11, Jun 2024
If strangely, there is no Chu Yun to say more about drinking one cup after another.

Chu Yun waited quietly with him, neither persuading him nor stopping him.
If you drink a dozen cups in a row and feel a little slightly drunk, you can only sigh gently. How can Ning Zhao be so heartless and selfish?
Chu Yun lightly said that happiness was arranged by Ning Zhao when we happened to meet halfway, but today we can meet happiness all the way smoothly. Actually, no one stopped a person to disturb us, so it must be arranged by Ning Zhao.
If you nod silently, a beautiful woman in Tsinghua will still smile even if she is sad, and she will still be soft to humanity even if she is sad. The more it hurts, the more it hurts.
If you meditate after a continuous hit outside the door.
See princess
If Zheng Chu Yun has stood up in front of the hall and smiled happily, he has changed into a white gold ring, but he is still like a snowy robe with a light makeup and a shallow smile.
If the face is heavy and fleeting, smile and sit down at the door.
Anle also you’re welcome to walk in and slowly sit beside Chu Yun and say with smile. I’ve come to ask for something from the public.
If eyebrow presbyopia smile said what the princess want nozzle?
Anle laughed. Can you give back the golden knife that was sent to Gong that day?
If you smile while pouring a drink, the princess will be stingy and send something back.
Happiness and leisure said that this thing was given to my brother when he said that he would choose a talented person and my husband. If I like it, I will give it to this person with a golden knife. Since then, it has been a golden knife.
If a sip of wine almost comes from his mouth, God, he is so clever, resourceful, gentle and considerate. What’s the point of a peerless good man like Guo Jing, who is stupid and has a golden knife?
Where did he dare to hesitate again? He kept groping in his body for a long time, didn’t touch it, called me for a while, turned around and rushed into the room, and then came to be a soldier, bang and so on.
Although Anle is determined not to marry Ruo, I feel slightly unhappy when I see him desperately trying to get the golden knife, but I should be very angry and I don’t know what, but I still laugh with fun. It’s a wonderful person, no matter how heavy his mind is, no matter when I see him, I will naturally forget all my worries and really laugh like this.
I can’t remember the time when I laughed so wantonly, and suddenly it seems that it was the past.
I heard it in my ear and found it.
Then I saw that if I was sweating like a gust of wind, I rushed to present a treasure in my hand, and I also seemed to hold her little golden knife and handed it to me with a happy face.
Anle doesn’t know whether to be angry or laugh and turn your face away. If not, let alone not pick it up.
If you are stupid and holding a knife in a daze
Chu Yun sighed gently. How stupid a person is? Even if he doesn’t really want to marry her, he shouldn’t be so nervous and anxious to tell his daughter where to put her face.
She stretched out her hand and took the knife and glared at it. It’s still confusing. If this is a gentle smile, put the knife directly into the hands of happiness.
Happiness took it with a smile and got up to leave with a smile. Chu Yun also sent the door with a smile.
If you see two beauties walking side by side, the figure touches your nose in a depressed way. Is he so unpleasant? Will you leave him so unpleasant as soon as you get a golden knife? It’s all right for a great beauty to hear that he is notorious and rushing to escape from marriage, but it’s too hurtful to ask for a golden knife back when he knows that he is one of the top ten good people. Although he has never planned to marry her, his heart is still slightly hurt.
He rolled his eyes in dismay and blurted out, are you just leaving?
Anle zheng looked back.
If it’s just a casual remark, I’m surprised to see a faint smile on my lips.
It’s almost unbelievable that such a beautiful smile is so cold and distant. This is the girl who laughed and indulged in merlin not long ago.
She is still young, but she has learned to smile perfectly and coldly at people.
What does she want to escape from marriage? What does she want to go back to the palace? What does she want to get back the golden blade? What’s her life like to face her brother and arrange marriage? What’s her mood? How much does she know about the plans of the king of Qin? Can she help me rhyme?
Doubts and distractions are suddenly forgotten. If there is a sudden impulse, he wants to see her laugh like a beautiful young girl in the sunshine.
On second thought, he was already laughing. You always have to have a few drinks before you leave.
An Le Mei Feng is frowning. Brother’s arrangement is to let her approach. If the couple let them cultivate their feelings for each other, then she must take advantage of his wishes.
But if you don’t dodge the words, you can’t walk around in the palace every day with your eyes wide open and full of expectation, except for the rhyme, there is not even a chat person here, and the eunuch’s maid-in-waiting guards just look and dress up, which makes people feel sad. It’s hard to meet a friend. You can’t just leave us alone.
He is a big man, but at this moment, his expression is like a puppy wagging its tail and begging for food. He looks at him in a daze and can’t accept such a big change at the moment.
Let’s say it with your eyes shining, okay? Let’s get together and have fun with snowflake wine today.
Happiness brain can’t move with the body. wait for a while nodded his head and heard it in his ear, but he didn’t know what happened.
It’s sunny after the snow, and at night, the moon, the moon, the moon and the brilliance reflect the sky and the snow, and the silver shines brightly.
If the red plum is burning and the flame is talking, the rouge will become more and more beautiful.
Tonight, Xingyue Snowflake Wine Poetry Music