17, Jun 2024
But things always depend on the fact that life is made up of many beautiful encounters.

When I saw someone coming, I was surprised and opened my mouth. This is a person I didn’t expect but especially wanted to see.
I already know the situation. Take me there. Ma Xiaolan glanced at me and set his sights on Chen Jingshen and cut to the chase.
Right, now the other person in front of me, Chen Jing, turns out to be Ma Xiaolan.
Ma Xiaolan is no longer dressed up in the ancient tomb. At this moment, Ma Xiaolan’s long curly hair hangs freely over her shoulders and looks charming. Her face is much better than those women who have painted hundreds of layers of makeup. Her skin is still blowing and breaking. Ma Xiaolan is wearing a pure white dress with a toolbox in her left hand and an exorcism battle in her right hand. Her expression is still a little cold and indifferent.
However, wearing a white dress, Ma Xiaolan looks particularly beautiful, just like a day, and even the flowers are unbeaten.
It’s a beautiful flower, unbeaten murmured
I secretly kicked a flower, and before Chen Jing wanted to introduce us, I said, it’s been a long time, so it seems that we are going to get together again.
Ma Xiaolan looked at me a few times and said, it seems that you are not dead yet.
I said how can I be willing to die if you are not dead?
Just when Ma Xiaolan was going to say something about when Chen Jingkou came, I also wanted to introduce you to this situation. It seems that the two of you have already known each other and should have been together. Then I’m relieved. 13 I won’t send the two of you over there at the end of the passage to the left. That female ghost has never been bigger than me.
Ma Xiaolan looked at me and asked Chen Jing if the price was still the price.
Ma assured that the price is still that price, Chen Jing said
Ma Xiaolan word turned and walked in the direction of Chen Jing said.
Let’s go. I pushed it, and I was still stunned, and then I followed Ma Xiaolan.
Hua unbeaten said in my ear that she almost didn’t recognize Ma Xiaolan and changed her dress as if she were a different person, and then asked me if it was her.
I didn’t good the spirit glared at Hua unbeaten and saw Ma Xiaolan turn around and immediately chased him.
Ma Xiaolan said, "Don’t make trouble for me."
I froze directly, wanted to argue, and found that Ma Xiaolan’s skill from arguing was much higher than mine. This is a thing.
See Ma Xiaolan cold-blooded. I was just excited to see Ma Xiaolan outside the tomb with Hua unbeaten. Now I dare not speak.
When I walked to the door of 13, the flowers shrank behind me, and I looked nervous and said that there was a ghostly feeling here.
I said to myself, I didn’t even feel it. Why did you feel it? I said, if you’re so scared, why are you coming? Be careful that your damn curiosity will kill you, a flower cat.
Hua unbeaten frowned and said, will I die if you are here? I’m not alone when you accompany me to the grave.
Ma Xiaolan made it clear that our eyes said a few words of nonsense and either followed or waited outside and hit the door and went in directly.
I followed Hua unbeaten and followed him in. Hua unbeaten has been shrinking behind me, looking left and right, fearing that the female ghost would come and kiss him.
It was dark in the room, and the curtains were lifted as soon as the wind blew in, bringing in a little light.
Then we saw a pale woman lying in a pool of blood in the corner of the room, with a strange smile on her mouth and a wink at us.
The news of the treasure fight conference was in mid-July.
I had tea in grandpa’s shop when I heard the news.
I just finished a business deal, and I’m going to H City for another business deal. My grandfather told me that when I got it, they couldn’t find anyone when they were looking for me.
It was already very hot in July. I came back from the outside and wiped my sweat while grabbing my grandfather’s hand and fanned it hard.
Although the room was adjusted, it still failed to alleviate the heat when I came back from outside.
Grandpa is lying in a rocking chair, and he is as leisurely as an old fairy, which makes people envy. Of course, except for occasionally taking a few business trips, most of them are as leisurely as the old man, which makes people envy and hate.