead. "What’s the matter? I have to teach him a lesson if he dies." At this time, she has found a seemingly good excuse for herself.
The beast emperor is naturally the happiest. At this time, he is directly excited because he has been worried for a month and finally relieved. Although the old man made him unhappy, at this moment, the beast emperor actually wanted to hug him and kiss him. It is so good that he brought this news.
"What’s the matter with your faces? Isn’t this person here?" Season old doubt asked.
"Well, there is such a person here, but he killed you. Don’t beg me for an explanation because he is not from our west Mundus," Ling Batian said with a wave of his hand.
"If it’s not you monks of the West Devil Empire, then who is this person?" Ji Lao is already furious.
"This person is right in front of you. Look who is the happiest at this moment …" Ling Yan Li then glanced at the animal emperor and said.
At this time, Ji Lao didn’t react to what the beast emperor was so kind at this time.
"Damn it, that man turned out to be your hand. Say, how can you make it up to me? You killed so many people with your hands. Give me an explanation." He has already questioned the animal emperor.
Chapter five hundred Xiang Ye back.
"Ha ha what statement? The old brother killed you a few small corners. What happened to your own strength? Don’t blame others for being too cool. I didn’t expect Xiang Ye’s little one to be so powerful. "The Beast Emperor didn’t pay any attention to Ji Lao, who was already furious, but said excitedly.
At this time, Ji’s face’ color’ has sunk’ Yin’, but he has no impulse. From the expression of the animal emperor just now, it seems that this boy named Xiang Ye is not like his hand as if he were a friend. He is even more curious about the origin of this boy when he thought of this.
"You know, old man Ji, that Xiang Ye is not our monk of the West Devil Empire. What do you want to do? We all have no opinions." Ling’ Yan’ Li saw that old man Ji hesitated and quickly cleared Xiang Ye and his side.
The Beast Emperor naturally understood the meaning of Ling Yan Li. Besides, this season, the old man can kill Xiang Ye and their western demon empire will not interfere.
"Hum, don’t talk nonsense. If you want to deal with my brother, you must pass me first. I’d like to see if you’ve been locked up for more than 100 years." The beast emperor said at this moment.
Ji Lao didn’t expect the beast emperor to fight with him, which was somewhat unexpected. The young man was not their brother in the beast emperor city, but the beast emperor killed him and himself desperately. Is this person really well-connected?
I really don’t want them to fight at this moment when I see two people fighting’ chicken’. If they really fight, his palace will be demolished with their strength.
At this moment, when he saw that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, he quickly said, "I said that the second foreign teacher wants to talk, so don’t bother you to go out and have a competition with me, otherwise I can’t stand your fighting."
"Ha ha, the beast emperor’s position is still so heroic and’ forced’. How come he hasn’t met for more than a month and is handsome?"
Just then, when the scene was a little low, a familiar sound came again from the outside.
After hearing this sound, these monks in the West Devil Empire were a little embarrassed. They came in one after another in the imperial palace, and neither of them reported it, so we can say how much they guarded the palace.
In particular, they all know the owner of this sound, but they are still quite familiar with it.
"Ha ha Ye Xiang Xiaoyou, you have gained a lot in the last month. Just now, I heard that you killed several dirty corners with great power." The beast emperor heard that the bearer was Xiang Ye and shouted out.
Ling bully days and ling’ yan’ li two people naturally know that the boy named Xiang Ye came back at this moment, and there was an ugly expression on his face. Ling Fenger was looking forward to seeing Xiang Ye at this moment.
Finally, outside the hall, two figures slowly entered, one of which was a young monk, with a wind spirit like jade. Although his appearance was not absolutely handsome, his face was as tough as a knife, and he was full of men’s special charm, which almost made it difficult for a’ female’ person to resist every day.
And this person is surrounded by a woman whose appearance and temperament are faintly commensurate with him. A shawl from waist to waist is as smooth as a waterfall, and her face can’t be shaped by words, because seeing the elegance in her face makes you forget to look at her appearance.
"Hey, Xiang Ye brothers are good. How long did it take this time to get back such a delicate and beautiful’ female’? Gee, it’s really envious of others. It seems that this time you are rich and famous." The beast emperor was secretly shocked after seeing Bing Mei.
At this time, the monks in the whole hall were stunned by the cold plum and proud snow temperament. It’s not that these people didn’t talk about beauty’ female’, but the temperament of ice plum was so shocking at this time. This is a kind of distant view and can’t be used to play. Now it’s a kind of’ female’ arrival.
"Hum …"
Sitting in a high position, Ling Yan Li couldn’t stand the gaffes of these men at this moment and snorted, which made SIRS fix the reaction.
Xiang Ye naturally discovered that Bing Mei around him was shocked. Although he came back strongly, he didn’t let people take a look. However, at this time, he was also very proud. Others dared not even think about it. The’ female’ person is now gently accompanying a man by his side. This is the most exciting time.
Xiang Ye glanced at it and then gently said, "Hehe, it seems that Princess Bingmei is charming and shocked."
At this moment, Bing Mei’s face suddenly turned red, and after a look at Xiang Ye lightly chastising, she resumed her cold appearance just now.
However, it was just that little’ female’ who was shy and let several monks secretly swallow a mouthful of saliva again.
No one saw that after Xiang Ye and Bing Mei made such intimate moves, Ling Fenger’s hands were tightly clenched in a high position, and then a kind of’ Yin’ malicious god’ color’ emerged and glared at Bing Mei.
Sometimes the’ female’ person’s induction is the most accurate. Bing Mei suddenly felt that there was a knife-like eye attack behind her. She immediately turned around and met Ling Fenger’s eyes. So they looked at each other for a while. Bing Mei suddenly smiled and then turned her head.
Although Bing Mei didn’t do anything, just that smile was so dazzling in Ling Fenger’s eyes, as if it were a demonstration, which made her feel a stabbing pain and couldn’t wait to tear up Bing Mei immediately.
After Xiang Ye came to the hall, he had found a beast emperor there. An old man who confronted him saw the old man’s appearance. Ye Xiang was really surprised. He didn’t expect that the old man turned out to be his own understanding. He met the old man in exile. He still kept himself waiting. He didn’t expect to chase himself here.
"Little, this is the second time we have met, right? Hehe, but it’s still a bit unexpected to meet you this time." Ji Lao didn’t come, so he wanted to find trouble with Xiang Ye, but praised Xiang Ye first
Xiang Ye said quietly at this moment, "Hehe, it turned out to be Ji Lao. It seems that Ji Lao also wants to see me coming here, which is really a bit unexpected."
Just after the two men had finished speaking, the beast emperor felt that the old man’s breath had gone up a little, and he quickly became one of the two.
Chapter five hundred and one The Beast Emperor vs. Ji Lao
However, at this moment, Xiang Ye directly crossed the beast emperor and once again faced Ji Lao with a calm face. It turned out that he didn’t put Ji Lao in his eyes.
"Hehe, teenagers are getting more and more rude now. You should know that young people have some good things, but they should know themselves." Ji Lao then waved his hands directly.
Xiang Ye suddenly felt all around him, and the department was squeezing towards him. He immediately secretly mobilized his own body source force to fill the surrounding area and block the oppression of Ji Lao.
However, Ji Lao didn’t expect that this seven-level monk could resist his oppressive face’ color’ and gently waved a right hand again. Not far away, Xiang Ye was already unstable, and his’ legs’ were constantly shaking and difficult to support.
See this season face’ color’ only slightly eased a little seven monks dare to challenge yourself.
At this moment, Xiang Ye also felt that the pressure around him was getting bigger and bigger. The Beast Emperor around him also saw the situation of Xiang Ye and was about to help him. At that time, Ye Xiang quickly made a glance at the Beast Emperor. The Beast Emperor naturally knew what Xiang Ye’s consciousness was. Although he was worried, he still respected Xiang Ye’s meaning and didn’t make moves.
"Ha ha, old man Ji, you are really shameless. You should start work with the younger generation hundreds of years younger than you. I think your thick-skinned thing has really gone up this time." Although the beast emperor didn’t help Xiang Ye, he didn’t forget to dig at the old one Ji.
However, at this time, Ji Lao didn’t care that his words were still like Xiang Ye, and it seems that the little one should make a fool of himself at this time
Xiang Ye really doesn’t feel well at this time. It’s definitely the pressure of the nine-level peak monk. He once again realized that this guy should still be a stronger person, otherwise he can’t oppress himself like this just by virtue of momentum.