14, Jun 2024
They have won the league championship once, and their resumes will always have the honor of the national league championship.

It is easy to be satisfied with it. Although some people want to defend their title successfully, not everyone will try so hard to win a championship.
We must find someone who is not so good at achieving the goal, and at the same time, the goal should be attractive enough. If it is too inconspicuous, everyone will not be interested.
Just like a stick carrot, it hangs on the rope and dangles in front of the donkey, attracting the donkey to keep chasing carrots.
This metaphor is a bit vulgar, but this is the actual situation.
The team is a donkey with no motivation, just like lying in the mud and rolling, and then falling asleep comfortably.
And that donkey may kick himself angrily if he alway wins the whip.
The usual winner can carrot to attract the attention of the donkey and let it walk out of the mire and move on.
Every team will face such a problem, and they always win, but they don’t feel any hardship.
What will happen to the "Dream Three Teams" in Barcelona?
There is something wrong with the key. How to solve it?
Guardiola’s choice is that reason quickly retired at the most glorious time and left a rotten stall for himself, so that even if Barcelona’s performance plummeted, it would not affect his name.
This is a very clever practice.
But Changsheng can’t quit.
He chose another way.
Go against the current and he wants to accomplish what others think impossible.
It is the Champions League to find carrots for Lazio donkeys.
But it’s not such empty talk as "We want to go further in the Champions League" and "We want to go further in the Champions League"
It will be a blockbuster if he throws it out!
At the end of a training session, Changsheng called all the players up.
Then I plan to talk to them honestly about the recent events.
There is no pretending to be deaf and dumb to escape.
You must be sincere if you want to win the support of the players.
"I think everyone has heard about the recent events. For a while, we became the target of public criticism. Lazio seems to be going to die at any moment. We didn’t perform well on the pitch. We were eliminated from the Italian Cup, and our lead in the league has changed from seven points to two points now. The situation is very unfavorable, guys, and I have to admit that some media are right-it will be difficult if you want to get more than two million euros a year from the club."
Hearing Chang Sheng say this, the coaches next to him looked at him in surprise-how can the head coach say this? Although this is true, you admit it. Isn’t it demoralizing?
Sure enough, the players’ faces changed when they looked at Changsheng.
One is that some people fantasize.
I think the team’s performance is good, maybe the annual salary should not exceed 2 million euros, and the rule will be outdated and it is time to revise it. Now is the best time.
I didn’t expect Chang Sheng to pour a pot of cold water on them to disappoint them.
Changsheng nature also saw their disappointment and surprise.
He went on to say, "I’m sorry it’s true. Of course, I can also lie to you. We’ll talk about what the new contract will meet your requirements after this game, and then we can do whatever we want when the season is over. But I can’t do this. We are building a mutual trust foundation. Now I’ll make it clear to you about the financial situation of the club. What does everyone know? Are we going to set a maximum annual salary of 2 million? Because we can’t afford a higher salary budget, every player who enters the team should know that this standard will not change until we pay off the debt. No matter who he is, no matter how famous and good he is, I’m sorry that we can’t change the salary of more than 2 million. "
A coach wants to stop Changsheng. He thinks that if Changsheng continues to talk like this, Lazio’s morale may fall to the bottom.
However, it’s not too hard to interrupt the winning game in front of all the players.
So he pulled the arm of assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez to signal him to stop winning.
Rudy and Chang Sheng are serious. The Lazio coach thinks that if Rudy comes forward, Chang Sheng should not lose his temper.
But Rudy Gonzalez shook his head. "No, it won’t be a problem to say that often."
The coach looked at Rudy in surprise and thought that both of them were crazy.