4, Jun 2024
Boss, you are a big, big idiot. Xiao Longxiang Ling suddenly rushed to the dragonfly’s ear and roared with the greatest strength. Suddenly, the loud noise made the dragonfly stunned and looked at Xiaolong.

Before, I thought that Luo uj was a jerk, but I believed that others didn’t have the courage to really treat their friends. I did my best to help them gain momentum, but I didn’t lose my heart. When encountering difficulties and setbacks, I never retreated and never escaped. But look at you now, the most shameful thing is that you want to end your life and escape from everything. Do you think that you are sad and want to die in Kay? I’m telling you, you didn’t lose your confidence when you were defeated by Carlos. You have always been invincible among them. Although you didn’t admit it, you always enjoyed it. Now that you’ve lost, it’s miserable and ugly. You’ll feel that you have lost everything and want to die. Kay, what is it that you can avenge them one day and finish their unfinished thoughts? But what about you? You use their death as an excuse to run away, and Xiangling will say in one breath.
When the dragonfly was puzzled, Xiangling went on to say, I’m really lucky. They felt unworthy. They knew you were such a coward. I believe they would never give their lives to defend you, especially Brother Laughter. I knew as early as I did that you were really sad because of defeat, but he still didn’t want to hurt you. He always believed that you could shake up again because of this, and he resolutely chose his soul for the greatest strength to protect you. However, his actions still didn’t arouse your fighting will and didn’t make you recover. Brother Laughter is pitiful and good. I’d rather die here in broken arrow than see you again. After a while, Xiang Ling, a decadent idiot’s face, seems to have no strength to talk about it. Suddenly, he gasped and fell to the ground, but his eyes were still staring at the dragonfly. It seems that there are still many words left to say.
Dragonfly gawked at Xiang Ling’s expressionless face. Yi Long looked at each other for a long time in this suffocating atmosphere. Suddenly, Dragonfly smiled at Tianchang, which should make people feel happy and comfortable. However, at the moment, Dragonfly laughed too much, but he was depressed. Haha, Dragonfly, Dragonfly, you have actually been reduced to letting a stupid dragon teach you a lesson. Haha, you still think it’s a genius. It’s a natural fool. Dragonfly laughs and gradually turns to sobs.
Although your stupid dragon really stinks, you are absolutely right. My army is getting bigger and bigger. I blame everyone for expecting more pressure on me. I don’t want to lose, whether it’s the battlefield between the two armies or the martial arts. But when I lost to Zhuge Lin again and again, I told myself that he was a famous star and I should lose to him. But when I was honored as a god by the ice clan, my heart surged again. I was a god-chosen person, a god clock lover, and my martial arts was getting stronger and stronger day by day. Mercenary III. 100,000 officials worship the prince. It’s just like a beautiful romantic dream. In the dream, I think that heaven and man are my opponents. Others are difficult to deal with the enemy. I can defeat it if I am here. However, the dream is a dream after all. When the dream is broken, I have paid an irreparable price. I’m sorry that you don’t deserve to believe me. I am a little kid in East Qinglong City. Why do you want me to be intoxicated into an invincible god of war? I just roll in the mud, loach and why do I think of myself as a blue whale swimming in the sea? My roots are nothing
No, you are wrong. Because of Luo U, we can get to this point. Because of Luo U, we can become a dragon army. Although you are not omnipotent, you can bring poor confidence to people around you. Since you think that Luo U is a loach, then you should consider yourself a loach. Since you dream of swimming in the sea, then you should go to the sea and take us shrimp to the sea together to see the magnificent sea. Suddenly, the sound is revised from behind the dragonfly.
Can the loach enter the sea? Can the dragonfly dream and sing blankly? Asked the ugly duckling can become a swan. What kind of loach can’t enter the sea? If we really try hard, we will fail, even if we die in battle, we will regret it. Gently lift the dragonfly up and gently say words like mountains.
Xiukai, I’m sorry for them. I don’t know how to fix the eyes, but I patted the dragonfly on the shoulder and said, Master, stop talking. We are mercenaries. Mercenaries eat with you in the face of death. In general, we were willing to ask to follow you. You are not responsible for Kaikai. I feel more proud of them. They didn’t let me down until the end. Let Xiufa say again that he gently turned his head and took a deep breath to see him, forcing tears to turn back in his eyes. The feelings like mountains, rivers and oceans dissipated in Tianyu in this deep breath. A strong man,
Xiu Longfei whispered, Master, let’s go back to camp. You must cheer up. We also killed Kay and them. They took revenge and said firmly, listening to Xiu’s words, Dragonfly was confused and still seemed unsure of his true intentions.
Boss, aren’t you white? No one will blame you for trying your best. You should try your best to be Xiangling. Once again, you should try your best to work hard. Dragonfly muttered. At this moment, everyone doesn’t look at Dragonfly’s face. They know that Dragonfly has lost confidence at this moment. I’m afraid he will never reply to the letter again.
Waiting is a painful thing, and when a waiting knot will decide the fate of many people, it will be even more annoying. Although Xiu and others are anxiously waiting, no one dares to urge Longfei. They know that they need to give him more time to really decide.
After a long time, Longfei finally raised his head and looked at Xiu. He slowly opened his mouth and whispered, Xiu, give me another chance. I will try my best to move forward with my dream.
In just a few words, the mood of Xiu and others suddenly jumped from the deep valley to the sky. Master, I am not mistaken about you. You will certainly succeed. I am willing to give you my strength to yearn for the same. Difficulties and setbacks are firm. When you are together, when Xiu and others are extremely excited, a whirlwind suddenly breaks out in dragonfly’s body and suddenly blows Xiu and others to one side.
What’s the matter? When Longfei Xiu and others are indecisive and uncertain, a strong voice suddenly comes from Longfei’s mind. Your frustration solution has been recognized by the flame elves. From now on, the second seal of the flame God King will be lifted.
Impossible, absolutely impossible, Pluto once said that in my body, the power of the divine world will be all news, and my power can no longer be lifted up in the clouds by unsealing, and the dragonfly shouted at the unknown madness
Hehe, the contract. Oh, those are just the gadgets of the younger generation. How can the real divine power be controlled by them? Even the great creator God wants mankind to change everything at will after concluding the contract. Otherwise, our divine world will not become a mess and appear different at one time. This time, the flame Lord God is wearing a reddish dress and his hair has been tied behind his head.
Is this really the case? Then can I still greatly improve my combat capability after unsealing the seal? Dragonfly wondered, staring at the Lord God and saying, "Don’t go to Inlo." The spirit medium of the Lord God is in your body. Can you get the strength from them without practicing? But now that the spirit medium of your body has disappeared, they can no longer perceive the power demand in your body, so you can obtain the strength you need from all things in the world through continuous efforts, the flame god still said softly.
Here’s the thing. When Dragonfly understood the meaning of the Flame God King, he said, in fact, when your physical strength was forcibly solved by Pluto, our four main gods had discussed whether to let you continue to hold the celestial power. In the end, everyone agreed that although you have many shortcomings, you are naturally endowed with convincing charm, which will greatly help us to recover the celestial power. We are still willing to give you the power, but since you have lost your current master, we will not give you the magic property, but teach you martial arts to the other three main gods instead.
What do the other three gods want to see me about a seal? Can’t I see one of you? Dragonfly asked doubtfully. Cut the crap. The rest of the gods will tell you to take it. The king of fire gods suddenly rushed at dragonfly with a fierce inflammation from his body. Dragonfly was not prepared at all. This powerful martial arts opponent was immediately hit by quarrelling and his body was shot dozens of meters away.
Haha, how is it? Take your strength or I’ll smash you into pieces. After laughing wildly, the King of Flame said to Dragonfly, Look at the King of Flame. This teaching method immediately reminds Dragonfly of being tortured by the principal in Worship House.
Although he knew that he was no match for the Flame God King, Dragonfly’s unyielding personality made him turn over and stride forward. Now, in his right palm, it seems that he is preparing his strongest move to accept the challenge.
Dragonfly Flame God King’s battle is still going on, but Xiu and others have already taken off the whirlwind. At this moment, the whirlwind around Dragonfly’s body is no longer the kind of force that turns around, but it will be surrounded by Dragonfly’s body like a cocoon. Xiu and others are also trying to get close to that whirlwind, but they will attack them as soon as they approach the three-meter whirlwind and ask them to retreat from this range. The whirlwind will also stop.
Brother Xiu, what the hell is going on? Evergreen didn’t say that after a period of meditation, he said cautiously that there had been many adventures before the master. I think this may be one of them. Leave him alone for a while. I think you are exhausted, too. Let’s take a day off here today.
All right, then I’ll arrange for the troops to take Hugh Changqing and think about repairing. I’ll also leave Xiang Ling for lunch. You stay here and observe the master’s situation. I’ll order the troops to take any questions and inform me immediately. After Changqing left, he said to Xiang Ling.
No problem, you go ahead, boss. Just give me Xiang Ling’s funny hand, raise it and make a salute, and then answer Dawn. That will be troublesome for you. Respond to Xiang Ling’s post-repair, stare at the air again, and then turn around and head for the big army.
The outside world is in a dreamland for just a few tens of seconds, but the dragonfly has already broken, and its hair is more than one meter long. Uncle, why can’t I fight with you and shoot the dragonfly from the palm of my hand, chest and legs like you? Asked the fire god king.
Fools are so easy to follow one’s inclinations, then what do I want you to stay here for three years? The flame god king scolded, feed, feed, and don’t always call me a fool. I’m already very content, said Dragonfly dissatisfied
I also told you not to call me uncle. You still told the flame god king to sit leisurely in the clouds and say, well, no matter what you should tell me, you can’t argue at will. Dragonfly obviously doesn’t want to argue any more. Well, it’s time for the flame god king to nod slightly and then say, show me a grudge first.
Grace dragonfly gently nodded and then he didn’t see an object like a flame suddenly blaster from his chest and point-blank nearly hundred meters to dissipate in the air. It was so small that it could launch quarrelling at three seconds, and there was no fatigue after the completion of it. Well, the flame king praised the dark.
Uncle, what do you think? Dragonfly turned to the king of flame and said, It’s ok, right? Did you feel that your strength was consumed quickly during the launch? Although I taught you how to supplement it, it’s still difficult to help the king of flame.
Yes, although it can be supplemented in a few seconds, it seems to reduce your physical strength by one third at the moment of launch. Dragonfly nodded and said that this is the right place. Although I can increase your training time, I can’t actually let you practice for three years and get a deep Qi. The method of supplementing as soon as possible can’t expand your Qi reserve force, so you will find that your Qi is insufficient and you can’t do whatever you want. However, this is also a temporary situation. If you can practice well after leaving the dreamland, you will be able to practice the Qi to a stronger level than you want, and then you will be able to do whatever you want,
Come here, so my dragonfly suddenly turns white. I think it’s right for you. Today is the time for you to leave here to meet another god king. The flame god king whispered that from his tone, the dragonfly can listen to a little disappointment. In fact, he has tasted it again. Isn’t that it?