1, Jun 2024
Say that finish Zhao Hu fists attack without reservation.

"Bang …"
A punch went straight to the right face of Miao Ugly.
His head was like being knocked unconscious, and his right face soon swelled up.
Then he punched him in the left face.
Miu Ugly’s head buzzes and he sees stars.
The left face soon swelled up and turned blue and purple.
"Bang …"
Fists are like raindrops hitting Miao Ugly’s body everywhere.
His body kept twisting and shaking, and his mouth was full of screams.
Zhao Hucai stopped for ten minutes and nodded his head with satisfaction.
"What about the tiger?" Muhai smiled and said
"Uncle, I feel much better" Zhao Hu nodded with a smile.
"That’s good," Muhai patted Zhao Hu on the shoulder. "If you bully someone later, you have to beat him like this yourself!"
"Uncle, don’t worry, I will" Zhao Hu nodded heavily.
"Ouch …"
It took a long time to cry out the ugliness, and he screamed and cried for pain.
The shrill voice made more and more onlookers.
Yu Tai couldn’t help but show his eagerness when he saw this scene.
"Yu Taigang, it’s your turn." Muhai waved.
This makes Miao ugly body jump and tremble violently.
Yu Tai lost an arm yesterday.
If this is returned ten times, wouldn’t it take ten arms? Finally, I was cut into a stick, and even the third leg could not be left.
I can’t help shivering at the thought of this.
Regardless of his pain, he yelled, "Who will save my life? I will guarantee him to join the death squad."
But no one moved everyone like watching a movie.
Yu Tai quickly ran to Muhai’s face and let out his eyes.
"Go ahead, I don’t think it’s better to pay twice as much as ten times. Don’t kill him," Muhai said.
Yu Tai finished his fist and smashed it.
"Ah …"
Samuel, Ugly, Ugly sat up with a blow and fell down again.
Ten punches in a row beat Miao Ugly until he was so weak that he couldn’t understand five things.
If he hadn’t been screaming in his mouth, everyone would have killed him
"Miao Chou Chou’s revenge yesterday is double today."
With that, Yu Tai stretched out his hands and twisted his ugly arm.
"Ah …"
The shrill scream rang all over the west courtyard, and blood poured out from the wound of Miao Ugly’s arm.
"Ah …"
Another arm was pulled out by Yu Taisheng.
Miao Ugly soon fainted.
Muhai stepped forward and stopped Miu Ugly’s wound bleeding with his hands and let him die.
"Muhai, thank you"
Yu tai as electrocuting in front of MuHai respectfully said
"You’re welcome" MuHai smiled.
"Mu …" Yu Tai trembles and seems to have something to say.