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After seeing the press conference hosted by the housekeeper, Lu Xiusi finally felt that he could make a little compensation for Shen Nuo!

After a while, Lu Xiusi received a message from Master Lu.
"Father," said Lu Xiusi respectfully.
"Now go home and I have something to ask you!"
Listen, Master Lu’s tone is not very happy. Hugh Lu seems to understand why his father wants him to go home.
Back to Lu Zhai, the atmosphere was slightly dignified. Lu Xiusi saw Lu Fu and Lu Mu sitting on the sofa in the living room and sitting next to Lu Qingzhou at the same time.
"Father and mother" Lu Xiusi respectfully greeted the two old people.
"Long time no see, uncle!"
Lu Qingzhou saw Lu Xiusi in a wheelchair and couldn’t help but feel happy.
No matter how rich President Lu is, he is not a cripple with no ability to work!
"Lu Er, how’s the little darling recently?" One side, Lu mother was thinking about Shen Nuo’s Lu Xiusi, and just got back, Lu mother asked before she could bear it.
"Mother Shen Nuo is on a business trip in B city now, and I will take her to see you when she comes back without waiting at home."
Lu Xiusi actually thanked her mother for her love of Shen Nuo for such a long time.
Aside Lu Qingzhou looked at Lu Xiusi with malicious intent. He knew that his weakness now was that he had played Shen Nuo.
But Lu Xiusi ignored Lu Qingzhou’s hypocrisy in front of Lu Fu and Lu Mu.
"No, she will come back to see us." Master Lu spoke aside.
Master Lu got up and went to Lu Xiusi and asked him, "What do you mean by today’s press conference?"
"Father and son are married people, so it is natural to clarify and deal with false lace news outside."
"Lace news? I remember I told you to get rid of Shen Nuo before you got emotional with her. She is a very calculating girl. "
"Father, I am married, and my wife is also a person I like, so you don’t have to worry about it all the time!" Lu Xiusi said without fear in front of Liu Fu
"You …" Liu Fu pointed at him angrily. "Can he compare with Bai Lulu without anyone wanting Shen Nuo? Shen Nuo and our family are not right. If I knew you two were together, I couldn’t agree even if I died. "
Sitting there, watching Liu Fu’s attitude towards Shen Nuo and seeing Liu Fu’s attitude towards dialogue, I couldn’t help feeling that Liu Fu seemed to dislike being abandoned by him.
Liu Fu suddenly remembered that Lu Qingzhou also pretended to cough in front of him. "Qingzhou, I just spoke, you’d better not be told by others."
Aside Lu Qingzhou heard Liu Fu’s command and went to Liu Fu’s side to please Liu Fu.
"Grandpa, don’t worry about me. Lu Qingzhou is a very principled person. I won’t say anything about this."
Lu Qingzhou please seems to be holding Liu Fu’s shoulder. Liu Fu was coaxed from ear to ear by him.
Lu Xiusi looked at Lu Qingzhou, a yes man, and couldn’t help but hum a.
Have principles? If he had principles, the society would be in chaos.
Lu Qingzhou saw that his uncle despised him. He looked naive and asked Lu Xiusi, "Is there anything wrong with my uncle?"
Suddenly there was a strong smell of gunpowder in the room, which seemed to emanate from Lu Xiusi’s body.
Liu Fu quickly waved when he saw that two people didn’t deal with each other.
"You two, can you make snacks in our province? I don’t want to care about your mess."
Listen, Liu Fu backed Lu Qingzhou, and Lu Qingzhou’s back was quite pretty immediately.
After Lu Xiusi left, Lu Qingzhou called Shen Qing.
"Dear, now grandpa especially doesn’t like Shen Nuo being at home today. He still wants them to share it!" Lu Qingzhou in words this head a face of sinister.
"Really, that’s great. He Shen Nuo will get what he deserves!" Shen Qing is in the words. This head is very eager to make Shen Nuo miserable, and she has a strange pleasure.
Hang up and Shen Qing said to Tang Wei at home, "Mom just told me in Qingzhou. He said that Shen Nuo’s position in Lujia is particularly low now, and now Master Lu wants them to share it!"
When Tang Wei heard it, he immediately became happy. He kept praising his daughter, "Love, you must please Master Lu so that you can get countless treasures."
Shen Qing nodded obediently. She tried every means to take away Shen Nuo’s boyfriend, just to get everything that Shen Nuo had and get Lujia property at the same time.
Shen Qing was clever and appeared beside his father. At this time, Shen Fu was reading a newspaper. Shen Qing looked at his wife and hugged his father’s neck.
"What a grown-up child! How old are you and still want to be spoiled!" Shen Fu criticized Shen Qing with a smile, but his eyes were full of love.
"I’m the only daughter in my father’s family. If I can’t be your little cotton-padded jacket, who will?" Shen Qing looked at Shen Fu in pettish and said
Shen Fu’s face changed slightly at this moment. I can see that at that moment, my father remembered his other daughter.
"Father, why are you still thinking about the man who didn’t want you?" Shen Qing sat in his father’s arms pretending to be angry way
"I didn’t think about it. We are a happy family of three." Shen Fu knew that he was pregnant with his little daughter and was jealous. He also felt a little angry when he didn’t call Shen Fu at home every day.
Shen Qing was glad to see his father doting on himself and kissed his face and ran away quickly.
"How old is this child and still acts like a child?"
Shen Fu walked over to say
Back home, Lu Qingzhou recalled what Lu Xiusi had just said.
"Shen Nuo is now on a business trip in B city and not at home."
Lu Qingzhou is not at home now when he listens to Shen Nuo? So now she and Lucius are in two places?
Lu Qingzhou has no pity for Shen Nuo, and his heart is thinking that if he can make Shen Nuo disappear completely before his eyes.
Thought of here, Lu Qingzhou suddenly had a plan.
☆ Chapter 59 The person who cares most is kidnapped!
Lu Qingzhou came to an abandoned factory, which was gloomy even during the day.