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Is that they obviously misjudged excavate cold hum a left hand and lift a horse to practice like a sword light, and then came out of his hand again, and then suddenly bent through the middle of the curtain like alive, and all the potential parts were erased and disappeared by this blade.

Li Feiyang flew to the edge of the curtain, and Li Jingyao gently pinched several methods. A black nimbus oozed from the curtain and trapped Li Fei in it, forming a Fiona Fang more than ten meters.
Then Li Jingyao once again carried it in the direction of Tianfeng people, gently grasped the strong strength and once again went out to attack Tiandao people.
Road flyover Tianfeng drinks with one hand and stretches out two vigorous firm but gentle fingers, and then shoots at Li Jingyao with a sneer at Li Jingyao. With a gentle wave of his hand, the strength of his spirit is swept away, and then the two firm but gentle fingers are completely dispersed and instantly spread to the road flyover Tianfeng. He is sleepy.
Then road flyover Li Jingyao’s palm micro-tianfeng flew in the eyes of the public like Li Feiyang towards the curtain edge.
All the monks present were horrified that the younger brothers had been scared to look forward. Is it so vulnerable for a famous senior master in front of Li Jingyao? !
Road flyover Tianfeng was shocked and angered to the extreme when he was in the middle of the center. He desperately urged to start repairing and tried to get rid of the surrounding gas, but it was in vain to talk about how many yuan was released. The gas was like a mountain and he couldn’t get away with it if he struggled.
Road flyover Tianfeng felt desperate and hated that he didn’t immediately explode and died. After so many years of hard work, he was arrested like a kitten and a puppy. Where did he put his face?
Li Jingyao detained him and flew to Li Feiyang’s side and threw him into it. He smiled and said, "If you can kill this old man, I will protect you, and you will not die …" Li Jingyao pondered | and took a look at Fang Muzhuoqing. This little girl is really good. If you want to protect him |, just kill this old man. I don’t care what you do.
Kill me and I’ll kill everyone here, including five || here! "
"Li Jingyao! You are like this … like this! " At this time, a female wailed and screamed. When everyone saw it, it turned out to be the Taoist fisherman of the five elements of Zongfeng Sect.
At this time, Taoist Yu Ge is no longer a cold face and a full face of sadness. Tears surge in his eyes and he is unwilling to look at Li Jingyao.
Li Jingyao glanced at the fisherman’s song and sighed softly. He didn’t talk much. With a wave of his hand, the big screen suddenly jumped and the streamer shot unexpectedly wrapped all the five elements of the clan in the room.
Suddenly all the five elements of | people can no longer move, no matter what kind of operation. In this light, it is like an ice cube meeting a flame and melting away.
All the monks present were amazed that they were afraid to look at the sky. Li Jingyao’s heart was already a huge wave. In their view, Li Jingyao’s strength was out of the category of people. With a wave of his hand, so many people were trapped, including many advanced elders … Is this guy a fiend?
The fisherman shouted desperately in the streamer, but no one heard what she was saying. It was a pity to look at her.
But soon the monks came to their senses. Didn’t Li Jingyao kill us so much?
"Li Feiyang, I have kept them safe for a while. They will be safe and sick when they kill, but if you are killed by this old guy, they will die."
Li Jingyao said here | Give me a grimace of a grin. "If you want me to save you, prove it to me. I have been enemies at your age. Since you call me my son, don’t let people say that I have a" dog "!"
Tiger father dog
Li Feiyang looked at the road flyover Feng’s face slowly solidified the day before yesterday.
Now the situation has shown that he expects a lot. Li Jingyao’s overwhelming strength is really irresistible to ordinary people. Fortunately, he didn’t choose to help Taoist Tianfeng just now. Otherwise, Li Jingyao may be able to make himself disappear with a finger.
Then come on! Li Feiyang’s hidden snake sword released the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s skills and stared at Taoist Tianfeng.
Taoist Tianfeng looked up at Li Jing and killed him. Do you still want to humiliate me? ! Now it’s killing you. Here it’s killing you and me. Will you have fun? ! "
Li Jingyao shook his head. If you hurt him, I won’t touch you or die. You can all. "
Li Feiyang’s heart sank and road flyover Li Feiyang’s eyes rekindled hope. "Do you keep your word? !”
"Ha ha ha ~ ~!" Jing Yao disdained, "Is it nonsense for me to talk like you noble people?"
"The deputy leader has always kept his word. How dare you ask this question and don’t want to live?" The,, godbrother immediately yelled.
Road flyover Tianfeng took a deep breath and turned to look at Li Feiyang. His eyes were already full of pitfalls.
Li Feiyang’s heart is more and more careful. Li Jingyao, in this case, will really be desperate. At the same time, his heart is also cursing Li Jingyao’s mother, tiger and monkey. Is it your son? Big pervert!
"All right, let’s do it!" Li Jingyao drank a lot and all the magic brothers around him immediately agreed to fly towards the curtain.
Boom Xinhe’s hands were big and a black round wheel was thrown up by him, and then the transient big periphery was full of sharp serrations and whirled into the crowd. Many monks were immediately stopped by him.
"This is also a small demon. Be careful!" What did the monks around suddenly understand? This Xinhe wanted to protect Li Yang. It turned out that he was a demon teacher.
Boom ~! It was the crowd that suddenly burst into a burst of noise, and each monk was injured by an instrument that I didn’t know where it came from. It turned out that this yogi had been lurking for a long time, and the younger brother was unknown to everyone.
Previously, those small sects who didn’t want to leave the alliance rushed back at this time and rushed into the screen to bombard the monks present. At this time, they understood the original … These small sects have long been controlled by the magic teaching!
The three masters of Zhi Bo Zhi Yuan Zhi Xing offered sacrifices to protect the practitioners around them. Their faces were full of grief and indignation, and they were actually turned against the magic teaching. At this moment, their anger rose to the extreme and they tried to cast spells. The people in the magic teaching resisted each other for a while, but it didn’t go wrong.
I don’t know what Li Yao’s royal sword is motionless in the sky at the moment. Looking at a mountain behind Chongxuan Temple, he didn’t participate in the fight. Three masters in Chongxuan Temple fought against the monks and finally slowly slowed down and gathered together a little bit. The demons and brothers were deadlocked together to be continued.
Chapter 16 Two places at once
The fate of chapter 16 busy vip
"Amitabha ~!" At this moment, three Buddhist names suddenly appeared on the horizon, which was like a hammer hitting the hearts of the magic brothers. Everyone felt a quiver in their hearts and a trance, while those decent masters seemed to be brushed by the sun and could not say how warm and comfortable they were.
Li Jingyao’s eyes lit up and looked at the distant Lang and said, "The three masters have counted the old guests visiting today. Do you dare to be a coward?"
"Why don’t you kill evil in vain at the end of Amitabha Li’s dharma practice? It’s your own cause and effect. The poor monk advised the benefactor to go back." With this voice, a thin monk floated from the back of Chongxuan Temple, and a golden bodhi flower shone brightly. It seems that this bodhi flower is not finished. All petals are curled up like flowers.
Li Jingyao smiled, "I haven’t seen Master Hua for a long time."
"Amitabha Buddha, benefactor Li, if we fight against each other, it is not good for you and me. It is not easy for the benefactor to practice. Please go back." Another Buddhist name sounded, and a fat monk also flew from the back hill. A large transpiration golden glow flashed endlessly, and the glow rolled from time to time, which conjured up flowers with different shapes, lotus bodhisattvas and various nameless shapes.
Li Jingyao smiled again. "Master Hua, how can I leave so easily when I’m here?"