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It wasn’t long before Meng Qi came to a huge city, which was located on a plain. Meng Qi didn’t know how big it was, but even if he hung in the middle and looked around, he didn’t see where the outline of the city was. The size of the city is self-evident.

The reason why there is such a city in the Dragon Valley is actually very simple. After all, if there are a large number of intelligent creatures, there is a society, and it is inevitable that cities will appear when the society develops to a certain extent.
And now the dragon is not as big as it was in ancient times, as if it could cover the sky.
Of course, many dragons are not small in size now, but they find that huge size is sometimes not very convenient, and terran evolved from huge size after several years of dominance, which seems weak, but it is naturally more beautiful than precision size.
After the experiment, the rest of the demon race also felt that this form was more convenient. Although it sometimes affected their strength, they didn’t live in ancient times where they were fighting all the time.
Although the dragons are not human beings, they are living like human beings. In fact, not only the dragons, but also many demon races make human images.
Of course, some demon families who are not very big don’t like human beings. They still feel more comfortable keeping themselves as they are. For example, the big cat in front of Meng Qi used to mount Meng Qi-Tigress.
Meng Qi went to the place where he had lived for three years after entering this Dragon City. This was the place arranged by Tao Lao Meng Qi. Meng Qi didn’t take Tigress away when the Dragon Valley broke through and then she was leaving.
Because the dragon valley is not only a dragon but also a dragon Lord, in fact, there are many demon families who take refuge in the dragon demon family or seek refuge from the dragon, which far exceeds the number of dragon bodies. However, in the world of uniting, the number has never been the decisive factor, even though the foreign demon family is much more than the dragon, it still cannot change their dependent status.
However, it is much better for Tigress to stay here than to leave with Meng Qi. Although Meng Qi is a very selfish person, he is also a generous person. After learning that Tigress can live better here, Meng Qi asked Tigress to stay.
But Tigress still thinks Meng Qi is her master, and all she does is Meng Qi guarding the house.
After Meng Qi returned to his home in Longcheng, Tigress was greeted at the first time. As before, she was so fluffy that she rubbed Meng Qi’s trouser legs and then looked at Meng Qi with flattering eyes as if she were begging for the science of uniting Lingshi Miracle.
Meng Qi gently touched two Tigress and then walked into the room. There was something that Tao Lao gave to Meng Qi, saying that once Meng Qi wanted to find him, he took it to the west side of Longcheng to find an old man named Zi Qiu, who would find a way to contact him.
And Meng Qi came back here this time to get that thing. Meng Qi also planned to take it with him, but Tao Lao said that it was too easy to expose his identity, which was not conducive to his hiding place in the Black Emperor Sect. Meng Qi left it here.
After getting that thing, Meng Qi went to the west of the city where Tao always said Zi Qiu was.
The purple-haired girl who was just peeped by Meng Qi returned home with a lot of anger and made a temper at a bunch of servants, and then returned to her boudoir.
And those servants who suffered from the accident all looked at each other. They had long been used to this strange-tempered young lady, but it was the first time that they lost their temper like today.
Is there anyone else in Liuzhou who dares to provoke this big lady? Everyone shook their heads and denied the result. Maybe it was estrus recently? At this time, the big lady is really bad-tempered, and a servant thought of it narrowly.
Zixiang is sitting in front of a boudoir full of purple veils, thinking that the damn guy I just met is always calm in my heart, so I must find that guy.
At the thought of being seen naked by that guy, Zixiang’s heart is full of grievances. Although it looks very provocative at ordinary times, Zixiang is actually a pretty girl. She can’t bear this tone when she is seen naked by an obscene man.
Chapter DiErYiQi dragon sex?
Chapter DiErYiQi dragon sex?
But at this time, someone shouted at the door, "Miss Master asked Miss to go to the living room to receive visitors." Zixiang was very bored in her heart. Where was she in the mood to go out and see any messy guests? I didn’t good the spirit and said, "Miss is upset now. I’m not in the mood."
The servant girl outside shook her head after listening to Zixiang’s reply. She had just heard from others that the young lady was in a bad mood. It was only expected that she would be shut out for herself, and since the young lady didn’t want to come out, she needed to go back and leave.
And Zixiang is a fantasy after the servant girl leaves. Once he catches the guy who dares to peek at himself, he will be punished and killed. No, no, no, that’s too cheap for him. If she is to be a slave to the young lady, he can’t survive.
Just when Zixiang fancied that she was happy, the corners of her mouth showed a smile, but the original door was hit, and an old man with a beard of purple and black came in.
The old man smiled and said, "What happened to my little ancestor today? You got so angry as soon as you came back? "
After seeing the old man, Zixiang’s original anger suddenly turned into grievances all over the sky. One was to jump on the old man and cry out. "Grandpa Xianger was bullied by the bad guys."
The old man is always bullied by this girl. Where has he been bullied by others? At that time, the old man was a little curious. What happened?
"What’s the matter? Who dares to bully my fragrant son in this Dragon Valley? Come and tell grandpa to avenge you. "The old man pretended to be very angry and said that in fact, he didn’t believe in purple incense at all.
Hear the old man comfort purple sweet this is stopped crying and will just say it out.
The old man shook his head after listening and said, "You are just being looked at. What’s the matter? Haven’t we always been naked before the dragon changed our bodies? You are confused by the Terran story. "
The old man of Zixiangyuan will be furious when he hears his words, and then he will find it in the whole Dragon Valley to stand out for himself. Who knew the old man would say such words? At that time some froze.
The old man was surprised to see that Zixiang didn’t lose his temper and went on to say, "Well, go out with grandpa and meet the guests. You should know that this young man is not only choosing to cultivate blood, but also knowing a big elder in the clan. Didn’t you always feel that no peers are better than you? Here comes one. Maybe my little Xianger won’t have to have a headache without a spouse this year."
Zixianglai was ready to lose his temper after the reaction, but he was attracted by the old man’s later words. Is there such a person? Which outstanding peer in this Dragon Valley does she not know? Is it from the east? A purple fragrance threw the nasty rogue behind her head and wanted to meet the young man.
Because of what her grandfather said, Zixianggen didn’t think about those things. She didn’t want to find a mate to mate as soon as estrus came, like ordinary people.
She wants to find someone who is stronger than her and is like a hero in a Terran story. She has a vigorous and earth-shattering love for those guys who can’t even beat her. From this point of view, Zixiang is just a naive little girl.
When it comes to estrus, because the dragon is not very high in training, there is a period of estrus every year. Before this time, it is the time when the dragon has no spouse and the brothers look for each other.
Of course, this purely physiological impulse is not so uncontrollable, but it will never be so comfortable to control, so most dragons will not deliberately control it
During this period, every female dragon exudes a wonderful smell that attracts male dragons. This smell is invisible but it is very attractive to male dragons.
The more excellent female dragons give off this kind of breath, the stronger it is, and the purple fragrance is undoubtedly an excellent female dragon. The smell he gives off is irresistible to the temptation caused by a young male dragon.
That’s why Meng Qi will appear at the moment he sees Zixiang. Although Meng Qi is not a pure dragon, he is also a member of the dragon after refining his blood.
However, Meng Qi doesn’t really feel much about the dragon in estrus. After all, human beings are an animal in estrus all year round.
For Meng Qi, who has a human soul, the so-called estrus root is that there is no specific time, which means that he is in estrus all year round …
(If I had Ruowei and Xianer, I would be in estrus 24 hours a day = =)
Of course, this kind of breath is controlled by the female dragon. Generally speaking, at this time, Zixiang will deliberately converge her breath because she has not found a similar one that makes him move.
But just now, she was just splashing around, but I didn’t know that the extreme temptation in front of someone was naturally out of control. In the face of this impulse from the depths of blood, Meng Qi’s fall is actually understandable