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"I don’t know …" Xu Ran seemed guilty after saying this. She whispered, "I didn’t come to see him wearing clothes. He walked too fast and the lights were too dim!"

As she spoke, she scratched her hair and twisted her eyebrows to death, as if she were in distress. If she could see it more clearly, she could testify quickly and not be so scared.
Cheng Man sank his eyes and quickly analyzed what Xu Ran said were men with information suspects. He was a little shorter than Gu Jingke and was about 27 years old, so he could be counted as one.
"Thank you for your cooperation." Cheng Man said that Xie Lai wanted to get away from this family at once, but before she stepped, Gu Jingke stepped away, away and away again with elegant and cold steps!
Behind her, however, she is worried that Xu’s parents and mother are holding Xu Ran’s waist, but their eyes are staring at Cheng Man with expectation. "Officer, my little Ran has said everything, so you must ensure her safety!"
Xu Fu immediately chimed in "yes, officer, you must ensure her safety! If Xiao Ran makes a mistake, we will not live! "
Is this a death threat to her? But is there? This family really treats them like white rice!
But didn’t say two words from beginning to end. Isn’t that girl his daughter? What happened to Xu Ran, and they died, which put the eldest daughter on the ground again?
Is this the so-called eccentricity …
But she has seen the preference for sons over daughters, and her two daughters are also eccentric. Cheng Man looked at Xu Jing with puzzled eyes and saw that she was still calm in those eyes and flashed deep thoughts.
Like sensing Cheng Man’s doubts, Xu Jing smiled at her and said politely, "Please also ask the police officer to protect Xiao Ran before the police catch the murderer."
This girl is more polite. Cheng Man smiles "naturally" in the sight of several people. She turns around and leaves, and immediately follows a follower behind her.
"Officer, are you really not considering dating me?" An Cheng followed her with a smile and was deliberately amplified by him and heard by Qi Shaochen.
"Officer, you told me your mobile phone number. It’s okay to date me once." Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen raised their eyebrows at the same time.
Cheng Man, when did she tell the number? What the hell is this man talking about?
Qi Shaochen is progressing so fast? What kind of rhetoric did that little guy make? Qi Shaochen suddenly saw Lai Ancheng smiling and accepting his sight. A novice and an experienced lover’s eyes competed.
The latter chuckled and interrupted An Cheng’s cool tone, and then matched the evil face. He hooked the lip corner, and the arc hung on his face, which was instantly beautiful and unpredictable.
He looked at Cheng Man’s ear like a wolf in Qi Shaochen, and looked at it from Qi Shaochen’s direction by the principle of dislocation, just like An Chengzheng’s intimate affair.
A curl of Cheng Man’s mouth was about to raise his hand and chop him to death! Hearing An Cheng’s faint smile, he said, "Officer, sometimes the escort has to burn a fire to recognize his heart, otherwise the whole generation will have to be so deadlocked."
Then Cheng Man made a sudden snatch and his body was slightly stiff. Is it really that easy to be seen through?
Instead, she stroked An Cheng’s shoulder and whispered, "I know you are a friend of Gu Jingke, but you’d better stay away from me, otherwise I don’t guarantee that you will be cut off from your grandchildren, inhuman and unable to get up!"
AnCheng corners of the mouth a curl of shook his head and sighed "really cruel! You should thank me for the man’s reaction. "
It is true that Qi Shaochen’s eyes are already spouting fire because he is close to Cheng Man, but because he has no position, he can’t directly rush to punch An Cheng. In fact, his heart is very eager
I have already figured out how to abuse Ancheng’s tricks!
"Mr. An, I will call you when I need it, but I don’t need it now." It’s a pity that Cheng Man shook his head and patted An Cheng’s shoulder blade with great strength.
She patted An Cheng’s face directly. "Officer, I am always waiting for you to come to me for help. Now stop filming or my bones will fall apart."
He doesn’t train often, of course, and he can’t compare with the criminal police. Cheng Man’s shooting like this is really too much for him!
Cheng Man stopped moving and changed his paws and directly picked up the shoulder meat. "After Mr. An, you should also pay attention not to lean on women easily. Not only others will misunderstand, but even you like women and like women will misunderstand."
Then Cheng Man clapped his hands and left directly with neat short hair!
AnChengLi in situ thinking about her talk some tybalt slain misunderstanding … Where is really misunderstood? He is a big boy now, and I really can’t figure out what misunderstanding means.
Who will misunderstand him? A figure appeared in my mind quickly, but before he could catch it, he quietly disappeared, as if it was just messing around and didn’t want to leave a clue
At this moment, Muming’s ringing directly interrupted him and prepared to delve into his thoughts. He raised his head and looked over there quickly.
Mu Ming quickly tidied up the investigation box from the side of the dead and got up from the side. His eyes were dignified and clean, as if he saw it. His eyes were not heavy, but his posture gave people the illusion of hitting the soul directly.
"How about it?" Cheng Man steps haven’t stopped questioning is out of the mouth.
See Muming walking towards them with a survey box, and raise your eyes in front of several people. "The fatal wound of the deceased was about two hours ago when he died in the back of his head, that is, around 9 pm."
Mu Ming’s eyes fell from several people to the deceased. She said, "According to the check and comparison, the wound on the back of the head is caused by the stone chair baseball bat and other injuries to the body and limbs. His skull was broken by a heavy blow and his eyes were congested."
Cheng Man took a few steps forward and looked at the dead. Who can be so cruel? Break the skull!
Section 126
"In addition, there are no other signs of injury in other parts of the body, and the property of the deceased is still there." Mu Ming’s eyes and property are still there, which can rule out the situation of killing people after the robbery fails
Moreover, the guests at the banquet didn’t seem to be reduced to robbery. What’s more, how could a baseball bat appear in the garden? All this can be said to be a case of intentional homicide, which is most likely premeditated!
If there is a premeditated murder case, it can be said that the deceased offended someone before his death … If he offended someone, he could be an acquaintance.
"Did the murderer leave anything, such as fingerprints and blood?" Cheng Man stared at Muming with dribbling eyes, as if Muming would give a satisfactory answer in an instant.
But let her down, Muming glanced at her and said, "No."
"How come!" Cheng Man frowned slightly and turned his head. "But the witness said that he saw a man next to the dead who seemed to be looking for something …" She suddenly stared. "Did he find it and take it away?"
This is also very possible. Otherwise, how could Mu Ming not find the evidence left over?
"Not necessarily." Gu Jingke was silent for a moment and his cold temperament was brought into full play. Cheng Man didn’t look too far at what he seemed to be asking.
"The murder weapon of the deceased was not taken out. Obviously, the suspect was particularly flustered when he saw Xu Ran, avoiding being seen in a hurry and forgetting to take the murder weapon. This conjecture is also feasible."
Cheng Man pinched Ba and Gu Jingke said that it was indeed possible. She linked her thoughts. "So it is very likely that the suspect is looking for something and still stays here somewhere?"
She quickly dismissed this theory and wondered, "But even Mu Ming didn’t find anything in the dead body. How can it still be here?"
It can be seen from her tone that there is no doubt about her belief in Mu Ming.
"I didn’t say anything would be in the body of the deceased." Gu Jingke chuckled and sipped his cool smile, which spread like ice and snow in the dark night. "After all, it’s easy to leave something in such a big garden and such a dark night."
Cheng Man nodded thoughtfully and looked at Qi Shaochen. "Did you arrange someone to search the garden?"
"Searching has informed the families of the deceased that they are coming here." Qi Shaochen suppressed a sulk in his heart and replied unhurriedly, "According to this point, the families should be coming soon."
When they arrive, they have to appease the workers …
The thought of this makes everyone’s head swell slightly. If it is an unreasonable family member, the police will be a little difficult. I hope the family members will not be too sad and angry at the police.
In particular, Chen Jun prayed quickly at the bottom of my heart, because if the family members were not easy to handle, it would be his comfort to rely on these … peers!
However, Chen Jun raised his eyes and glanced at a police officer not far away. The police officer was one year younger than he estimated. At this time, he was trying to make a record of the guests. He thought to himself, "Let me take care of you if I have something to do later."
Chen Junxie smiled and clapped his hands to throw away his troubles!
Wei Xiaoguang, an outstanding graduate who once gave a bus to Cheng Man and others, felt that his back was cold. He quickly turned his head and saw Chen Jun handsome and turned around and continued to be busy.
He scratched his head and muttered, "Am I delusional?" He hung his eyes holding a pen and continued to look at the guests. "Let’s continue to see if there are any suspicious people around you …"
Cheng Man will ask himself and Mu Ming and Qi Shaochen to make it clear and then look at Qi Shaochen.
"What did you ask?"
☆, 16 when the tail feeling is strong, it is disturbed by others.
"He said he didn’t know the details." Qi Shaochen raised his eyes and looked at the boss’s face. "But he said that one of his employees was good with the dead."
The boss immediately responded "Yes! After all, there is no need for the boss to take care of the personal communication of the employees. Do you want me to call her now? She is also at the party! "
An Cheng immediately gave him a cold look. "Why don’t you go?" The boss went to the guests at once, and he was in a hurry and didn’t dare to stay at all.
When someone walks away, An Cheng’s face immediately becomes smiling and human nature is exposed. "Beauty police officer, do you think I can cooperate with you more? You still don’t show me? " Mu Ming, he can’t move easily. Gu Jingke is expected to brush him directly.
After all, he has been playing Gu Jingke’s heart limit before. Who knows if he will suddenly get angry and die?