11, Jul 2024
After all, I failed to cut off Wei Yiyang’s head!

"Black water is frozen!"
Wang Shuzi drank a "hissing" sound, and the two water marks on Wei Yiyang’s forehead and cheeks changed!
A large number of black fog is constantly transpiration and instantly covers Wei Yiyang!
And that ripple was like a knife and axe carving, which deeply printed Wei Yiyang’s forehead and cheeks!
There are so many wrinkles on his face that he adds a few strokes of heavy ink for no reason!
Wei Yiyang immediately stopped moving, as if he were frozen and did not even move his eyes.
I grabbed my hand and rushed to pick up the soap and white pen, but Mu Qianqian pulled me back quickly and said, "Don’t come near danger!"
The three of us stepped back several steps before we fixed our eyes on Wei Yiyang.
"Are we successful?" Looking at Wei Yiyang still motionless, I said to myself in disbelief
I hit it with one blow, but I didn’t cut off Wei Yiyang’s head, but I pulled a big mouth! And Wang Shuzi water ripple operator also accurately and mistakenly posted Wei Yi Yang! What is even more unexpected is that Mu Qian’s sword also stabbed Wei Yiyang in the chest!
But I still can’t believe that Wei Yiyang was destroyed because of this!
After all, the strength gap can’t be bridged by sneak attack.
What’s more, at this moment, Wei Yiyang is rigid and has not gone up in smoke.
"Brother, can your Beaufort kill him?" I asked Wang Shuzi way
"I don’t know." Wang Shuzi and I looked at each other and then stared at the hospital. Mu Qianqian was also staring at Wei Yiyang for a moment.
I’d like to make up a gold floss, but Wei Yi Yang hit a great stone just now! My left hand is up now!
"Boss!" In the distance, he was fighting with Zhong Long. Wei Yiang shouted angrily and launched several offensives. It seemed that he was trying to push Zhong Long back and then rushed over, but he was blocked by Zhong Long. Zhong Long’s strength was not weaker than Wei Yiang’s. At this moment, Wei Yiang’s mind was in a mess, and Zhong Long was in power and tide wait for no man. Where can he escape?
Zhong Long gleefully laughed as he attacked more rapidly. "Hey hey … the hard way! Today, you two evil spirits are even planted! Liancheng will definitely step on the old Yinshan Mountain! "
Zhong Long was tearing his hair out about Wei Yi’s anger while playing, and he almost spit out one mouthful ghost blood.
All the people in Liancheng saw that their morale was high and they stormed the old Yinshan ghost soldiers losing ground.
"Big Brother!"
Wei Yiang shouted
"Miss Mu, let’s go and kill Wei Yiang, too?" I looked muqian way
MuQian caught a glimpse of my hand. "Are you okay? I saw you hit by Wei Yiyang’s stone on your wrist! The old Yinshan flying stone technique is quite powerful! "
"It’s okay" I smiled. "It’s worth it if Wei Yiyang can’t touch me again …"
I opened my eyes wide before I finished, because I suddenly heard a "hissing" sound coming from Wei Yiyang!
Take a closer look at Wei Yiyang’s forehead and cheeks, which have been deeply engraved for two miles, and the ripples have actually emitted black smoke!
The original black ripple slowly turns yellow and zooms at this moment!
"What’s the matter?" I took a startled look at Wang Shuzi. "Why does this look like it’s turned to ash?"
I just finished this sentence. Two strands of dark yellow smoke suddenly shot up and hid the two deeply imprinted water ripples into a void!
I suddenly felt dizzy, so I turned out to be a crow mouth? !
"What should I do?" Muqianqian also face big change looked at the dark yellow smoke anxiously asked.
"Post it again!" I shouted to Wang Shuzi, "Stick the wave symbol again!"
"Without your strength, how can I have earth and water?" Wei Yiyang suddenly spoke. He was no longer stiff.
He smiled deeply and moved his wrist, twisted his arm and twisted his waist, but strangely, his half was motionless.
This Wei Yiyang …
I suddenly realized that he was cheating us!
If it hadn’t been for him, he would have done it already. Why talk so much nonsense?
And he didn’t move, but he showed his bottom. This smart guy can’t move his legs!
At this time, he has not finished the ability of the recovery department!
"B-brother posted him!" I shouted wildly, and then shouted at Mu Qian, "Miss Mu, don’t move with this brush pen and don’t touch anywhere else!"
Muqian nodded and took the pen from me. I couldn’t move my left hand. My right hand was holding the pen and tearing the gold floss. I ran to Wei Yiyang quickly!
Wei Yiyang still hasn’t moved there, but her pupil has shrunk to the size of a needle eye!