15, Jun 2024

The day aft beating Barry on that 21st was an exciting day for the player.
Lazio’s first visit to St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican
Pope Benedict XVI received them there cordially.
Many of the players are devout Christians, and they are all excited to meet the Pope face to face.
Theosophy like Chang Sheng or converts from other religions are considered as tourists.
Anyway, this is a tourist attraction …
Moreover, Changsheng also knows what the Pope invited Lazio football team by name.
The support of the Holy See has played a great role in the action against non-indoctrination.
He should remember that no matter what the purpose is, he helped himself anyway.
Therefore, Chang Sheng still appears very respectful when facing Pope Benedict XVI.
He doesn’t respect the pope, he respects an elder who helped him.
Pope Benedict XVI said that he is also a fan. Lazio is very excited to watch exciting football matches. He likes this kind of football.
Finally, he sent an invitation to Changsheng, hoping that Changsheng would guest coach a Vatican football team game.
This is a big face.
Changsheng can’t refuse to accept it unless he has a stroke.
So his horse promised to show that it was his honor to teach bishops to play football …
The atmosphere of the meeting between the two sides is harmonious, and both the host and the guest are happy.
Finally, Lazio took a photo with the Pope, and Changsheng enjoyed special treatment. He finally took a photo with Pope Benedict XVI alone.
During the whole meeting, Changsheng was the protagonist.
Everyone can see the attitude of the Holy See.
They just made this meeting to support Changsheng.
The next day, the photo of Pope Benedict XVI holding hands and having a cordial conversation appeared in the newspaper.
All the previous guesses have been supported by the Pope, and the dogs who can’t be educated always win. Who dares to bark?
Don’t ask, you will know that the incorrigible school is finished.
Three days later, the other four matches in the Champions League were decided.
So the team that participated in the Champions League quarter-finals was released.
Then the draw ceremony for the quarter-finals and semi-finals was held in Basel, Switzerland.
According to media speculation, UEFA should hope that Lazio and Barcelona will meet in the Champions League final, which is the peak confrontation.
Lazio and Barcelona should not be assigned to the same district.
This discussion had a special relationship between Lazio and Barcelona long before the Champions League.
But when the Champions League draw came out, everyone was surprised to find that Lazio and Barcelona were assigned to the same region!
Although they won’t play in the quarter-finals, they will meet in the finals if they can all make it through the quarter-finals!
The media are also surprised that UEFA did not let Lazio and Barcelona meet in the final.
Barcelona played against Arsenal in the quarter-finals.
Lazio played CSKA Moscow in the quarter-finals.
Barcelona’s opponents are stronger and Lazio’s opponents are like going through a formality …
As soon as the lottery results came out, some media commented that "Guardiola has always been waiting in the semi-final!"
CSKA Moscow can’t pose any threat to Lazio, even at home.
Because it’s not the cold winter, the first leg of the quarter-finals is on April 6, and even in Moscow, the temperature is not as low as in winter, and the most important thing is, it won’t snow.
Even at home in Moscow, CSKA is unlikely to pose any threat to Lazio.
This draw is equivalent to directly sending the winning Lazio into the semi-finals.
In response to this naked partiality, China fans have ridiculed that "it is really a father’s love!"
Chang Sheng himself didn’t expect this draw to be so good … He couldn’t help thinking that he wouldn’t really replace Barcelona in Platini’s mind?
That’s really ironic …
"CSKA Moscow? It is a strong team and we will take it seriously … "Chang Sheng said in an interview with reporters after the lottery results came out.
Then some Italian media said, "Take it seriously? I think CSKA Moscow must hope you don’t take it seriously … "
But on the whole, the media are not very interested in the quarter-finals, they are more interested in the semi-finals
Lazio should not be difficult to break through CSKA Moscow.
The main thing is whether Barcelona can eliminate Arsenal.
If Barcelona can also knock out Arsenal, it will definitely be the most eye-catching match in the world!
The story of these two teams and two people is enough for three days and three nights.
Some people really hope that Arsenal will give up voluntarily …
The world is looking forward to a game, but you can’t ruin it …
This statement will naturally upset Arsenal supporters.
But it’s a pity that Arsenal really can’t compare with Barcelona now.
Although Arsenal are stronger than CSKA Moscow, it doesn’t mean they can beat Barcelona.
Especially when Guardiola knew that if they beat Arsenal, they could meet the winners in the semi-final … Arsenal could not beat Barcelona.
Just as the whole of Europe has been waiting for this game for a long time, Guardiola himself has been waiting for this game for a long time.