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Nine heavy probes into the virtual door and shouted "Master! Someone bullied me! !”

It’s heard all over the ten levels of hell.
"The sacred you appointed! Even the old king can’t save you. You are doomed today! " Jiugong Great God shakes his fists in front of the virtual door and thunders at Jiugong like a rainbow. "Die! !”
The battle of the Nine Heavenly Palace and the Great God depends on the outcome of the first world war in the misty city. Both the players in the Holy Alliance and the players in the four districts are distracted. While fighting, they pay close attention to the battle here.
When I saw Jiuzhong’s "crushing blow", I saw that the players in the Holy League were all dead. The crowd cheered and the joy was beyond words, but the hearts of the players in the four districts were all in their throats
As a result, the two sides attacked each other, and no one could stand up to anyone.
Now, the position has changed, and the Jiugong Great God has launched a decisive blow to Jiuzhong. Instead, the players in the four zones are passionate and sacred. The players’ hearts are in their throats, and a terrible idea rises in their hearts. Is it impossible for them to be invincible and sacred? !
This battle is coming to an end. In the battlefield of the misty city, both the players of the Holy Alliance and the players of the four districts have temporarily forgotten their own battlefields. Hundreds of millions of people have focused on the battle of the Nine Heavens and Nine Palaces.
The whole battlefield is still, as if it were frozen. Generally, there are nine heavy palaces and great gods, and the battle continues.
Jiugong God’s fists exploded like a mountain, and everything around him became distorted, blocking Jiuchong’s action, and Jiuchong was forced to accept the fate of being bombed from evasion.
Seeing that you are a winner, you will hit the horse with nine fists. If you want to hit the nine fists, you will die. There is a victory smile in front of the face of the Jiugong Great God. "It’s over! !”
"Whoosh! !” However, in this Jiugong Great God, it was just a millimeter away from hitting Jiuzhong. At this critical moment, a purple-gold beam suddenly rushed out from the vast virtual door and hit the chest position in the virtual shadow hanging over Jiugong Great God.
"bang! ! !” A crash rang, and the Great God of Jiugong stopped abruptly at a distance of one millimeter from victory. At that moment, the purple-gold beam impacted, crashed, exploded, exited, and quickly moved away from Jiuchong.
"Who dares to bully me lovely ACTS? !” With a Hong Zhong-like sound, a giant shadow rushed out of the virtual door.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six There is nothing more tough than the toughest.
The giant shadow rushed out of the virtual door and raised my hand. A recruit was shot in the sky, and the beam of light flew back and fell into his hand.
The four cities of the ethereal city are fighting each other, and the attention of both players is attracted by the sound of the giant shadow shaking the earth, and they are looking at the giant shadow outside the virtual door
Players in the fourth district saw that this giant shadow was shocked by his majestic body and the momentum of the world and the enemy, and knew that this giant shadow was definitely a super powerful character.
And the holy alliance players will react greatly when they see this giant shadow.
First of all, I feel domineering when I see this giant shadow. Don’t feel anything special, but when the players in the Holy League look at this giant shadow and hold the purple and gold beam, their eyes suddenly stare like two bells.
At this time, this light beam has revealed its true shape, not a real light beam, but a big exaggerated stick with five gold-plated characters engraved in its middle position. Players in the Holy Alliance were completely shocked to see these five words "such as …… the best golden hoop! Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Qitian! ! ?”
Sun Wu’s name may not have any weight in the hearts of players in other areas, and he doesn’t even know such a name. However, the weight of this name in the hearts of players in Huaxia area is even heavier than that of the Jade Emperor and the Buddha in the West that day. In Huaxia area, it is absolutely a big name!
"No way … the Holy Leader actually became a disciple of Sun Wu!" After the shock, the players of the Holy League realized another question, "Isn’t that that all three worlds can walk sideways?" !”
Compared with Sun Wu, Jiuzhong is just a rising star. In the minds of players, the image of the enemy has not been completely ingrained. Just now, Jiuzhong’s strength was also doubted by them.
But if you were Sun Wu, it would be completely different. Sun Wu’s image of the enemy has been deeply rooted in the minds of players as early as outside the game and has become common sense.
At the sight of Sun Wu’s appearance in the Holy League, the players "clap" and fell off their heels.
All right, all right! Who will fight for the front when Sun Wu comes out? !
Being blown out by Sun Wu’s great cudgel, the Great God of Jiugong fell and flew out more than 200 meters before he could hold himself steady and look at the sky. His chest was shocking and depressed, and he looked up in horror and looked at Sun Wu in front of the virtual door.
It was just that blow that knocked out nearly half of the blood volume, and the great god Jiugong was not horrified. If he hadn’t taken drugs to make up for the nine heavy blows, he would have hung up.
"Lovely ACTS son is he bully you? !” Sun Wu-wen asked Jiuzhong.
"Yes, that’s him!" Nine nodded. "This guy’s skin is too thick now. I’ve passed all my tricks and I won’t let him die!"
"Well …!" Sun Wu smell speech twist a head to look at the opposite Jiugong great god eyes golden light flashing.
Touching Sun Wu’s eyes, the Jiugong Great God felt as if he had become thorough, and everything was seen through by Sun Wu.
"This ability is also particularly able to fight with the divine power of the gods for a short time …!" Sun Wuyuan’s "critical eye" seems to be more than the nine-fold awesome. Looking at the past, all the attributes of Jiugong Great God were read by him. "But the price is also high. It’s a skill to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Once it’s over, it will be abolished! However, in this state, his skin is really thick. You are attacking him now, but it is not easy for you to destroy him! "
"Who the fuck are you? ! !” It’s only a millimeter away to blow up Jiuchong, but it was killed halfway here. Cheng Yaojin broke the good thing and Jiugong Great God was angry.
"His master Sun Wu is also!"
"I don’t care if you are his master or boss. Today, I will die! !” Halfway through, he went beyond the limit state with less than two and a half minutes left. Every second left is extremely precious. The Jiugong Great God can’t wait any longer. It’s true that no matter who Sun Wu is, he dares to get in the way, even he nullifies it! !”
According to the sky, the divine power line broke out and formed a real air mass, which wrapped him in it. The meteor wore it and swooped down at Sun Wu.
"His mother isolated for thousands of years this world has changed? How dare anyone challenge my grandson like this? ! I’ll peel you with thousands of peach blossoms! !” Say sun Wu also brazenly attack.
It’s fast enough to bless the Jiugong God in the sky, but it’s worthless in front of Sun Wu, just like playing house with children. Sun Wu’s speed is much more exaggerated than him.
The great god of Jiugong saw a purple-gold beam chopping down and didn’t react. What happened? The sky shines and the shadow head is caught.
Sun Wu ruyi’s golden cudgel was actually smashed in the sky, and his head was directly smashed out of shape, but it was smashed out of a gully.
According to the sky, the head now looks like it is deformed.