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"Well, I can see that this cloud robbery is even a six-fold fire disaster. I really don’t know what ancient animals are, Du Jie!" Duan Qirui is also staring at that red cloud with a fiery face. Robbing the cloud is a precursor of Armageddon, also known as Armageddon, and it is a day. It is inevitable to punish the cultivation of creatures when they reach a certain limit, and it is inevitable to go against the sky. Once they can’t carry it, it is inevitable that the gods will be destroyed. Once they have passed it, they will gain benefits. This is also an affirmation of the days to survive the robbery.

"go! Such a big movement must not be an ordinary animal. Let’s go and see if it can be captured by luck, it must be another big boost! " Duan Jia, Wang Jia and other slightly influential families are all under the same command at this time. At this time, the giant who besieged Dali City also didn’t know where he was scared by this cloud, and he just made way for them.
"This time, we need to play it by ear. The dead forest is too dangerous. It is a good thing to get the animals, but if we can’t get them, we have to reluctantly. Instead, we lost the foundation of our family. That would be very bad." Before Duan Qirui left, Qian Ding told the elders that half of them promised to stay and the rest followed Duan Qirui to the dead forest.
The road is really lively. The Wangs were dispatched, but Lin Sheng killed several elders. At this time, even Wang Jiajun was dispatched, but there were only six strong people in the Wuling period. Except for their big elders and two elders, they were in the late Wuling period and three elders were in the middle Wuling period. The rest were in the early Wuling period, and there were other small families and some people, among whom there was a warrior in the late Wuling period. However, Duan Qirui had never seen the urgency and didn’t come to consider other people scrambling to squeeze into the dead forest. I’m afraid that if I go in late, I’ll be taken advantage of by others. In fact, I blame them for being so’ excited’ and having a little vision. Everyone can see that this apocalypse is serious. Once this animal Du Jie succeeds, it will be at least the realm of featuring the king. If that family gets such a powerful animal, are they afraid of developing after their respective families? King Wu is here, and that base is the enemy.
With such interests, it is natural to drive ahead quickly and quickly. A group of people have already entered the scope of robbing the cloud and quietly observed it.
Small’ flower’ wagging its tail is actually a colorful dragon body that floats up. This is the realm of featuring the king of Wu. It is the ability to rely on hysteresis skills. At this time, it was brought out by the small’ flower’, which is equivalent to the peak snake in the late Wuling period. The small’ flower’ stared at the robbery that day arrogantly. It seems that the root just didn’t put it in its eyes. How can it be so arrogant that those who rob the cloud to see Du Jie easily give up their energy and keep rising? The red robbery cloud is already as gorgeous as the little sun, and the threat from the soul is also rising.
Boom, a Lei Guang hit all the small flowers. This is just the small flowers in front of Du Jie’s stomach. They didn’t move. They just carried through this ray of lightning. Lin Sheng felt a thrill in the bones palace, but there was still a little bit of soul power that had not been absorbed. Lin Sheng stepped up the absorption. He was already happy to feel that the small flowers were waking up, but this ray breath made him feel so shocked. He felt something in his heart.
People who are peeping outside finally see the small’ flowers’ in their eyes, so they didn’t expect that Du Jie was actually a’ colorful’ small snake with an unremarkable appearance, which actually triggered such a powerful doom.
"This little snake … I’ve never heard of such a high-order animal among snakes. Is it Medusa, but it doesn’t look like it?" Duan Qirui looked at the small snake whispering with the letter.
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Chapter 3 Du Jie
? Duan Qirui talk Armageddon cloud is getting more and more red. It seems that the first ray of thunder will come soon. Some other forces in Duan Jia’s family are staring at the arrogant figure of Hongyun at this time. I’m afraid it’s wrong. A once-in-a-century wonder.
"Boom …" Hongyun cleared an arm thickness, and the thunder flashed, and the root was not small’ Flower’. When there was any reaction, it was as threatening as a bit of destruction. It was directly bombed in the small’ Flower’. This time, I didn’t dare to hold it up. Although I saw the dodge, I turned my body and took good care of my vital parts. I also gathered in my head and guarded my little head. All the thunder bombarded the small’ Flower’ with lotus flowers at first glance. The thunder burned beyond recognition, but fortunately, the key of the small flower didn’t receive any attack. The root didn’t hurt the small flower, but it looked a little ugly. The first thunder cleared away, and the small flower became active. I turned around and took a look at myself. My back was burnt, and I suddenly became unhappy. It seemed that I was dissatisfied when the thunder made it so ugly and hissed at it, and I kept gathering again, and then a colorful glow spilled from him, and I was injured.
Not far away, Duan Qirui and others were almost dumbfounded. This little snake is too stupid. It’s time to pay so much attention to its appearance, and it’s time to spend its own real money to restore its appearance. It’s really a wordless thing, but at the same time, it’s a deeper understanding of its strength. Look at it. It’s so confident that it seems to have a little grasp of Du Jie.
Where can’t Xiao Hua continue to show off? The second day’s thunder has already exploded again. This time, the power of Xiao Hua has also been significantly enhanced. It hit Xiao Hua again and again. His body just shone brightly, and his scales became totally embarassed again. Xiao Hua was trying to restore the scales again. Suddenly, he looked up and glanced at his face and found that the cloud had not dissipated. He immediately dared not care that the burnt scales would continue to be true. Harm click … click … attached to two days of lightning, the thunder once again hit the small’ flower’ body, which was actually a combination of three Armageddon. Rao is a small’ flower’ body, and it is also a little unbearable. A little bit of blood overflowed along the small’ flower’ wound and rolled dirty. A blood arrow flew out along the small’ flower’ mouth, and the small’ flower’ breath was slightly depressed, obviously slightly injured, but fortunately, it was small’ The colorful little head has dissipated in the middle of the cloud. A great deal of dissatisfaction seems to be that on this day, the cloud is actually connected with the three clouds and it is dissatisfied. The cloud is just a law of heaven and earth, but it takes root in line with the weather and will not have human feelings. Therefore, no matter whether the small’ flower’ is dissatisfied, the cloud is still unresponsive, and it is still unhurried to gather a thunder to prepare.
The lightning has dropped four times, and the last two should be over, and the last two days of lightning are naturally not so easy to spend, especially the last one, where many people and animals practice for thousands of years, and finally they are defeated in the last one. Even the slag is not destroyed!
The little’ flower’ stared at the red road, and it was almost purple. There was a burst of anger and a sudden whistling in the heart … It was like a dragon. The people who were hiding in the dark were all in front of them, and they almost fainted, that is, they were repairing the height, and that’ flower’ was shaking in the brain at the moment. It was a kind of fear that had gone deep into the bone, and it seemed to be a natural fear. At this time, giants and birds and beasts in the forest were afraid to the extreme.
And the next thing is to sneak a peek at everyone’s eyes. It’s almost falling. The small’ flower’ body is growing up. This growth rate is too amazing. Just now, the small’ flower’ was only the thickness of the thumb. At this time, it was already growing to the thickness of a small bowl. The huge snake body hovered as if it didn’t put the huge robbery cloud in its eyes. The snake body kept growing until it had the thickness of a small bucket. The tail of that robbery cloud in the hovering was’ pumping’
"It’s …" Duan Qirui wait for a while stared at the small "flower" mouth that was "pumping" its tail to Jieyun.
"He actually wants to directly fight the robbery!" One side section of the home of an elder at this time is also stare big eyes staring at the huge snake shadow.
"Before …" A vigorous giant tail is a "smoke" in the cloud was abruptly cut that cloud in half! This is cut in half, and the structure of the cloud-robbing part has been destroyed, which is a threat again. It’s hard to disperse the small flowers slowly, but at this time, the tail that used to look vigorous and powerful is already blurred with blood and flesh. In many places, the new bones can be seen.
Psst ….. Looking at this tragic scene, people secretly took a deep breath. It’s not easy for this animal to improve its strength. It’s not easy to look at that little snake. Now it’s going to call him a python. People have a great sigh, but their hearts are happy to see that the worse the python is hurt at the moment, the more’ sex’ they may catch it later.
Roar ….. The little’ flower’ was injured and its tail collided with the hijack cloud, which was almost about to break, but none of them were fatal. Its only worry was that the last bullet was powerful, and now it is almost impossible to grasp the power of this bullet just now, which was already terrible. You can imagine whether this last bullet was powerful! However, the small’ flower’ body is the dragon body and the dragon pride in the bones, but it makes him not very afraid of this last robbery. Now it has reached this point. If it is, it is also necessary to carry it.
The real element keeps pouring out and quickly repairs the damaged part. Soon, the tail crossing is’ meat’, and the eye can see that it heals quickly, but the last robbery cloud in the sky is even faster. In such a short time, it has condensed more than half of the small flowers. If it is urgent at this speed, even if it can’t wait for his damaged tissue to be repaired, the last robbery will come. A lipstick’ color’ light flashes, and the whole neighborhood is reflected as a demon’ brilliant’ red’ color’ red light is getting more and more.
Dan!’ At this time, the face of the peeping team hidden in the dark is greedy when it’s’ excited’. * * This python has already condensed Dan. You know, this Dan is almost condensed with the theory of Python’s repair. If you absorb the energy in this Dan, the capability will rise linearly. It is also possible to look at the strength of the small snake than to directly break through the period of featuring the king. They say that this is Python Dan, but you would never have thought that this is the Dragon Ball! I don’t know what is higher than Nadan …
"Look at this. Ten times out of ten, this python will be able to survive this last robbery, but even if he survives this robbery, he will be dying. When the time comes, he will be able to rush to catch him alive, but if he can’t, he will kill Dan directly!" At this time, all the major forces are playing the same wishful thinking, and the Ministry is ready to rob them. When the last day of thunder falls, they will hug them.
The red’ color’ light shines on the small’ flower’ wound, and the wound immediately heals. As soon as the wound heals, the red light gradually converges and finally becomes a colorful bead hanging in the half, and the soft colorful halo constantly surrounds the small’ flower’.
At this time, the Armageddon Cloud has just condensed, but it is no longer the red color and purple color just now, but directly turned into ink color. At this time, the color of the sky is even darker, and there is almost no difference between it and the night. In that dark cloud, there are thick pieces of destruction, and the coercion of sex keeps coming out from the inside. Those hidden forces can’t stand this. Weiya turned out to be hundreds of meters away from the rear, but his eyes and gods are closely watching every move here.
Click … click … This last LeiJie turned out to be two ways, one for the small’ flower’, the other for the huge body of the small’ flower’, and the other for the colorful halo around Dan.
Xiao Hua tried to "fuck" that Dan kept spinning and dissolving the amazing thunder, but this last Armageddon was the most powerful one, and it was so easy to dissolve Dan. Fortunately, Dan was protected by the colorful halo, but Xiao Hua’s huge snake body could not help but bombard it so indiscriminately. The whole snake body was surrounded by the thunder, and it was not allowed to evade the bombardment of Xiao Hua by the penalty force that day. Take back the body Dan into the whole small’ flower’ body is emitting a series of colorful glow, but this colorful glow is also blocking the thunder for a moment, and then it will shrink back to see the sample root, and at this time, the two lightning bolts are already dissolved, although more than half of them have been consumed, but at this time, the two thunder bolts together are as big as the unavoidable small’ flower’. At this time, the eyes are languid and the colorful glow is also gathered into the small’ flower’ body, and the thunder continues.
At this time, the major forces are also the little’ flower’ who pinched a cold sweat. In fact, their hearts are also full of contradictions at this time. They hope that this Leijie is more powerful and consumes a lot. This python is powerful and afraid of being too powerful. They will directly blow this python into slag, and then they will get nothing.
The sharp reduction in the size of the small’ flower’ made the thunder even more successful. Previously, it was impossible for the thunder to bomb the small’ flower’ by relying on its huge size. But now the small’ flower’ has shrunk again, but it has given the thunder a chance to directly drown the small’ flower’ in it. At this time, outsiders can see where a mass of thunder is, and the ground is full of bombing, which is not the surrounding towering giant trees. At this time, it has also been bombarded with seedlings, and even slag is not left.
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Chapter 31 Meet an enemy
? A large mass of thunder wrapped in a small’ flower’ abused the small’ flower’ in the middle, which was completely submerged by the thunder. At this time, the figure of the small’ flower’ was already invisible to the outside world, and people outside simply couldn’t see clearly what was going on inside. Everyone wanted to go and find out, but they swallowed a mouthful of water when they looked at the abusive thunder. curiosity kills the cat joked that they didn’t have a small’ flower’, and even the physical strength would be turned to dust by the residual lightning strike, not to mention the thickness of the bowl.
Outsiders don’t know anything about the scene inside except that the thunder rages. Just when everyone thinks that the small’ flower’ may have been blown to pieces by thunder, the thunder finally clears a weak breath and the small’ flower’ finally’ stands’ through the last thunder!
"It worked! ! Hurry over and catch that little snake. Now it’s the weakest time. There’s no resistance at all! " Wang Dingtian waved his hand, and the six elders embraced each other, while the rest of the forces were unwilling to lag behind. They rushed to the place where the little’ flower’ fell. Some of them were already able to go first and fight. They just rushed to the vicinity of the little’ flower’ and were about to rob it. Suddenly, the sudden change and sudden appearance have completely dissipated, and the cloud has actually condensed again.
"Not good! Du Jie is not over! There is also a robbery of the elders to disperse quickly. "Wang Dingtian is not stupid to know that even if the small snake that succeeded in Du Jie is caught now, it will be blown to slag by the head of this robbery cloud. It is a big drink to stop the rest of the Wangs. When they first saw this robbery cloud condensation, they didn’t want to come and be called by Wang Dingtian. Then they flew in vain and fled to both sides.
"That was close!" They all broke out in a cold sweat when they fled to the safety zone. They looked at the king’s sky. If he hadn’t yelled at them, I’m afraid they would have been blown to pieces by LeiJie. Then even if they caught the little snake, what else? Even the qualification of hell is gone by this thunder robbery, because those hell have to have souls without dissipation, which is the possibility of being thundered. That’s the daylights out and a fart hell.
Everyone stared at the cloud condensation, but they expected that LeiJie didn’t ring, but instead it was a burst of bells and sounds, which made people feel complicated. First, it was quiet, and then ten thousand rays of sunlight broke out. First, it was shrouded in the small’ flower’ body, and the sacred breath was constantly emitted from the glow and melted into the small’ flower’ body. The wound of the small’ flower’ body was gradually healed, and the original breath was gradually restored.
"Not LeiJie! Quick! " At this time, everyone realized that it was not a thunder robbery but a reward for surviving the thunder robbery! The regret in everyone’s heart was that if you didn’t step back and just grabbed the little snake and left, there was no one around at that time. At this time, the little snake was afraid that it was already in its own pocket! Regret at the same time, I can’t help but cast a resentful look at Wang Dingtian, who just called them back. If it weren’t for his shout, it is estimated that this little snake is himself. Everyone is a general second thought, but the hand is not slow. Just now, I have already suffered a loss. Now I can’t slow down a beat. Even if it is a real thunder, I can’t stop their progress.
"Interrupt its absorption at once, or when it is absorbed, none of us is his opponent!" Wang Dingtian looked at the little’ flower’ that was constantly absorbing the glow, and shouted at the crowd eagerly. But with the wind’ wave’ just now, who would listen to him? He hated his parents for not giving himself two more’ legs’ to run faster and rob the snake. The highest number of people rushed around the little’ flower’ as quickly as possible. At this time, the little’ flower’ was already held up by the myriad rays of the glow, constantly absorbing the purest aura in the glow.
Wang Dingtian showed that he knew that this was a serious matter, and the true qi poured out toward the little’ flower’ in an attempt to interrupt the little’ flower’ to absorb this aura. But is that ten thousand rays of sunlight easy for Wang Dingtian to attack at first sight, or is it blocked by the rays of sunlight? The root is not close to the front of the little’ flower’.
"Hurry up and let’s all try to stop this little snake from absorbing!" Several elders of the Wangs came to Wang Dingtian to see that they couldn’t get a human resource. They quickly shouted to several people that several elders were bent on getting this high-order animal, and they didn’t understand the thankless practice of their own householders. One of them was a humanitarian.
"Master, it’s the moment to grab the key. If we spend our strength here, why don’t we go and grab this little snake with them later?"
"What do you know? If we wait for the snake to absorb it successfully, we will die!" Wang Dingtian didn’t good the spirit drink a way over there. Duan Qirui is also with his general expression. Parents have long formed a law to collect the true qi and organize the small snake to absorb it, but it is still resisted by the glow, but it is obvious that the glow is almost unbearable at this time. If there is another energy intervention, even it will be able to stop the small snake from absorbing it.
"Wang Dingtian don’t hurry up! You can’t come if you are slower! " Duan Qirui saw the small’ flower’ body injury at this time is already a good July 7th not urgent way.
King sky a look is also a big worry without a few elders representative directly is the master identity ordered.
"Hurry up. If you delay again, you will be dealt with according to the family rules!" Although several Wangs are old, but due to the fact that the master Wei had to fight against the Xiaguang quickly, the Xiaguang was amazing, but several people who came to Duan’s house were already a spent force and struggled to support the poor, that is, the last straw that overwhelmed the camel. With the Wangs, these people were even more unstoppable. Finally, a Xiaguang was blocked with a bang. Now there is no Xiaguang shining on a small’ flower’ body, while those other forces are constantly condensing the true qi attack at this time. Little Flower Little Flower At this time, although the trauma was already July 7th, it didn’t absorb enough sunlight, which was still equivalent to the later period of Wuling, and it was still injured. How could so many people join hands? In a short time, the blood was blurred again, the original healing wound cracked again, and the blood kept going out along the little flower’s body. Before long, I was afraid that I would faint again.
Bang! A fly sword handle across immediately and left a big mouth in the small’ flower’ body.
"Roar …" Little’ Flower’ screamed again, but it didn’t have the power breath just now, and it gradually became weak.