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"The world is willing to let us take such a risk. An old house is just an old house. Let’s light it for our trip!"

When the fire burned for three days and three nights, the south Lincheng was burned to the ground. What Mu Qingfeng finally reached the Nangong Jinyu’s ear. He killed him and never thought that Mu Qingfeng was so unconventional. Regardless of the safety of Xiling, he directly attacked his own territory. He even took away all the residents in the south Lincheng. This is to dig his own roots. If you go to the whole Nanyue Wangfu, you will definitely lose your father to help the usurper. Even if you know this, you should let the gangsters kill the people in the south Lincheng. Nangong Jinyu secretly.
"Sir, what can you do about Mu Qingfeng?" At this time, Nangong Jinyu can count on Mr. Zhan. After all, his name is not blown out.
"I wonder how General Chen Mi attacked Xiling?" Mr. Zhan did not answer directly, but asked about another army in Nanyue.
Hearing Mr. Zhan ask this question, Nangong Jinyu looks even uglier. Fortunately, Mr. Zhan is not an outsider, so Nangong Jinyu intends to tell the truth. "It’s not ideal. Xiling people don’t know who instructed them to strengthen the wall. All the people gathered in some big cities. General Chen Mi intends to follow the example of Rongcheng, the king of Xiling attacked by Mu Qingfeng to attract their attention, but he didn’t expect to be blocked by an unnamed veteran. Now they are stretched out."
"Veteran? Isn’t it called Hua Yong? " Mr. Zhan thinks that the whole Xiling Palace can be called a veteran, so he is a veteran. For Mr. Hua Yong, he is very well-organized in defense, and it is a headache to defend himself like an iron bucket when he drills at ordinary times.
"Sir Also know this person? That’s right, General. It’s what this is called "Hua Yong Ren". Nangong Jinyu almost forgot his confidant, but it’s from Yu Ling Wangfu. What are the people inside good at? Who knows better than him? If you let him go with Chen Mi, it might be a different ending.
"Hua Yong, who is called the’ iron wall’ of Xiling, is afraid that the whole Xiling is second to none in defense. In the grassland war of that year, he abruptly held 10,000 cavalry with this 3,000 foot soldiers, and when the troops retreated enough, General Chen even couldn’t please." Mr. Zhan touched himself.
"I think General Chen is a man who knows how to advance and retreat. Now the situation is not good. He should make a correct judgment. After all, his army in hand is not eaten in Xiling now." Looking at Nangong Jinyu, he is still worried. Mr. Zhan relieved that although he did not join Nanyue Wanfu for a long time, Chen Mi himself still heard about it. At the age of 16, he joined the army from a famous pawn to the position of commander-in-chief of the three armed forces. It is impossible without enough courage and courage.
In fact, now Chen Mi has some headaches. The Nangong strategy is very relevant. If it is common sense, he should have beaten Rongcheng by now. But at present, this veteran doesn’t know what monster has blocked himself for several days with 20,000 or 30,000 people and a bunch of ordinary residents. It’s not good to go like this. You know, their food is not so abundant.
"General, the old man still refused to fight against the end of his voice, and he was almost dumb, and he didn’t see their reaction." A general with bloodshot eyes came to report that the general was marching and fighting in general, but his mouth was particularly fierce. No one can beat him in quarreling in the camp. Chen Mi expected him to scold Hua Yong and tell the truth about his first world war. This teenager was ugly and nasty. At the age of three, he peeked at the widow’s bath and was caught at the age of five. Anyway, Chen Mi thought that if he scolded himself, he would be angry with his parents. I’m sure I can’t help it. I didn’t expect that Huayonggen didn’t care how many times Chen Mi actually saw Huayong. It was interesting to watch the border people scold himself. From that moment, Chen Mi knew that this recruit was not opposite Huayong, and his face was thicker than the wall.
After Muqingfeng told Chen Mi by flying pigeons in the south Lincheng, Chen Mi knew that he couldn’t surf here any more. Xiling couldn’t fight slowly, but if the people in Nanyue were taken away by Muqingfeng, I’m afraid that even if their army attacked Rongcheng, it would not pay off. Seeing here, not only did some Pemuqingfeng do things at an early age in Chen Mi, but they were so determined that they had to move troops back to the DPRK. Of course, the residents in the south Lincheng planned to follow Muqingfeng themselves, and they learned about it.
"General, we can retreat? Rongcheng sees that the city is about to break. Isn’t it hard for so many days to give up halfway now? " At the meeting heard Chen Mi going to the nangongshan some anxious asked.
"General Nangong, which eyes do you see that Rongcheng City is about to break? Our warriors have attacked the wall several times, and each time they dare to come. Besides, can we still have a good record? I know this thing is your suggestion, but I don’t know it’s stupid. "At this time, Chen Mi didn’t intend to leave him many noodles
People around us all lost their breath when they heard that the general was going to withdraw troops. To be honest, this place didn’t want to stay for a day and wanted to rob it well in Xiling. I don’t know where the Xiling people received the wind, but they were all huddled together, except for the bedroom. Some small cities themselves could be called, but General Chen Mi forced Mu Qingfeng to return to the city and actually attacked Rongcheng like the Iron King. As a result, the efforts were not flattering. Rongcheng didn’t call himself to the south, but it was a good result.
"General, although I hate to say this, we have too many people and infantry owners, and we don’t have enough food and grass. Will we come back like this? Don’t know that Xiling is out, but Xiling fighters are known as the’ First Cavalry in Summer’. Can we catch them?" A general sitting in a deputy has his own doubts. In his view, withdrawing troops now may not achieve the expected effect of Chen Mi.
"When I said we were going to pursue the cavalry? My request is that we can return to Daliangzhou safely, but I will not care about other things. "Chen Mi’s decision exceeded most people’s expectations.
"I know what you’re going to say. Are you worried that the so-called Ling Wang Shi has turned our big Liangzhou upside down? I said, have you forgotten anything important? We still have that man in Nanyue. "
At this time, everyone guessed one thing, something that everyone ignored for many years. At this time, everyone was either obeying the general Chen Mi or the Nangong Jinyu. They all forgot that Nanyue still had a figure who could handle it, that is, the only Nanyue king who is still in the position of the four kings Nangong Jinyu-Nangong Lin Xuan.
At the same time, sitting in a luxurious big bed in Nanyue Wangfu, a middle-aged man slowly pushed several naked beautiful women around him. He picked up his cloak from the bed and ate his feet and went to the room.
On the room table, there is news that has just arrived. Everyone in Nanyue Wangfu knows that his report must not disturb him when he is having fun. Everyone who has made this mistake is dead.
However, the curious thing is that although Lin Xuan in Nangong is a lecherous woman, there has never been a new mistress in Nanyue since the death of her mother in Nangong Jinyu. These beautiful women are just playthings for Lin Xuan in Nangong, and when they are tired of playing, they will be rewarded with their own marital status.
At this time, the Nangong Lin Xuan looks different, just lazy and idle. Now his eyes are as sharp as an eagle. Although he is not young, his head can’t see a single gray hair. He doesn’t like to tie his hair up, just like he doesn’t like being restrained. He is tall and slender, but he is not rude and arrogant. He feels that he is alone and proud of heaven and earth. In fact, the four kings, the North Prince Yan, are too conservative, and the East King Lu is too angry to have this Nanyue King-Nangong Lin Xuan is the South King. Gong Linxuan loves himself very much. The Nangong Jinyu Institute has gradually given him benefits over the years, but this does not mean that the all-powerful Nanyue King withdrew from the Jianghu. It is exaggerated to say that after the Northern Expedition, if Nangong Lin Xuan had the mind to compete for the throne, maybe the summer would be in his pocket now.
"Young people are too impulsive to do things after all. Saving the people in South Lincheng will shake our Nanyue foundation. It’s ridiculous. Since you like saving people, I’ll let you save a good one." The Nangong Lin Xuan put a file and walked directly to the door. "Zhuo is in charge of which oppressed place in South Lincheng is closest to them now? They will definitely take the road with so many people. "
"Report back that the report is probably a few border towns except the south Lincheng, where our soldiers and officials are somewhat greedy and it is difficult to pay taxes …" The indifferent guard replied that Nanyue Wangfu has a large sphere of influence and it is impossible for ordinary people to tell the surrounding situation so easily.
"Very well, my son usurped the throne, and all the soldiers and civilians in the south Lincheng followed Wang Shihui to Xiling. It is better to let all the oppressed people know that in addition, inform those places that the defenders are oppressed in a malicious way. If the people flee, they don’t have to stop it." The Nangong Lin Xuanda made a seemingly desperate order.
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However, it seems that there is no problem for Zhuo to directly walk out of the room and reach a new order from the sovereign. In fact, Zhuo has been with Nangong Lin Xuan for a day or two. He knows that his sovereign must have his reasons for doing so.
In Lin Xuan, Nangong, arrangements were made to deal with Muqingfeng and his party. As usual, Mr. Zhan came out of the Nangong Jinyu Royal Garden and bought a pot of good wine directly in the street shop and went straight to the prison.
It is said that he never knew that Muqingfeng was a princess, and that after Jiang Yun’s death, the king of Ling Zhan Yu Jiang and Mr. Zhan seemed to have forgotten each other’s identity for the time being, and that Mr. Zhan, who had profound hatred, always went to see Muqingfeng with wine after he left the imperial house, and told him the information of Muqingfeng by the way, and the king of Ling Zhan Yu Jiang was no longer silent as before. He would discuss with Mr. Zhan whether what Muqingfeng did was reasonable or not. If it weren’t for being in the prison, people would think that they were close friends, in fact, they would never
"It seems that Mu Qingfeng must have caused you a lot of trouble." Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang patted the cell door. "Are you at least half an hour late than usual? Is Mu Qingfeng so smelly and unconventional?"
"Report even in jail, but the sense of smell is sharper than right. Mu Qingfeng’s recent action is simply unexpected. Instead of taking charge of the Nanyue Wangfu army in the Xiling boundary, he took the report’s proudest Xiling fighters to make a scene in Daliangzhou, not only burning the south Lincheng to white land, but also taking all the people away. It is estimated that it is almost the Xiling boundary now. What should I say? Is it a tiger father dog? " Mr. Zhan said as Ling Wang filled his glass.
Surprisingly, for the first time, Ling Wang didn’t drink it all at once, and didn’t lift the bowl. Seeing him like this, Mr. Zhan was naturally white.
"Report who do not good enough? You know, you and I may not be able to do such touching things at his age. "Mr. Zhan really appreciates what Mu Qingfeng saw. When Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang didn’t drink, he filled his glass and tossed it off.
"It’s because he did so well that I don’t trust to know that he is still too young. This battle has been going well all the time, even to disturb a long-dormant figure to eat a big loss." Ling Wang slowly raised his glass.
"You mean Lin Xuan of Nan Gong, the king of Nanyue?" Mr. Zhan’s reaction can make Ling Wang so afraid that he was once able to compete for the four kings’ head, Nanyue Wang Nangong Linxuan.
It’s not that Mr. Zhan hasn’t seen the so-called Nanyue King in the big tent when Nangong Lin Xuan was discussing the military situation when the Northern Expedition was smooth. At that time, he didn’t say much and gave people a sense of let the right one in, but he didn’t make any mistakes when he was assigned to him
"Among those who have played against me or want to play against me over the years, what I am most afraid of is that there are not many words." Ling Wang slowly put his glass. "There is one thing I can’t compare with him."
Open ling Wang Dian will claim to be inferior to others. I’m really curious. I wonder what the report says he can’t compare with him? "I heard that few people said that Mr. Zhan was interested.
"I can’t compare with him who used unscrupulous means to attract those grassland cavalry into the encirclement. He actually used a town resident as bait. In the end, although the grassland cavalry was wiped out, there was no living person in that town. At that time, I didn’t like his way of fighting, but I have to admit that sometimes that kind of cruelty is really hard to prevent." I didn’t know what Nanyue Wang could be compared with Ling Wang until I heard Ling Wang explain that Mr. Zhan was longer.
Both of them fell silent in the prison, and neither of them knew what to say.
At the same time, the Nangong Lin Xuan command finally reached the border town. Although I don’t know what will issue such an order, for those people who have learned from ordinary people, I am still worried that the report letter is coming to settle accounts with themselves. I didn’t expect that it was actually for myself. Is Nangong Jinyu usurping the throne? Is the people in the south Lincheng running away with Muqingfeng and what they have?
"Come on, come on, go and call Captain Zhang. It’s time for us to get rich." Seeing the letter, the town magistrate didn’t even come to wear clothes, so he quickly sent his hand to find a bully in the town.
"Your honor, you know I’m working tonight. I managed to rob Zhao’s daughter back. It’s just entered the bridal chamber. What are you doing calling me here in a hurry? What can be important in the middle of the night? " Captain Zhang in the magistrate’s mouth looked unwilling.
"You idiot, look at what this is. The report just sent it to me from the capital." The magistrate didn’t pass the homing pigeon to Captain Zhang.
"Ha ha, it’s a godsend. I’ve long seen that Mr. Zhao is not pleasing to the eye. It’s just a woman who still dares to talk to me. Since the report makes me a little presumptuous, I’m not at all welcome. I’ll take someone to copy Mr. Zhao’s old-fashioned adult’s 70% and my 30%." Captain Zhang finally went with his fuels.
On the evening of that day, a family of thirty-one members of Zhao’s family was still alive. The woman who was robbed by captain Zhang heard of the tragic incident in her home and threw herself into the well early the next morning. It was even more unexpected that the county magistrate actually posted an article saying that Nangong Jinyu had usurped the throne and said that a teacher of Zhao’s family, Nangong Jinyu, had betrayed the party. What he did was to give the summer a bright future.
Everyone knows that Mr. Zhao’s family has never seen the Nangong Jinyu, but another thing in the official document has attracted everyone’s attention, that is, everyone in the south Lincheng is following the Xiling army away from Daliangzhou. Of course, people who have found clues can’t be tolerated for this kind of treason. Of course, this is another situation in the ears of the oppressed people. It’s not far from the south Lincheng, and the people there are worse off than their own. They can actually follow the Xiling army away from Daliangzhou ..
The people like the cloud the most. Since the people in the south Lincheng set an example, many people have been thinking about it, so many big families have sent their capable brothers to find out the news. When they learned that Mu Qingfeng and them are not far away, they all went to the heart.
County magistrate and captain Zhang used to do more and more things, but they knew how to cover it up before, and now they directly robbed it, and finally they had the first escape in such a high pressure.
At this time, Muqingfeng is taking the people in the south of the city to speed up the drive to Xiling, but even in the high-speed people, there are many women and children who will not go after all. On this night, Muqingfeng is discussing with Muchongshan and they are like leaving Daliangzhou, but they hear that the guards have come to report that Elder Jia has brought people to find themselves.
The so-called elder Jia is the elder who went out in the south Lincheng that day to follow him to Xiling.
"Shidian, this is my distant relative. Their town can’t stand the persecution of Nanyue Palace and wants to come back to Xiling with us. What do you think?" Elder Jia doesn’t know anything about military affairs. In his opinion, it is natural for his clan to help itself if it is in trouble.
I heard from Elder Jia that since you are going to take them back to Xiling, can you take us the No.100 people? We can’t live in Daliangzhou, so please give us a chance to live! "See this person is said in the middle of the ling wang that defected to the clan patriarch hurriedly knelt and kowtowed.
It’s not that he hesitated when he saw the civilians Muqingfeng in front of him. It’s nothing that Muqingfeng felt that it would never be so simple if from ruin took this hundred people.
In the end, Muqingfeng refused them, and everyone who had just attended the meeting stayed when Elder Jia left here with his distant relatives happily.
"Staying is just bringing hundreds more people. What do you think of your preoccupation? Is it because they have problems?" Who else can stay at Muqingfeng’s home except Xuelian?
"They don’t have a problem, but I feel that this matter is not simple. It seems that someone deliberately took us away from the people in the South Lincheng. I feel that coming to our people like this will probably continue when the time comes …" Mu Qingfeng didn’t finish his words, but everyone knows that the result of such a thing is that his marching speed will be greatly dragged down and will be driven by the Nanyue Wangfu army.
"Otherwise, we should forget about these people. Anyway, they are not our Xiling people. It’s not far from our Xiling boundary here. They should get by themselves." Yan Yun directly said that in the past two days, seeing their proud cavalry speed like a snail has long been unbearable.
"Don’t talk nonsense, Yan Yun. We promised to take them back to Xiling. Now we give up halfway and know how big a blow it is for us to go out? And if these people are chased by Nanyue Wangfu army, do you think there are still a few people left? If they are absolutely ridiculous, you say that the responsibility lies with Nangong Jinyu or with us. "Mu Chongshan knows that abandoning the people is the best choice, but he must not do this before the sense of honor.
tie down
However, the development of things was beyond Mu Qingfeng’s expectation. In Nangong Lin Xuan, more and more people were deliberately squeezed to join the Xiling army. Because there were people in the south Lincheng as an example, Mu Qingfeng couldn’t say no, so their marching speed was getting slower and slower. Looking at the border at hand, the people considered Mu Qingfeng and had to slow down the already unhappy marching speed again. Of course, if things were so simple, it would be nice if those people who had just arrived in the south Lincheng were different. They didn’t bring their own wealth, not to mention. After two or three days, there was a shortage of food. You know, there are also good and bad people. Some people are hungry, so they set their sights on the women and children in South Lincheng. Because of several large-scale wars, there are not many mature men in South Lincheng, and those disputes have a growing trend.
"The world has just had another food robbery. A group of people who don’t know where to eat their stomachs actually badly wounded a widow in South Lincheng. Elder Jia was angry, but he was also injured when he took people to the theory." Mu Chongshan brought this news, which is definitely adding snow and frost. If this matter is not solved early, I’m afraid it will cause chaos if I don’t return to Xiling.
Muqingfeng heard that he couldn’t sit still any longer. He directly took Xuelian and them to the people’s gathering place. He first came to the place where Elder Jia was. Looking at this old man who was over 70 years old but was beaten to death, Muqingfeng didn’t know what to say.
"The old man has no face to see you. Come and see, everyone is the same clan. Give them a hand. Who knows that such a mess has happened? Otherwise, you should leave them alone and let them die." Elder Jia remembered that what had just happened was angry, but for a few young people who protected themselves, they might have just been killed.