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Indeed, I also believe that this is an infeasible way. I believe that for the warlords and nobles of the Dragon Alliance, our policy of appeasement will be more beneficial. Shearer licked his tongue and said that big noble in the south is watching now. Although we have sent many spies, they dare not join the Central Army camp easily, but after all, they are the nobles of the Dragon Alliance who are dissatisfied with politics and loyal to the country. If we really want to get their help, we must show them enough strength, lean and strong, well-equipped and a large number of cavalry units, which is our best choice.

Well, I know what you mean, so where should our army be more profitable? Dragonfly nodded and asked
Derridshiller had already planned well, saying that after Derrider’s closest friend, Duke Castor, the governor of southern big noble, won the alliance with us, the southern war would be very smooth
Prime minister’s adult’s food will be cold, so let’s eat first. When dragonfly shearer and two people talk about happiness, Changqing respectfully said before them now.
The waiters have already been driven by the dragonfly to see the sample waiter who doesn’t want to eat at all. The manager of the waiter can call the words evergreen.
Haha, even Changqing has come to urge us to eat first. By the way, Changqing, why don’t you come with us? Dragonfly laughed.
In the dragonfly invited evergreen doesn’t refuse a long time later, three people sat together to discuss a step soldier plan once again. Seeing shearer’s face was dark, he got up and went to the dragonfly and knelt down and said that I would make you angry again.
Shearer and what’s so nervous? Dragonfly is in a good mood at the moment. Looking at Shearer seriously, he asked
I want the new Purple Eagle Army Chief candidate Shearer finally gritted his teeth and said his suggestion.
Hear shearer dragonfly a silence partial temple atmosphere stiff again.
A long time ago, the dragonfly finally looked up at the sky with a long breath and said, Luo Cha, I’m sorry, boss, but it’s only two days after you leave. Please tell me, but I hope you can find a suitable candidate and don’t let the Purple Eagle Army flag fall.
Is I suggested by Weiyuan Wang began to command the dragon Knight Leader evergreen inherit smile marshal Luo Cha’s legacy and command the Purple Eagle Legion Empire to rebuild the outstanding work. Shearer looked at the dragonfly seriously and said solemnly.
Evergreen is indeed the best candidate. Shearer, your recommendation is very agreeable to me this time. The dragonfly turned to face Evergreen and said Evergreen. I have long said that even if you become a colonel, you will be able to win. Would you like me to share my worries?
Evergreen wanted to say something at first, but when he saw the dragonfly’s eyes, he immediately pressed his words back to his stomach and saw his tiger body kneel on the ground. He said, I will kowtow to your majesty and rest assured that I will never live up to your faith that the Purple Eagle flag will never fall in my hands.
I’m sure Luo Cha will be glad to have you to take his place, and I’ll announce this decision on Sunday.
The seven-day mourning period passed quickly, and the dragonfly laughed. Luo Cha held a grand state funeral, and the Purple Eagle Corps transferred back 50,000 troops to laugh. Luo Cha’s coffin road, Wangcheng, was escorted by millions of people along the street, and the dragonfly completed the smile. Luo Cha’s last wish was to bury his coffin in the imperial tomb in the north of Yu Tianlong City. This huge imperial tomb was prepared by the royal family of Tianlong Empire in the future, but I didn’t expect that the spirit was the first to enter it. It was an outstanding meritorious military service to protect the country and Wang smiled at Luo Cha.
When the dragonfly laughed at Luo Cha’s eulogy, Ziyue didn’t drop a tear just as she had promised the dragonfly. Instead, the generals who laughed at Luo Cha’s old purple eagle army wept.
One day after the grand funeral, Longfei announced that the memorial period would be extended for seven days, as in the previous days, during which all entertainment banquets were prohibited.
After the state funeral, Ziyue returned to the Financial Secretary to complete all the work she had promised, and Longfei and others planned to prepare for the invasion of the south. Three months later, in Shiller, it was windy and windy, and officials asked Longfei Jing to get married with two women, and they had a happy day for one month.
In mid-April, spring returns Tianlong Army’s four legions, the blood snake, the crazy lion and the Qinglong Purple Eagle, were near Zideride’s province, while the central army in Tianlong City was also advancing to the southern provinces. Everyone knew that the southern conquest of Tianlong Empire would be exhibited at any time with the warming of heaven and earth.
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Dying
April 15th of the first year of Tianlong calendar.
Dragon Emperor Longfei Jieluo declared a war of conquest against the Dragon Alliance Kingdom to the mainland.
Early the next morning, the emperor of Tianlong Empire used personal expedition to lead the four legions of Tianlong Army, blood snake, crazy lion, Qinglong Purple Eagle, 1.2 million orc allies, 450,000 of whom left Derrida province and directly entered the territory of Duke Castor, the most powerful warlord in Dragon Alliance territory.
It is speculated that the Duke of Castor adopted a policy of non-resistance and shrank 600,000 troops to himself in the capital city of Mosanks. Because his behavior was tantamount to surrendering to the Dragon Empire, the Queen of the Dragon Alliance took away the honorary status of the Duke of Castor and removed him from the Dragon Alliance.
Faced with this situation, the Duke of Castor gave a sneer. Yu Tianlong announced his surrender to the Tianlong Empire on April 21, and at the same time, he sent an essay to advise other nobles not to be dying again.
In his campaign, there are two points that make people feel the most. Duke Castor thinks that although the number of Tianlong Army is 1.6 million, it is about half of the total of the Central Army, a local warlord in the Dragon Alliance, but its fighting capacity is hard to estimate. Among them, 300,000 cavalry of the Blood Snake Army can easily sweep the field troops of the Dragon Alliance, while the rest of the legions have huge magic weapons and stone cannons, and they are trying to rely on the wall to stick to their nightmares in hand-to-hand combat.
Secondly, Duke Castor thinks that the political system of Dragon Alliance is outdated and can no longer become a powerful country.
Without most of the elite troops, he would not be an opponent of the Tianlong Empire. He did not want to see his compatriots wiped out by the powerful Tianlong Empire and expressed his wish that all warlords would jointly create heaven.
Duke Castor’s essay caused a great sensation in the mainland. He did not agree that he was afraid of death and just made an excuse for himself. He agreed that he could accurately judge the situation in the mainland and adopted the wisest method.
On how the Dragon Army accepted the surrender of the Duke of Castor, of course, it was very happy. After the Duke of Castor announced his surrender, Dragonfly immediately drafted the surrender, which not only ensured that the Duke of Castor was protected by the Dragon Army from now on, but also promised that he would continue to hold all the property status, reputation, recognition of the title of the Duke of Castor by the Dragon Empire, and so on. As a result, other noble warlords once again wavered. After all, the previous promise was verbal, but now it has changed reality, which is the most important thing for them.
The Tianlong Army was not happy with the large area of land in the northwest of the Dragon Alliance without bloodshed. Duke Castor rebelled, and it was in their expectation that the most important thing was to restore the remaining land.
After passing through the land of the Duke of Castor quickly and the Blood-Staying Snake Corps was responsible for logistics transportation, Long Jun advanced on the territory of the four major warlords in the south the day after tomorrow.
Before the battle, Shearer once again sent the hope that the four warlords would not continue to be loyal to the Dragon Alliance. After three days of consideration, the four warlords were close to the Tianlong Army, and the Xingnos family agreed to the Tianlong Army’s surrender.
And the remaining Katyushi family, the Sarides family, decided to oppose Tianlong Army.
Positions Katyushi family about one hundred and thirty thousand troops are currently stuck in the city of Donaske, while Sarides family has about one hundred and seventy thousand troops. At present, I don’t know how to approach our army. Shearer pointed to the map and said to the dragonfly.
It is expected that every warlord will never surrender to us. Shearer doesn’t need to hesitate now. Our elite troops will eat them in one fell swoop. We want to let the Dragon Alliance have six warlords left. Our military strength is not that they can resist the dragonfly. After looking at the map, they flatly said to Shearer