7, Jun 2024
Hearing such warm words, Mu Hai touched "Good Grandpa"

"Hey xiaoxi, it’s not good. Dad fainted. Come here quickly."
"Ah … where is it? I’m coming. "
Early in the morning, Zhou Qian received her sister’s words and got dressed in a hurry.
"What happened to Xiaoxi?" Tang Yu asked with concern.
"My dad fainted and was rescued in the hospital. I want the horse to get there. Sister Xiaoyu, take a taxi to school yourself and ask for a vacation for me." Xiaoxi said while cleaning up.
"Well, then you go quickly."
Looking at Zhou Qian leave figure Tang Yu eyes a face of worry.
After breakfast, Tang Yu walked out of the room and passed the door of Shi Cheng’s house and saw that she was waiting for her to bathe in the sea.
"Rain is falling all" Muhai waved to Tang Yu.
Tang Yu froze.
Who is this tall and handsome young man?
In particular, his mouth raised an evil smile, which made her look particularly comfortable and her heart thumped.
Look at his bulging chest muscles. Tang Yu looks reddish and bows his head slightly.
"Little Sea" Tang Yu trotted past and smiled sweetly at Muhai.
"Rain is falling all, you are more and more beautiful." Pull up Tang Yu’s hand and look at her with a smile.
Tang Yu hurriedly bowed his head. "Xiaohai, I have classes this afternoon. Let’s hurry."
"Go?" MuHai doubt "Zhou Qian? She’s not with you? "
"Her father was ill and was rescued in the hospital. She rushed to the hospital," said Tang Yu.
"Sick?" MuHai frowned "is it? Impossible. It should be a month later. "
Muhai shook his head and then a wicked smile appeared on his mouth. "Rain is falling all, then we can go by car today."
"Well" tang raindrops nodded.
The two have been holding hands from the car, the car and then to the school.
All the way through the campus, I envy single dog Muhai and gain several magic thoughts.
"Wow, so handsome"
"What a perfect match! What a perfect match!"
"This is ten thousand times better than Tang Yu’s beauty queen looking for that pencil necked."
"I told you, how can you find such a poor and thin school girl?"
Hearing these words, Muhai’s forehead showed three black lines.
Are you that miserable?
If it weren’t for Latin Americans, he really wanted to run over and argue with them.
Tang Yu listened to these words and covered her mouth to smile.
Came to the front of the teaching building Muhai Tang Yu points into their own classrooms.
Muhai sat in the classroom and looked around.
Ji Yangqiu was not found.
A group of students behind him discussed that Ji Yangqiu was robbed and seriously injured in hospital outside.
I’m glad to hear this. I’m quite good at making excuses