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Luo Glacier laughed. "Could it be left to Blue Girl?" Lan Fenghuang busy way "I don’t want this person is not clean, don’t dirty girl double sword" Locke glacier way "forget it, forget it, this is a small six-door wanted criminal or your eldest brother I’ll start work"

Liang Yue listened to their words and teased her lungs, but she tried not to do it. Now, listening to Luo Glacier, she sneered coldly, "When you and I started, your sworn brother stabbed me in the back, and you two brothers really shared weal and woe."
His first words will not let Luo Glacier and Xu Shao join hands to escape from the feeding machine. Today, it is a delusion that he can get away with his life, but he can ask Luo Glacier and Xu Shao not to pester him together. It will be easier for him to get away and ride his own black horse. Others will never chase him. He has made up his mind to glance at the position of the black horse in the corner of his eye.
Luo Glacier haha laughed. "Fiona Fang Shili is guarded by my brother. If I rely on more wins, I would have started to read your martial arts. You can also be captured in such a hug. Liang Daxia is afraid that Liang Daxia will not be good. I am trying to advise you not to think about escape. If you can escape from my six-door tight encirclement, I will not be named Luo."
Liang Yue’s face changed for a moment and then laughed. "Will you and I believe you?" Luo Glacier smiles. "Say more and start work! Let me see how much Liang Jia Dao weighs. "
Liang Yue held her breath, and with a knife, she split out the high wind and gently rang the Luoglacier and called "Good!" Punch out the second punch and then punch with him continuously and continuously, which is somewhat similar to that waving cloud hand. It is waving cloud hand’s soft strength to win Luoglacier fist, but it is just hard work. Liang Yue’s blade goes left and right in that boxing shadow, and it is also indistinguishable from Luoglacier.
Luo Glacier’s rise will bring that set of boxing into full play, without losing its natural and unrestrained rapidity and preciseness. The three people around him secretly marvel that Liang Yue’s blade will not let the biting in the eccentric. It’s neither fish nor fowl to make it out in his handsome hand, but he has a certain degree of offensive and defensive advance and retreat, which is obviously a hard work.
After more than 100 strokes, the two men were even tied. Three people marveled at their martial arts. Xu Shao was even more heart-warming. "I want to come to the big brother and I fought in Yangzhou Restaurant. Otherwise, the loser was even me." But I saw Luo Glacier grab a step and punch out of the back of the knife.
Liang Yue didn’t expect him to be so bold. If his hand was a little off, Liang Jia’s knife could have cut his palm at that time. It was this blow that came quickly. Liang Yue was caught off guard and immediately gave a three-step shock. The shadow in front of him flashed a black thing and hit it like this.
Liang Yuexin turned and already knew that this was Luo Glacier’s measuring ruler. He raised his knife in a right hand, and Liang’s knife almost got rid of it. Liang Yuexin moved obliquely with horror and saw Luo Glacier shaking the measuring ruler into a black circle and calling toward him.
Xu Shao, a martial arts expert with a ruler, has seen that he and Luo Glacier used to make efforts that Luo Cha "grabbed the knife" to seize the weapon. It was Luo Glacier’s clever ruler method that did not get rid of Xu Shao’s hands. Since then, Xu Shao has known that the power of big brother’s ruler is really to be reckoned with, but Luo Glacier used that ruler to surprise him.
But seeing that there are a set of martial arts in the ruler, such as knife, sword, stick and judge’s pen, it’s so clever that it’s impossible to prevent it. But now it’s weird to make it through Luo Glacier’s hand. But every weirdness is not just right. Xu Shao looks at it and sighs that only Luo Glacier can make it.
As soon as Luo Glacier cleared up, the measuring ruler was even more anxious. Suddenly, it seemed that the black measuring ruler had grown for half a foot, and Liang Yuedao was more urgent, but he just couldn’t get rid of the measuring ruler circle.
Luo Glacier looked grim. Liang Yue saw his eyes and his heart trembled. The knife in his hand was even more impenetrable. He was actually better at defending Liang Jia’s knife method. At this time, Liang Yue attacked less and blocked more, but it was not a moment for Luo Glacier to defeat him.
The celestial ruler is an evil weapon. In the hands of Luo Glacier, the power of the celestial ruler is brought to the extreme. It can be said that except for Luo Glacier, the external moves and moves that can control the vitality of heaven and earth have still reached a peak. Although it is not as good as Wulong Mountain, it is also a master of Tianzhou Shinto ~ ~ ~! ~!
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Feeling hurt
Liang Yuexin was anxious. He wanted to take advantage of the tournament to get away, but Luo Glacier’s martial arts were too strong for him to imagine, but he couldn’t get away from running now. If he hadn’t used the defensive tips in Liang Jia’s knife to protect himself, he would have been lying on the ground now.
Seeing that the black light of Luoglacier is getting more and more prosperous, I have to leave my life here as a trick to "break the cocoon and become a butterfly". Then I immediately took back my right hand, Liang’s knife, but I was attacked by the head-on ruler with a heavy split.
This move is really fierce because of the cohesion of Liang Yue’s 21-year capability. He tried his best to make this move and gave his life for a long time. Did he avoid his left shoulder quickly or let the ruler wipe it?
When the knives and rulers intersect, there is a crunchy sound. The more Liang stumbles, the more Luo Glacier is shaking slightly. Liang Yue’s mouth is full of laughter. When he turns over, he jumps to the black horse to ask for him. It is really not easy for the black horse to catch him. Those who ambush the six doors outside may not be able to catch him with full confidence.
Ji Shuang has been behind him because Luo Glacier’s martial arts are high and strong, and he was covered with a ruler on all sides. She didn’t attack because she was afraid of being injured. Now Liang Yue’s escape is a good opportunity for her, and the sword of the underworld is right in the middle of the back.
Liang Yuejue’s heart was shocked by the breeze behind him, but he couldn’t laugh anymore. At this time, it was impossible to turn around in the middle. With a wave of his left palm, he abruptly pulled himself half a foot. The ghost sword drew a big mouth behind him without hurting his skin.
In fact, Luo Glacier had long expected that Liang Yue would run away, and suddenly he jumped to cover Liang Yue’s body. No matter how he moved laterally, he could immediately beat him to the ground, but when Liang Yue was about to be hit by a horse, her double swords just missed Liang Yue’s back to meet him.
It happened that Liang Yue blocked the line of sight of two people in the bust. At this time, he was surprised to move Ji Shuang and Luo Glacier. At that time, the momentum was already different.
A crisp pair of Ji Shuang is naturally not an opponent of Luo Glacier. Rao is that Luo Glacier suddenly recovered 30% of her strength. Ji Shuang is still going backwards for seven steps. His chest is full of qi and blood and he will spit it out sadly.
Luo Glacier ignored Ji Shuang and saw that Liang Yue had got off the horse and knew that he couldn’t catch it, but he still flew straight to Liang Yue and kept reaching out to cut Liang Yue off.
Liang Yue failed and avoided measuring the ruler. Hehe laughed. "Luo Catcher hidden weapons’s kung fu is not so high, but he has to practice more." When he threw his hands around the reins, the dark horse hissed like thunder in the clouds and scattered his hooves, but when he was about to run, he saw the white shadow flash. It was Xu Shaochong’s front figure that was as fast as a ghostly step, leaping ten feet and cutting the dust knife into Liang Yue’s back.
The more the strong breeze blows the beam, the more it feels like being crushed by a big stone. I’m surprised and said, this person will be good! Returning a knife with one foot and one thousand percent strength, the two knives intersect. Liang Yue’s right hand is sour and numb. Liang Jia’s knife is almost unable to lift the whole arm, while Xu Shao’s body is still advancing in half, but after all, the dark horse is lagging behind, and the speed has jumped more than ten feet.
Xu Shao can reach this distance when he is surprised that Ma Gang runs. If he throws his hoof, I’m afraid nothing can chase him except the eldest brother "the wind". When his right foot moves forward a little easily on the ground, his left hand stretches out, but he still can’t figure out that he didn’t catch Liang Yue’s tail when his palm fell.
The dark horse felt as if he had pulled a person’s tail behind him, and there was some pain and hissing. When he really ran up, Xu Shao secretly complained and couldn’t throw his hands and feet on the ground. At this time, Liang Yue had turned back and became the posture of "Zhang Guolao riding the donkey backwards" and cut it to Xu Shao’s left hand.
The three people behind can see clearly that Qi Qi is chasing the dark horse too fast. Although several people’s flying skills are not low, they are getting farther and farther away from the horse.
Xu Shao’s blade swept away and forced Liang Jia’s knife to chop his chest. At the same time, his left hand forced his body to rush forward and his right foot flew straight to kick Liang Yue’s temple. The most basic thing he learned from Ma Rihao was to practice his flexible legs, and even hit the key. This kick was just right when he caught Liang Yue’s knife.
Liang Yue leaned back and immediately lay on the horse’s neck. Xu Shao’s foot flashed past him and then recovered it and sat down on the black horse’s ass.
The two became face-to-face posture, but they were only a few inches apart. Liang Yue was frightened and hurriedly sat up straight. Even if his feet were used together, he could spare Xu Shao’s back. Xu Shao knew that such a distance knife was not good. He threw his hands far away and pointed his fingers at Liang Yue’s shoulder well point.
Liang Yue knows well enough that he can’t get up before his knife is cut. Xu Shao is afraid that his hands will not get up. He hurriedly throws Liang Jia’s knife and reaches out to block violet’s acupuncture technique, which is very sharp. Xu Shaoyun refers to the wind, Liang Yue’s fists and fists are common, and immediately he can’t stand it. He feels that he has a finger next to his neck and suddenly falls headlong from a horse.
Xu Shao relaxed his ape arm, stretched out his belt and sat forward in the saddle. Seeing that the horse was still running fast, the scenery was rapidly retreating. He was like walking on clouds, and he was very fond of the horse. He stretched out his right hand and pulled the reins. The horse was not obedient and stopped slowly.
Xu Shao turned his horse’s head and clipped his legs. First, he picked up the dust knife, then rode the black horse and ran back for a moment. Three people, including Luo Glacier, greeted him. Xu Shao laughed and threw Liang Yue to the ground. Hehehe smiled. "This is a small fan!"
Luo Glacier looked at him and said, "If it weren’t for your good brother, you would be in great trouble if you ran away." His words were not at all, and he even took Liang Yue’s escape fault to his own head.
Xu Shao laughed. "It’s nothing that this little brother picked up a half-dead younger brother to pick up a bargain."
Ji Shuang beside grunted coldly, "The girl accidentally let go of the rogue Luo Shenji and didn’t speak for me. Isn’t it enough for me to stay here with him? Do you want me to kowtow to you? "
Luo Glacier was kind, but Ji Shuang didn’t receive any affection, which made Xu Shao secretly shake his head and Luo Glacier smiled to clear the way.
Lan Fenghuang eagerly asked Xu Shao if he was hurt. Xu Shao joked with her and smiled at Ji Shuang. "How did Ji Girl get here?"
Ji Shuang lowered his head and said, "You helped me to kill the champion gang, but the news that the machine tactic was in my hand that day has been known to all States. The machine tactic killed many people that day. How can they leave me alone? What can I do if I stop looking for him? "
Xu Shao saw that she was miserable and sighed, "Ji girl, you will have this secret tactic again, so pestering?" This man is a notorious rogue. You are lucky that you didn’t let him defile your innocence with him. "
Her face lit up and whispered, "Do you still miss me? The surname Liang is always thinking about the secret tactic. Where can I think of anything else?
Xu Shaodao said, "Well, let’s find a place to rest." He turned and pulled Lan Fenghuang’s hand and smiled at Luo Glacier. "Eldest brother can show off this little parade. I don’t know if this little one can still live?"
Luo Glacier hummed, "The punishment is very light if you don’t put him to death in the year."
Luo Glacier is holding the depressed Liang Yue Xu Shao, holding the dark horse, and several people are talking and laughing back to Erlang Town. Ji Shuang is full of worries and bowed his head and said nothing. Lan Fenghuang talked affectionately with her next to her, and she mostly smiled and rarely said a word.
Lan Fenghuang’s first sight of Ji Shuang’s joy has long overshadowed that slight jealousy, which is even worse. She knows that her brother loves her and she is not worried at all. At present, this rival in love is trying to tease her when she sees Ji Shuang’s lack of heart.
Xu Shao asked Ji Shuang about her recent situation and learned that she had fought with many sects these days. The Yellow River Sect Luhuadang and Hongye Sect had come to muddy water, and countless sects and gangs, such as the Owlman League 20 Village Sword Club in Jiangbei, participated.