6, Jun 2024
With a slight quiver at the tip of her hand, she cleared her throat and said, "Please pay off Mr. Gu’s debt to me first."

Gu Jingke’s mouth slowly reminded her that she was still biting this piece, but she was not short of money and said that it was just changing the subject. "I can repay the debt physically and mentally."
Muming sat up straight from the boat. She should have heard it right just now. It’s the first time she’s heard of it.
"I always feel that it is really a good choice to pay off the debts personally." Gu Jingke slightly raised his mouth and smiled faintly.
"You go back to your room from my door now." Mu Ming was also rude, and his voice seemed slightly angry. "I can’t think of it. I have to sort out my thoughts and prepare for the lecture."
Gu Jingke leaned against the door for a long time and couldn’t raise his eyebrows. He looked out of the window and looked at the sky. The starlight in his eyes was deep and charming.
Mu Ming gradually returned to normal, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. The only thing that I could understand was that she was laughing.
I don’t know how long it took him to get back to the room until the walls were warmed by him. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a message.
Diamond ring!
Proposal diamond ring!
The next day, everyone in the office went to school with a cold belt. Before going to school, several people arranged their own clothes and other things.
After dinner, nine people got out of the car and sat there. There were two cars, one for Mu Ming, four for Yu Han and five for Chen Jun. It was about ten o’clock when they arrived at school in front of the car.
The headmaster, the principal, the professor and others are waiting at the school gate, and they are the first to see Muming’s elegant demeanor!
"The Lord and the headmaster are coming!" Yu Han greeted the school leaders the first time after driving, and she made it clear to the Lord the day before yesterday that she would stay as a professor, but the courses should be arranged on the same day.
The Lord was very accommodating and quickly agreed to come. At that time, she thought that it was really a ghost sister, and they would not refuse to promise.
After this matter is settled, her living conditions will improve and she will get better and better!
"Which car is the person in?" The headmaster leaned in and looked at the vehicle with his eyes straight, but his words were for the cold
Yu Han quickly pointed to the car that had just arrived. "The next one of their horses will come!"
The principal is now her leader, so we can’t easily offend her, otherwise the day will not be easy, but even if the principal has a problem with her, she can be removed from her post, and the police will not leave her.
"People are coming, coming!" The Lord is also excited to watch the car stop slowly and hurry to the back. "You must behave well!" Don’t lose face! "
The people behind them have different faces, and their status is not enough to lose face, but the Lord is so excited. Are they worried that the Lord will bring shame to the school?
Several people look at each other and see from each other’s eyes that such emotions have bowed their heads and stopped saying anything. Just think about it in your own mind. There is no need to say it.
Not only offend people, but also end up in a bad situation!
At the thought of this, everyone hurriedly raised their heads and looked at the parked cars, staring at them quietly and not daring to relax for a moment!
I don’t know what Wang Zhang looks like in forensic medicine, and I don’t know how a girl and family can have such powerful means at such a young age.
They are all curious!
The crowd was surprisingly quiet, and there were many students behind the door with those eyes wide open. They all saw Muming and others in the car and the principal waiting here.
I also think that today is the tenth!
The rickshaw man must be Muming-all the students are waiting for him to stretch his neck and murmured, "Why hasn’t this man come yet? This one is well set! "
"This family has just stopped where it is!" Answer The girl looked at the girl who looks better and said, "I think you just want to compare who looks better with her."
It’s not embarrassing for a girl’s mind to be poked. "I just want to see who knows if the back of the brochure is her or not, and the back killer can’t be a beautiful woman."
Come and answer the girl’s department. She’s here to study, not to compare looks, so it’s better to do things less.
But her heart is also looking forward to Muming’s good-looking face and then killing this woman down a peg or two!
"Don’t talk about it next to me, even if it’s a pose, it’s worth it!" The girl glanced at the woman who was still chattering beside her and said, "Did you?"
The woman was stunned by the question. Her forensic skills are not so good. Now she can’t answer …
She bit her teeth in anger and hate. "What do you know!"
But she doesn’t know what is better than beauty. Everyone has a face. Is it necessary to compare beauty and ugliness?
Don’t you feel tired?
This is surrounded by a group of people, and their faces are dark. It is obvious that they are freshmen who have just had military training. "The school stopped military training because of her. Do you know?"
People whispering immediately someone exclaim a.
"Come, come!"
Although I’m going to propose … It’s a pity that I seem to forget one thing.
What ring do you need to propose?
Give me a reference ~
☆, 22 campus sensational real people appeared.
Students, men and women are all pushing each other together and want to go to the front to see if the style is the same as words, whether the appearance and back are the same!
At this time, a group of security guards suddenly came over and snorted with a serious look, "All scattered, scattered!"
How can this person break up before he has seen it? A group of students don’t like it, but the security guard’s eyes say it’s not serious. It’s more cruel to look at the students with a cold face than to look at them with a cold face.
"The Lord said that if you don’t catch one, you will remember it!" This suspicion is to scare them, but the security guard’s face is too sincere to see that it is scary.
The students who just ran over to see the style were very reluctant, but in the face of evil forces, they had to walk back to the auditorium, which would be the lecture place.
Five minutes later, there are still students in twos and threes. They won’t leave until they see Muming’s mind. The security guard looked at the people and there was no way to leave.
They were fine in the security room just now, but they came with a cold face when they were told to evacuate the crowd.
Outside, everyone looked at Chen Jun and others, and the car had just stopped and was greeted at once, but this person was not so serious and looked at people with a smile.
President Chen Junchao and others said hello. "Our team Cheng, Qi, Ghost Sister and Officer Gu are all in the last car."
Also at this moment QiShaoChen from the car to "bang" a jilt door SIRS haven’t from female students rare breath "this man is a manual that man this move is so natural and unrestrained! Handsome! "
The boy next to him calmly said, "anthomaniac!" In turn, I looked at Qi Shaochen and thought that this man is really good. This INTERPOL is just not the same.
Even if you don’t wear a system, you are just as handsome. Because Cheng Man asked to come to school, everyone didn’t wear a police system, but a low-key and simple dress came.
Section 237
In the cold in the main side said "this is our city bureau qi Interpol battalion chief and Interpol lecture teacher today"
The headmaster and the Lord nodded, "We are white". This face is exactly the same as that in the manual. I am not afraid of mistaking one for another. I smiled at Chen Jun and raised an eyebrow.
Chen Jun lightly walked towards her and came to her with a smile. "You, the headmaster and the Lord, are very kind and friendly."
Hearing her comment, Yu Han quickly pulled a pair of Chen Jun sleeves and waved, "I told you, don’t look at their apparent affinity. It’s just a show. If it weren’t for you, they would be serious with a straight face!"