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It’s too obvious to say that it’s not good for the speaker to speak. He is afraid that he will offend several grandmasters such as Guang, but Wei Xi immediately asked, "What does the patriarch think China is suitable for?"

It’s hard to take back the words that have been exported. Just wanted to think about it and said, "Because the six grandfathers are young."
Although Grandfather Tai just said that the shortage of the Six Grandfathers is their age, now the leaders of the Jianghu sects, whether Shaolin Wudang or Tangmen Emei, are only 40 or 50 years old except for the ethereal heavenly palace. On the other hand, the word "young" in Qingcheng is full of vitality. The current disadvantage of Qingcheng is that it needs young people like the Six Grandfathers to be the leaders. Besides, the martial arts wisdom of the Six Grandfathers is bound to win! "
In fact, it’s not difficult for the Jianghu people to say this. Everyone knows that Qingcheng was defeated in apathy, but no one dares to say it out in Qingcheng. At this time, if it weren’t for Xingyun’s forced resistance and his martial arts status, it would be more important to have a slight light to deter them, otherwise Xingyun wouldn’t say such words in front of them.
After listening to the clouds, Wei Xi’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise and suddenly rose to "Hua!"
When Huali gets up, he should go to "Brother Zai"
Wei Xi-su realized that "I will make you the head of Qingcheng City if I have to be decisive at an extraordinary moment!"
Hua Wei said that he firmly knew that he could not refuse to be "my brother should do his best!"
Weixi nodded. "That’s nature!"
When the other four saw that the head of Qingcheng Mountain had been decided, it would be better to do it. It’s better to be the head of China than to be seated by less than twenty clouds, and there will be a slight light in the side, and there will be no objection.
The head of Qingcheng Mountain has been left, and it will be announced another day. Wei Xi waved his hand and let the five capitals of Qingcheng Mountain retreat to the Qing Palace, leaving a cloud with him.
Xing Yunzheng didn’t know when the sick old man was going to say something, so he listened to Wei Xi’s way, "Even if I chose China, it was just a temporary strategy. In fact, my real favorite candidate is really you."
Three inquiries about the name of Qingcheng Mountain (Chapter 357)
Three inquiries about the name of Qingcheng Mountain (Chapter 357)
I feel that this great-grandfather seems like a person in front of me, but whoever listens to Wei Xi’s words in the future will come to "even if I choose China, it is just a temporary strategy. In fact, my real favorite candidate is indeed you."
Clouds micro is a stare blankly heart way "just a great-grandfather didn’t choose me first? But I declined. What did he get up for at this time? "
Just thought of here, I heard Wei Xi continue to say, "I was forced not to do what I meant. I really want you to be the head of Qingcheng Mountain. Although I can know all kinds of Qingcheng Mountain in detail for a day, it’s ridiculous that you are not Di Xiao, but you have watched Qingcheng Mountain decline for decades!
At this time, Qingcheng Mountain needs a dose of strong medicine more, and the patriarch martial arts people belong to the family, and their hearts are commendable. The seniority of the patriarch is not the point. "
There was another cough. Wei Xi went on to say, "But I just couldn’t choose you to act from beginning to end because I knew you would refuse and recommend China."
This sentence made Xingyun really stunned while Weixi continued there. "Although I didn’t come out much, I can see from your performance before and after that you didn’t come here to save your master, but also your teacher’s father and Yang Xiaowa?"
Clouds listened to even Yuan Sirong’s story, and it was clear to the great-grandfather that his face was slightly red.
Wei Xi went on to say, "But now, although Qingcheng Mountain needs a dose of strong medicine, I don’t want to mess up the foundation of Qingcheng Mountain. If you see your grandfathers and uncles, you will be unwilling to do this, and the strength of Qingcheng Mountain’s word generation is too poor to afford a big job. In recent years, you need to be a substitute."
When I heard this, I praised in my heart, "Grandfather is serious!"
I seem to know what the clouds are thinking. Wei Xi smiled and said, "Muzi generation really doesn’t live up to expectations. That wood is not as generous as its teacher, and I listen to your second master, Manglietia, who seems to have good martial arts, but has lost track. You can choose one from Qingcheng Mountain Wuli."
I will not repeat the shortcomings of light, heart and dust when I said them that day, so that China can be made.
China is a good boy, but speaking of it, it is not suitable for this leader. He is too idle. Even though he has his age experience, he is only in his thirties. I mean, he should wait for Qingcheng Mountain for a few years, and it will be natural for you to be the leader again. "
Clouds listened to secretly nod "Taizu indeed as expected blazing with anger view people but a day to see so thoroughly really have to let people admire".
Wei Xi apologetically said at this time, "But if I directly named China’s other four at that time, it would not be necessary. After all, China was too young and insufficient. Although I could hold down his brothers for a while, my illness could not be saved. I’m afraid it would not be good for Qingcheng Mountain if they bounced back more strongly after Xu Jing’s good life."
Speaking of this, I saw a slight "hey"-although I didn’t have any luck, I soared to "If I hadn’t been sick like this, I wouldn’t have watched those young players bully me yesterday!"
When Xingyun saw Weixi, he thought, "It seems that Grandfather Tai was also a violent person when he was young. This power makes people feel so hard to resist even if they don’t exercise!"
However, the power did not last long, accompanied by a cough of Weixi, and when he saw the clouds, Weixi shook his head and said, "It might as well be like this all these years."
Stop coughing. Micro-light light continues to say, "If I point to China, the four will never agree. Even if I crush them, I will have resentment. Although they are the main cause of the decline of Qingcheng Mountain, they are now the most powerful force in Qingcheng Mountain. Without them, Qingcheng Mountain is even more vulnerable!
So I will point to you as the head first, and they will naturally object, and you will not agree. According to your personality, you will naturally choose your pro-thick China. Although it is hard for them to accept at this time, it is better than being the head of two generations, but it is also their teacher younger brother.
I’m trying to make some plans for Qingcheng Mountain, but I hope the patriarch won’t take it amiss. "
Speaking of which, Wei Xi got up and made a gift, although he was surprised that it was so mysterious. It can be seen that the sick old man will not be busy when he salutes himself. He got up and said, "Grandfather, don’t call me the patriarch and call my brother a cloud."
When I said two more words, I needed a rest and retired myself.
Clouds out of the Qing Palace relished the micro-light words. Although micro-light played a trick to count him in, it can be said that it is full of respect for the old man. Naturally, it can’t help but be considerate of the old man. "It’s not unreasonable for the grandfathers to be brilliant in Qingcheng Mountain at that time, or it’s rare for a centenarian to be so talented and agile."
Party is thought of centenarians walking clouds can’t help a dark to "I said how do you give me such a sense of familiarity? It turned out that the scene of Danxia owners gave me Danxia aerobics. It seems that Qingcheng Mountain is in his honor."
It’s too important to be in your heart. "
Thinking of this, the first two steps are "What can I do for you, Sixth Grandmaster?"
Obviously, China has been waiting until now to see the clouds asking and laughing. "Nothing is to want you to talk for more than a year, but I haven’t seen the clouds. This promise can compare your six grandmasters to the sword fighting faction. Even I saw it and envied it."
Xingyun knows that China is just a white field, and there is a text behind it. It is also modest and modest, but it feels that there are many barriers in China’s own speech. Is it because of his current identity?
Clouds are thinking of seeing China, and they continue to say, "It’s really unexpected that the cloud recommended me today, but don’t care too much about your four grandmasters. They are worried that the cloud is too young and has no intention of him."
Hua said that he smiled shyly here, and Yun knew that his six grandmasters were his brothers to cover up. After all, his martial arts identity is really going to be turned upside down, and this Qingcheng Mountain will be turned upside down.
It’s a saying that the cloud didn’t have this idea, but it didn’t bother to reveal the perfunctory words to comfort the six grandmasters, but it was a big feeling that with such an identity, martial arts even these six grandmasters are words that can’t help but shake their heads. "It’s still my Lao shifu and Sifu who don’t care about my identity are always the same to me."
At this time, I saw off Hua Xingyun and walked on the way back to the hospital. He wanted to live in his original hut, but he couldn’t worry. Yuan Sirong moved to the hospital and Yunyun didn’t forget his teacher and father. It was Hua who said that he would let his teacher and father retire to rest in his later years. Naturally, Hua immediately agreed to come and Yunyun also took his teacher and father to the hospital to live by himself. Although he wouldn’t stay in Qingcheng for too long, he should do his best in these days. The teacher and father are old and can’t stop such heavy work.
From time to time, I met my brother in Qingcheng Mountain. At this time, Qingcheng Mountain was busy, and after the evacuation, I resumed and added new leaders. Although it is impossible to organize other big factions as usual at this very moment, there will not be many people to congratulate me, but Qingcheng Mountain itself will be long and heavy, and naturally it will not be easy.
But these people will stop to say hello after seeing the walking clouds, especially those young brothers who look at the walking clouds at this time. Their eyes are long gone, and they are full of envy. They worship the natural walking clouds very enthusiastically. At this age, the masters of the losing streak have led Wan Jianzong to send them so much. Although they may not have heard the name of Wan Jianzong, who does not envy this strength? Of course, a little jealousy is not without it.
As early as when I saw China, Xingyun had already thought that whenever anyone said hello, they would all go back with one hand. At this moment, they suddenly said, "Your great-grandfather really has some ability. I came to tell you that he was just acting, but I didn’t think that he actually showed people that it was really interesting after you explained it and played tricks."
After listening to his feet, Xingyun listened to the moments and added, "In my opinion, he did more than what he said, and even he was worried about Wan Jianzong’s behavior. He didn’t know Wan Jianzong’s attitude at this time. It is obvious that he would like you to be the head of the company, but he can’t be the heart of An Wanjianzong in the future. Otherwise, even you are reluctant to want to come to the elite of Wan Jianzong in Qingcheng Mountain."
Clouds smell speech heart dark to "the moment the elder said, I’m afraid there is some truth. In the morning, Qin Lao was holding this opinion. It’s normal to have this worry. Wan Jianzong has so many masters in Qingcheng. Although it’s said that it helps each other, it’s inevitable that the two factions once had a great hatred. The young people in Qingcheng don’t know that the great grandfather can’t and don’t know, but at this time it’s worth the decline of Qingcheng."
Walking cloud said what he wanted for a moment, but he didn’t say much. It seemed that he agreed that walking cloud would not be long. When he got to the hospital and entered his room, he found Qin Baicheng and Xiao Lifetime Minister waiting together.
You can go back to your hometown in one bite (Chapter 35)
You can go back to your hometown in one bite (Chapter 35)
Sit Qin Baicheng and Xiao Shouchen, both of them are never asking about the Qingcheng Mountain. Actually, they don’t ask about the Qingcheng Mountain owners. As a result, both of them have long known. After all, the news is already known in Qingcheng Mountain, but Qin Baicheng is still disappointed.
Clouds saw the dark heart to "Qin Lao, after all, is a temperament middleman. When he saw the United fencing, he burst into tears of joy. It is natural to be disappointed that I didn’t do it."
Just want to listen to Xiao Lifetime Minister’s mouth when I get here. "Patriarch Qin Lao and Shouchen came here today to ask you to make a decision. Wan Jian has come out of the mountain again. Although Wan Jianzong is not a Zongli Sect at this time, he can’t be sloppy when he returns to Wulin after two hundred years. What’s more, there are still so many factions watching around this foothold. It is more cautious.
Moreover, the patriarch horse will go to the sword bamboo island and think that there is no coming back in February or March. It is up to you before you leave. "
Xingyun naturally knew that this was a big event, but he couldn’t help asking, "I don’t know if Wan Jianzong was a faction two hundred years ago?"