8, Jun 2024
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Beina, Fiya and the two blazing angels are from the dark blood clan, the abbot, the patron saint of the Holy See, because they are sworn enemies with the dark blood clan. Besides, it is their natural duty to collect dark demons, and the two blazing angels didn’t leave their hands’ I didn’t consider it.
Lena and Fiya are less powerful than the two blazing angels. If they deal with one, they can still win, but now it’s a one-on-one office. The two can resist and avoid the wind.
Lena and Fiya are in the wind, but their lives are not in danger for a while, and the blood and ambiguity there are not so easy.
Nicholas didn’t take the artifact magic blade, but his hands took turns to lift him around, and from time to time, he made illusory circles like magic dragon winding _ and like a spectre flying too dark green and evil fog. All magic dragon and spectre smashed into a red blood fog brake, and when they touched blood, ichor Ling Ling was eaten by these weird but seemingly vital gases, and the black and green gases were like greedy black bears met with sweet honey "liquid" and they were eaten up crazily.
After a while, these gluttonous bears will swell up after eating. Maybe the blood is like cotton candy, the blood fog is too sweet and delicious, or those gluttonous black bears just woke up from hibernation. They are really hungry and hungry, and they feel too full. If they eat too much, their stomachs will burst.
"Peng", "Peng Peng" "……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
It’s terrible to try to force the spirit to take back the few blood that has been eaten away. Although he is unwilling, he does:: He has to take back the blood. When his blood is consumed by the other party, ii will have no strength to fight with the other party again. Moreover, the blood that he has cultivated for thousands of years can’t be cultivated in just one or two days. And I don’t know how long it will take to recover the destroyed spirit. If it is cultivated normally, it will take at least several hundred years! The blood spirit is very regretful and angry at the moment.
"angry" blood spirit binge drinking right hand stretched out a flame, red axe, and his body showed off his hand, blood spirit fingers suddenly and violently opened, and then shrank and firmly grasped the ingenious axe.
The figure swept away and began to work like a brilliant red, and it was like a haze, and it was cut into a half-moon shape to go to the other side.
However, this practice is fierce and fast as lightning, but Karasigen doesn’t pay attention to it, and I don’t know where he conjured up a sword that was so bright and green that he couldn’t "shoot" the light. He held it in his hand and suddenly took a green glow stick in the basement, and the light of the glow stick was dazzling. The sword reflected Nikara’s whole body green, which looked good in this dark night, but it was so cold that his back was chilled.
Nicholas” Angle pursed his eyes and looked at that with fierce fierce light wave green sword faster than flash _ turn over a ghost green mans not inferior "color" to meet the past.
"Bang!" A bomb exploded in the night, making the night shine suddenly and annihilated.
Nicholas and the blood spirit float in the air ii, facing the explosion wave, instead of retreating, they are close to each other, like a phantom waving and intertwined, like a karst, and the axe shadows are scattered all over the sky, like a green spar sword, and hundreds of cold mountains are pierced. Bang! "Peng"! "clang"! linger in one’s ears
Fierce fighting is getting farther and farther away. Looking on, there are fireworks on Hokkaido Island. It seems that the fireworks have quality, but they exploded in situ before they were lit.
Blood spirit and Nicolas are fierce melee, but there is a dangerous divergence, and their ability is weaker than blood spirit. At this moment, how can he have the opportunity to attack each other and desperately defend himself?
Raebug holds a sword exactly like Nicholas’s, and his figure is erratic. The sword in his hand flies and dances around a huge snake head that looks particularly scary in a dry black fog.
Disambiguation _i brain ring stopped spitting black fog attack, I don’t know which one is true and which one is false. Suddenly, Raebug’s shadow doubled again, and there were hundreds of figures.
Disambiguation in the face of so many shadows is a bit overwhelming, and my heart is also anxious and flustered. When I fight, I will be "chaotic", which is a taboo for military strategists.
"ah!" A scream, a panic, a bag, was chopped off by Reborg, and black blood gurgled out. But the chopped head, thicker than a bucket, shook its neck, and a new head grew back.
Raebug didn’t expect that since the other party had such a thing, he was not disappointed or discouraged, and he even more violently attacked Qideng, feeling more stressed.
The phantom of the figure is like a ghost sword falling all over the sky. Although it will soon grow a new head, the consumption is that the head has been chopped off for dozens of times. It is difficult to cope with Reborg’s shadowy figure.
Reborg took advantage of the ability of disambiguation to conjure up more than a dozen figures to attack the disambiguation snakehead, and he pulled himself out with a sword and quickly plunged into that group, which can be said to be a black fog group.
Disambiguation is overwhelmed with attacks on Reborg II.
Only then did Yin suddenly notice that a cold and violent spirit pierced his body, and his seemingly black fog-guarding lowlife was stabbed into the concave by a green sword.
"Burst" Raebug yelled at a "sword light drama" and a black fog was pierced. Raebug rushed into the black fog and knew that his life was at stake.
Piercing into the black fog, Raebug felt that the black fog had a bad smell and a vomit dared to attack his heart. He resisted probing and searched for an opportunity to strike a fatal blow to the ambiguity. It was called "Disambiguation". The huge energy in the black fog swarmed and hit Raebug Greg. He felt as if he had fallen into a nuclear energy reactor and his body seemed to be torn apart. "Borg Tiger’s eyes closed, his hands twisted and his whole body exploded." I showed a light green cover. Those black fog could no longer harm him.
With his eyes wide open, he suddenly saw a ball of energy as big as the night is too full moon. Without thinking about it, Leiberg knew that it was the sword stab where Qi Jingyuan was.
Aware of the body change, I knew that I was dead, and I suspected that Yuanling didn’t get away with it. I made a final decision in the face of disappearing, and he would die with the other side.
When LeiBorg sword is going to stab that energy body, the energy body suddenly explodes to glare. Four "shots" are coming, and LeiBorg still doesn’t respond. The protective energy shield is punctured by several lightsabers, and the body is also limb-damaged.
Ah! At first glance, Zong Ming saw a huge flash of light, and his body went up in smoke, which also took away Reborg’s life.
"Third ….." Zong Ming was miserable’ "Disambiguation He didn’t expect disambiguation to defeat Kusev so quickly, and Tendron and others changed dramatically, adding disambiguation to eliminate the sudden grief. Zong Ming felt that his heart was dripping blood and his heart was cut by a sharp sword. He didn’t believe all this was true.
The pain that goes deep into the bone and the burning of all anger caused by extreme grief and indignation …
Mindful of the black gold, "King Kong’s demon-lowering" immediately turned into 991 golden "colors" with shining eyes and pestle "King Kong’s demon-lowering pestle". In the sky, a super demon-lowering array was formed. In the middle of the circle, King Kong whirled around to form a circle net, and then it fell like a meteor, and it was like a net cover to embarrass the Pope.
After reaching the Pope, he knew that this golden land was terrible, but he couldn’t avoid the crazy attack around the Pope because he lost his magic sword like a living thing, and there was also the Buddha word that didn’t dissipate completely.
Gold "color" drops like raindrops hitting the Pope’s holy light, giving King Kong a powerful impact like a meteorite on the protective layer of the holy light, breaking the "Peng", and thousands of bright and dazzling beams of light are all over the night. The Pope was beaten with blood and slammed in the sky, which failed to kill him. It can be seen that the Pope is really good.
But this made it difficult for the Pope to accept him. He was badly injured and rolled out of the distance. The Pope was timid in his heart. He has been beaten by Zong Ming. He blamed himself for not carrying a powerful attack artifact. If he had brought the Bible with him, he wouldn’t be in such a mess. Now it’s true that Yuan has greatly damaged the sacred spirit. It’s impossible to recover until ten and a half months later.
Look at the distance. Zong stays motionless. If you don’t walk at this time, you will fight for more injuries and injuries when you are idle. The Pope is strong and sacred, and a bright red is sprayed from his mouth. It is fleeting.
Watching the Righteousness teleport and escape, when the Pope leaves, he will spit out blood with his mouth "wow" and his body will shake and collapse, and he will fall from it.
At the moment, he felt that all his cells were tingling, and he really wanted to close his eyes and have a good sleep. When he thought of sleeping, he didn’t””’ mean changing his body and falling rapidly from it.
But there’s a voice in his heart. You can’t sleep yet. You haven’t finished yet. Lena, Fiya and Ling are waiting for you to save them. If you sleep, they will be suspicious.