30, May 2024
"Deputy team leader I …"

The name XianJun immediately return to absolute being, hurriedly stopped and said, "The sky is high here, and the emperor is far from feather Xianmengen. Don’t you know that we don’t own such a treasure? The big deal is that you get the most points, and the other brothers get more or less points. "
The deep blue streamer spewed from the celestial spirit of Yan Ying, and the polar low temperature instantly dropped to tens of thousands of degrees.
Extremely fairy sword stirs up terror, leaving dark ink marks in the void.
At the beginning of the name, Xian Jun was a big difference from him. Two people were very close apart and didn’t react, so he was smashed into pieces by sword light. The body was immediately frozen into dust by cold but firm but gentle.
The scene suddenly fell into a dead silence. Everyone looked at him in surprise and looked at everyone fiercely. "I said that I can’t move every grass and tree here. The deputy team leader naturally has to obey orders. Anyone who dares to violate the regulations must engage in military law!"
In fact, most people know that things here are not so easy to take away, and everyone will probably be questioned when they go back.
That Xianjun may have been too poor before, but suddenly he saw that the baby was out of control and didn’t think so much, so he wanted to keep it for himself.
But …
"The deputy team leader didn’t forcibly seize Bingyan Xianhe even if he violated the regulations. Just stop him and kill him?"
"That is, we are a whole now, and we have to face up to the fact that we don’t understand the enemy. If we lose one person, we will lose one strength!"
"The laws and regulations are nothing more than human feelings. We are not the younger brothers of Yuxian. We must implement them so seriously?"
"Do you want to rebel? !”
When I heard the crowd talking about Yan Ying, I couldn’t help staring at a group of people with anger and ferocity. "The old man is the deputy team leader, but now the chief executive is always talking. It’s the law. Get out of here. If you don’t make an example today, will you still be against it?"
He pointed the fairy sword at those people who made comments, living a tyrant with a heavy hand.
Some people are opposed to the wicked, and there are usually a group of running dogs around the wicked. As soon as his words stopped, several late immortals jumped out. "You are so bold that you dare to disobey the orders of the deputy team leader. If you are impatient, you will be arrested and dealt with by military law!"
Hula …
A few lackeys shouted, and hundreds of loyal thugs came out to make comments. The faces of those people were grinning.
How dare you say no when everyone else is silent?
After all, the talented person is the appointed deputy team leader, and he also controls the strongest group of immortals in the team, both in name and strength.
"Well …"
Just when those people who talked about the injustice were dying, they were humble, cold, and coughed lightly. "Don’t forget to say that you want to unite before you meet the enemy, and you will kill yourself and push your comrades to the wall. Do you dare to ask the deputy team leader if this is shaking the morale of the army?"
"How dare you … are you?"
When Yan Ying looked around, he found that it was the guy who bowed to himself and sent more than a dozen pieces of extremely immortal stones to calm things down. He suddenly burst out laughing. "You are a sensible person, and now it seems that you will be executed on the spot like these idiots!"
As soon as he ordered there, two late-stage immortals rushed to them. How could they treat Chen Han, who seems to be in the middle-stage immortal realm, as cold?
"Do you want to go back by yourself or lie down?" Chen cold nai shake head wry smile.
"Looking for death!"
The two mid-term immortals obviously got angry with the real fire, emitting amazing immortal power fluctuation energy and turning it into a cover-up.
There is no magic weapon in the realm of the late immortal king
Through the strength and purity of fairy power, the talent increase is less than one order, and the cultivation of mind method and lighter skills is at most moderate.
How arrogant!
"If you want to die, you will help the old man to roll away!"
The difference between the true aura and the Yuan God in the late stage of Chinese Xuanxian surprised everyone. No one thought that he was Chinese Xuanxian, and even more dare not imagine that just Chinese Xuanxian dared to shoot two late immortals. What’s the difference between this and seeking death?
Lingyun sword style-Tianchong!
However, their ideas were instantly denied. In this late stage, the Chinese and Western immortals had a third-order physique, and the wind source Eucharist was born with a great level of talent growth. In contrast, the growth of the two late immortals was less than one level, and this alone shortened the gap between the two sides to less than one level.
Compared with unarmed attack, the extremely fairy weapon has made Chen Han’s fighting power override that of two immortals. What about his fighting skill?
Tough and incredibly concise, it’s by no means a simple third-order constitution. It’s impossible to reach this level unless you practice the divine order method.
That fighting skill is not a divine order?
In the deafening noise, the two late immortals didn’t respond. In the attack that the wind attribute was faster than the flash, they were smashed into pieces by the sword light on the spot.
In the later period, Xianjun killed!
Chen Hanhao retreated and stared at the show with sharp eyes. She said faintly, "By the way, you are not the late immortal king but the immortal emperor. You are better than them. Try to kill me or be killed by the old man."
"Go to hell!"
Surprised and angry, Yan Ying suddenly launched an attack. He knew very well that the other side could kill two late immortals with great luck.
First of all, the two immortals are too weak to underestimate their enemies.
Secondly, the two immortals didn’t even make a magic weapon.
In this case, he can kill two people easily, which is not surprising.
Even if the other party has a magic weapon, he also has it. Even if the other party has a third-order physique and a magical skill, he is four orders higher than him, and there is also an increase in talent. From the perspective of comprehensive combat power, he is still slightly higher than Chen Han. If he hadn’t killed this strong guy today, what prestige would he have?
"The world is to have those dead goods alas ….. fairy emperor is great? Still not slaughtering goods? "
Chen Yan didn’t mean to start work. His words made everyone look horrified. Even if Chen Han showed such a powerful force, could he still kill the early immortal emperor after all?
Ice and cold training roared across the long distance, and the surrounding emptiness was almost frozen into powder in the extreme low temperature. The water attribute method cultivated by Yan Ying was transformed into homologous ice, which had incredible attack power.
Just when they were full of doubts about Chen’s cold performance, they saw that the floating Xianjian on his head didn’t start, and a three-finger wide combat knife appeared in his hand.
Sharp breath!
Heavy breath!
Violent breath!
This is … HarmonyOS magic breath!
At the same time, he appeared with a whole set of weapons and equipment, in addition to the incredible two-layer fairy suit armor, as well as combat boots, knee pads and elbow pads, all of which were extremely fairy.
Crack-Shen Xia chop!