13, Jun 2024

Although the heart is somewhat dissatisfied, Tony Twain did not show it
At halftime, he gave the players a good compliment.
I’m sure the players have given them confidence.
Then he told himself that the players told them to keep playing like this at half-time and to put more pressure on Lazio’s defence.
"They were very tenacious at half-time, but it was just a balloon that looked resilient. If we put enough pressure on them, we could pierce their protective shell and fuck them hard!"
Tony Twain can explain this to the players now and expect that the bad venue will make some dramatic scenes in the game …
In Lazio’s dressing room, winning is also praising his team.
Because they were very tenacious at halftime.
There is nothing to say about the tactical arrangement of winning. Anyway, that’s how to shrink the defense and then end with big feet to minimize the possibility of accidents in the restricted area
Don’t think about anything else.
The more you think about it, the worse you die.
In the end, Chang Sheng told everyone with a serious face, "This game is the most difficult game facing Lazio this season, but this is not the reason for our surrender. Although we can choose to lose this game cleanly, it should not pose any threat to our group’s qualifying, but I still don’t want to lose. The situation is very unfavorable. We still don’t want to lose this game, and no one will blame us, but I still don’t want to lose. I think this is my stubbornness and this is Lazio’s stubbornness!"
Chapter 40 procrastination
It’s too bad that the TV host and guests were discussing Nottingham forest turf at halftime.
Everyone agrees that the quality of turf like Nottingham Forest should not meet the requirements of the Champions League.
Nottingham Forest will be punished by UEFA after the game.
However, some people hold different opinions.
"Punished by UEFA? That’s not necessarily true. Think about what UEFA and Lazio are often now? "
Someone asked.
Everyone was silent when this statement came out.
Yes, UEFA and Lazio. Will they speak for Lazio?
It’s impossible for the sun to rise from the north …
In the half game, the two sides changed sides and fought again.
Lazio is still shrinking to defend Nottingham Forest, while continuing to bombard Nottingham Forest Forbidden Zone.
However, the intensity is more intense than half-court.
Nottingham Forest wants to put more pressure on winning Lazio.
This was expected by Chang Sheng, so he had already woken up his players at halftime.
All Lazio players pay great attention to this.
Move as cleanly as possible in defense, never try to organize a counterattack with the ball on your feet, and don’t consider the short penetration of the club
It’s just a move-kick your feet out!
Of course, this game is not good to talk about.
But who the fuck cares about viewing at this time …
Nottingham Forest has never been the kind of team to please neutral fans.
Lazio can’t put neutral fans’ preferences first in life and death.
The next game is Nottingham Forest bombarding Lazio, while Lazio shrinks its defensive feet to clear the way.
For those non-European fans, this is a game that needs to stay up late to watch.
It should be wonderful to think that the strongest team in the group will compete with the darkest dark horse.
Who ever wanted to …