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At this time, Mu brothers saw that Lin Fenggen didn’t put himself in the eye. He couldn’t help but wave his weapons in great anger and killed Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked indifferently at the attack. Mu brothers’ Tianhong guns conjured up all kinds of guns, and they attacked the people’s department and were injured to the ground by Lin Feng.

MuJi often angrily said "windson! I admire your family and your Lin family have always been friends with each other. What exactly are you doing today? "
"I represent myself and not all the Lins. Please don’t involve the Lins." Windson said indifferently.
"Well, I want to ask you now what happened to our worshiper?" Muji often urgent way
"He has completely disappeared in the polar star. I don’t want to kill him. He asked for it." Windson said with a facial expression.
Hearing that his master had been killed by windson, Mu’s brothers, including Mu Rexue, were all surprised, especially Mu Rexue, who believed that Windson had killed Mu Hanshan.
Windson apologetically looked at MuReXue and saw MuReXue’s shocked expression. Windson was also very uncomfortable in his heart. After all, he killed MuHanShan, even if he deserved to die in the real face of MuReXue, Windson was still very uncomfortable.
At this time, in Mu Rexue’s heart, it was turned upside down. Generally, Mu Hanshan deserved to die, but the fact that his lover Lin Feng was killed made her hard to accept. Or if Mu Rexue knew that Lin Feng had survived in Mo Qilin’s mouth, he might not be so shocked.
Mu Ji often grieves and says, "Lin Feng, you kill me, and I want everyone to avenge me. My brothers must report it today! If I don’t kill you, I want my family to establish a foothold in the extreme star fix true world in the future! "
Say that finish lead if crazy brothers to windson wai killed windson responded to MuReXue behind Tianhong gun in hand proudly face to attack to all.
At this moment, the mysterious man suddenly made moves as fast as a flash, interspersed with ups and downs and screams in Mu’s brother. It was a flash, and all Mu’s brothers fell in a pool of blood. Of course, Yuan Ying did not escape the bad luck absorbed by the mysterious old man.
Lin Feng, some mysterious old men don’t quite understand this move, which means killing all the longed-for family members. This is different from causing themselves to be doomed. In the future, they will face the Lins as if they were facing the master Lin Ye.
Mysterious old man YinXiao "Old Lin Feng, you have removed the obstacles. You can thank the old man for helping you today."
"joke! Are you going to kill me yourself? You killed so many mu brothers that you made me stand on the pole star in the future? It’s an idiotic dream that you want me to be grateful to you after hurting me so badly! " Linfeng cold way
Mure snow behind windson finally didn’t see once family brothers have fallen in front of their own ability when Mure snow heart defense has collapsed, even if you think about it again, it is hard to forget this bloody and tragic scene.
Windson saw Mu Re snow frustrating and couldn’t help but hold her tightly in his arms. Although Mu’s family was killed by himself, it was not his own fault, but it was quite enough to die because of himself.
Thousands of Mu brothers’ bodies are lying in front of their eyes. This is not what they want to see, but Lin Feng can do nothing.
Thinking of all this, Lin Feng, the culprit, is as red as a beast, keeping a close eye on the mysterious old man as if he were murderous in his eyes, so he can kill the mysterious old man.
The mysterious old man regarded Lin Feng as trying to kill people, and his eyes were low. "Lin Feng, I want you to do something for me. If you help me, I can let you get benefits you can’t imagine."
"If I don’t promise? What should you do? " Windson cold way
"Don’t promise? Hahaha! Then I’ll let you have a taste of what it’s like to have your loved one killed! "
The words sound just fell and windson felt the figure in front of him flash across his arms, and Mure Snow disappeared. Look up and see Mure Snow, which has been controlled by the mysterious old man at this time.
The second volume Extremely field Chapter 42 Feel dejected
"Let her go! You still have a chance before I do it. "
"Are you? You might as well give it a try and let the old man see what happened to you. "
"Don’t push me again and again. There is a limit to my patience!"
"Ha ha ha ha! Let’s talk about it first! "
Windson figure instantly disappeared in the original place, and one hundred statues of windson were busy and attacked the mysterious old man with the naked eye, but the mysterious old man was an understatement, and he solved the windson storm one by one with one hand.
The mixed force of Tianhong gun in Lin Feng’s throwing spear subtly controls the attack track of Tianhong gun as gorgeous as fireworks, and the shadow of the gun flashes with a mysterious old man’s demeanor, wandering in the crack of Tianhong gun attack as if he had predicted Lin Feng’s attack before.
After seeing his attack effect, Lin Feng tried his best to pour 12% mixed force into Tianhong gun to cast the wind shadow tactic. The fastest mobility and attack degree conjured up several ghosting images.
Faint fenglei sounded and Lin Fengbi killed a blow and stabbed the mysterious old man in a huge noise.
Windson was in an abnormal mess, panting heavily, and his body was crumbling due to excessive force, but his perseverance finally supported Windson to persist.
And the result is often unexpected windson tried to slay a blow and it didn’t work. Looking at the mysterious old man in front of him with a scoffing expression, windson realized his own attack.
A strong sense of frustration has made Lin Feng trance. The degree of cultivation has always made Lin Feng proud of his own strength. At last, Lin Feng didn’t feel his shortcomings. Now his lover Murrexue has been taken captive by a strong enemy and he is trying to rescue himself.
At the moment to windson heart a dim with the real strong still have a long way to go.