31, May 2024
There is an African commentator shouting excitedly "three beams in a row!" Lazio’s three must-score chances all hit the crossbar! Today, the Imperial Capital is in Africa! "

Whether it’s Gezer, Klose or ledesma, there’s a face of "I fucking saw a ghost" at this time.
He always wins on the sidelines and so do other Lazio coaches.
Ever-victorious hands gaped at the inside of the stadium.
Klose raised his arms to cheer for the goal when he jumped up to make up the shot.
That can be thought that fate has given him such a big joke.
He has never seen such a scene even if he is a generation …
The two generations have never seen anything together, but it happened to them …
This is too … He doesn’t know what to say.
He can’t help looking up to heaven again.
But he held back.
Anyway, this time he is sure to achieve the six-time champion.
"My emperor … what is this? Did we hit a ghost today? Or is it that the old man’s house is more supportive of Mazembe today? " Rudy Gonzalez, the assistant coach who always wins, also exclaimed.
Changsheng snorted when he heard his words.
Even if the emperor really comes, he is not afraid of him himself!
Shortly after Lazio hit the crossbar three times in a row, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half-game.
Lazio failed to break the goal of African champion Mazembe until the half-time.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half-game, the commentators exclaimed, "This is an incredible half-game! Mazembe, who is weak, even drew Lazio in the game without losing a goal! "
At the end of the half-time, the Mazembe players were also very excited, and they returned to the dressing room happily.
Many people chat with their teammates when they are still present.
You can tell by their mouths that they must be talking about the three beams in the last minute …
Lazio players, on the other hand, don’t seem to have recovered from three beams. At the same time, many people looked blank.
Have a "ghost" expression.
"Lazio players still can’t figure out why they put the ball on the crossbar twice in a row when facing the door, and then Gatzer shoots it and it’s three crossbeams …"
The commentator said this.
And I am most happy to see Lazio fail to score at half-time and still have such bad luck. Besides African commentators, there are Catalan TV commentators.
Because Barcelona created the record of the six-time champion, they naturally hope that not only the former ancients but also the latecomers …
So the last thing they want is Lazio to win the World Club Cup and become the sixth champion, so that Barcelona’s sixth champion is the only one, and no one will ever be able to stand side by side with them.
Especially in Lazio, there is no Catalan who doesn’t hate winning.
Constant victory is their public enemy
They would be very unhappy if the winning team tied their record.
No matter what you say, you don’t want to win Lazio for six times.
Now he smiles when he sees Lazio’s bad luck today. "Although Pope Benedict XVI received Lazio, he obviously didn’t give them the emperor’s blessing! The performance of African teams is respectable, but Lazio is really unlucky! I don’t think if you lose the game, you will often denounce the problem with the goalpost of Muhammad Zaid Stadium after the game. I believe that he can do it with ordinary people and style! Ha! "
The Lazio fans who flew in from Rome, Italy, were also silent.
Bad idea rose from that depths of their mind.
Are we going to lose this game?
Before the six crowns, there was a Barcelona who did it.
Is this six-time champion really very, very difficult to win? Besides strength, luck is also essential.