10, Jul 2024
At this time, Xia Qingyu was frowning in front of a huge icicle.

Eyes looking at icicles expression is very dignified as if met with great difficulties.
Elder Bai flew in, and his tone of excitement was hard to hide. "Little palace master, little palace master, look who’s here!"
Xia Qingyu has heard the break, but it’s just that the monk in the holy palace didn’t pay much attention to it. Smell speech can’t help but look behind the white elders.
Then she saw that she often met Sun Hao in her dreams and those comrades who had fought together in the burial day market around Sun Hao.
In my heart, inexplicably, I feel that I have a backbone and a smile. The whole world of ice and snow suddenly gives people a feeling that flowers are beautiful. I feel that my teeth are light and summer rain is light and I call out, "Little Hao Ge Guan Zhu Que Long Chan Dangkang, you are here …"
Good long emerged from behind "and being original"
Xia Qingyu nodded. "Oh, the Taoist priest is here!"
Xue Jiemeng followed out. "Little Palace Master, he hasn’t entered the palace yet!"
Xia Qingyu stunned and naturally said, "Then you can recover it by Xiaomeng!"
Good long …
At this time, Sun Hao’s arms fell in front of Xia Qingyu and said with a smile, "Don’t be ill in the past for decades."
Xia Qingyu has tears in her eyes, but more happiness. "Well, little Hao Ge, you finally came to see me again."
Sun Hao nodded. "Well, when I came to Wanshun Mountain to suppress the magic abyss, I didn’t feel lonely. My predecessors entrusted me to visit the Far North on a whim. Isn’t this coming without stopping?"
Xia Qingyu face a surprised "my master, he is like now? What about the magic disaster on the Island of Soul? "
Zhu Pang coughed and said, "Ten Thousand Souls Mountain is a good news for the mainland calendar. On May 5, 2016, Sun Haosun, the young master of Ten Thousand Souls, defeated the enemy with great success in Chenxiang Leigu; Thunder soul sea triumph … "
After listening to the intelligence of Zhu Pang’s ten thousand souls mountain with pious expression, the holy palace brother can’t help but get a big boost, especially when the younger girls heard Sun Haohehe’s meritorious military service, several little stars appeared in their eyes.
Snow-clean dream is very cheering, "It’s really my holy palace, Master Xu. It’s really terrible …"
Even the Taoist priest, who has always played around, couldn’t help calling "Be a good contemporary" after hearing Sun Hao’s record for the first time.
When Zhu Pang finished speaking, Sun Hao finally added, "Little Brother Xiaoyu, your master is not alone, and my master is not drunk. The suppression of the magic abyss has rushed into the bottom of the mountain of all souls, and the fairy class and the temple of all souls are temporarily in my custody."
Xue Jie dreamed, "Wow, isn’t Master Xu the best in the world?"
On-the-spot monk Qiqi one leng suddenly thought that it was not now that the five little monks Qiqi couldn’t get away. Isn’t it a theory of strength status? This is like a young monk who has reached the top of the mainland?
In time, maybe he will become one of those monks who transcends the Five Little Monks.
Sun Hao smiled at Xue Jie’s dream and glanced at Liang Daochang. He said, "Aquilaria feels a heavy responsibility, and it is a pair of hardships. Maybe there should be more people of insight and more powerful people to protect the mainland with Aquilaria."
Good long body stiff stiff turned to snow clean dream around and said, "Little dream to discuss you don’t accept me into the palace, I’ll help you …"
Xue Jiemeng quickly said, "No way to get half the fare."
Good long blunt Corleone shrugged and threw a bag "okay, okay, you know the principle of being good, you just can’t do it, you just can’t do it …"
Snow-clean dream happily accepted the bag of gods and swept away and exclaimed "developed"
Sun Hao secretly shook his head and turned to look at Xia Qingyu and asked softly, "What’s wrong with Xiaoyu icicles?"
Sun Hao went to icicle Xia Qingyu and suddenly his face sank. He said with a heavy tone, "I don’t know why icicles are damaged, and this damage has gradually expanded. There are about 20% icicles, so once they break more than 30%, they will really shake the foundation of my ice and snow sacred mountain."
Sun Hao hesitated a mouthful and said, "Rain or shine, can you give me a detailed introduction to the situation of the magic disaster in the Arctic and when there is a problem with icicles?" When will it get worse? "