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Jiang Liangping doesn’t know what to say.
Wu Anxiang thinks it’s time.
"Do you order or not?"
Jiang Liangping is still silent
"You don’t make me make it!"
WuAnXiang roar loud immediately to the surrounding soldiers "attack! Attack me! Attack! ! !”
Wu Anxiang ordered Darling soldiers to hesitate and didn’t know what to do. They all looked at Jiang Liangping.
Jiang Liangping bowed his head and fell silent.
"I am a river city instructor identity is equivalent to lieutenant, not by me! Those who don’t respect orders will be dealt with by military law! Do you dare to violate the military law? "
Wu Anxiang roared, which made the soldiers wake up one after another and ran to Dawu Anxiang to attack the order. Some people sounded the drums to make the army fight.
This burst of drums really scared 8 jin j to stare big eyes and worried that the Guangfu army would attack them, but it didn’t.
Chengtou drum thought for a long time without an arrow coming.
8 jin j this just rest assured to move on thinking just now is just ChengTou Guangfu army mystifying.
However, the fact is that none of the soldiers who ordered Dacheng Tou were willing to take the lead in attacking, and they all hesitated.
"Military orders! Those who violate military orders! Military punishment! Do you want to violate the military law? !”
Wu Anxiang personally arrived at the front line of Chengtou and ordered the Chengtou garrison to attack, but the Chengtou garrison was silent and his eyes dodged, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.
Seeing this, Wu Anxiang made a sudden snatch and grabbed a bed crossbow. The hammer in his hand held high and smashed a loud noise. A bed crossbow and a big arrow came crashing out of Chengtou.
This sign is just a big arrow, which is not helping the gunpowder barrel rocket, but this Jin Jun seems to be a sign that Chengtou Guangfu Army launched an attack.
Their hearts were tense and the string broke.
The tense battlefield suddenly became lively.
8 jin j launched an attack, and ChengTou was violently attacked by 8 jin j, and the soldiers of the Guangfu Army began to fight back as a conditioned reflex.
The two sides seem to have completely forgotten the deadly game they played just now.
A conspiratorial attack soon became a life-and-death offensive and defensive war, and everything went back to the original point.
Chapter 416 He paid
Perhaps because of dissatisfaction and hatred for the despicable means of 8 Jin J, the soldiers of the Guangfu Army attacked more fiercely and faster after being forced to break.
And the city 8 jin j although also quickly launched a counterattack, but because more or less they carry people hit the array, the attack efficiency is greatly hindered, which is equal to being attacked twice.
In less than an hour, 8 jin j this round is bound to attack the end face rout to leave a body.
They can’t hold on. There are too many casualties. The Guangfu Army attacked too hard.
Instead of stopping people, the crossbow and chopping of the team increased a lot, trampling on each other and further increasing casualties
What is even more frightening is that Jiang Liangping immediately made the drum roll open the city gate and sent troops to attack when he saw the 8 Jin Army chaos.
More than a thousand soldiers of the Guangfu Army rushed out of the city with kindling to hunt down the defeated troops of 8 Jin Army, further disrupting the battlefield, killing the moat in one breath, conveniently taking 8 Jin Army away from the siege equipment department, spreading fire oil and lighting the fire.
Then, before 8 Jin j cavalry arrived, they decisively retreated into the city and completed this successful attack.
Seeing that the situation law controlled and prevented a mutiny, Yan Hong ran to see that he was the first to compromise with the routed troops, sounded the golden bell to retreat and turned the rout into a military retreat without causing a mutiny.
When Yan Hongliang saw the Guangfu Army chasing out of the city, he roared for 8 Jin Army cavalry to attack and kill the Guangfu Army soldiers out of the city and take the opportunity to break the city.
However, the cavalry’s attack route was blocked by the routed troops, and they chopped their way out left and right. When they arrived at the city, the gate was closed to meet them, and the arrows were like rain.
This time, the operation failed, and the loss was particularly large. Not to mention the loss of soldiers, the wooden curtain was damaged by the oncoming car, which greatly destroyed the ability of 8 Jin Army to attack the city.
This made Yan Hongliang extremely angry.
He berated Xu Lin for thinking that Xu Lin had delayed his great event, and then ordered the captured men, women and children to be killed to vent their anger.
Yan hong ran to see Xu Lin and hated her teeth. She not only dragged herself into the water, but also failed to achieve the scheduled results and made herself a laughing stock.
Xu Lin suddenly inside and outside is not a person.
However, he still insists that this is still a murderous strategy. The morale of the city’s recovery army has been shaken and will soon face chaos. Then it will not be a problem to take Hecheng.
Xu Lin strongly suggested that Yan Hongliang let the bomb fly for a while and wait a little longer. Maybe there will be unexpected happiness.
Or after a few more visits, things will definitely work wonders before expelling the people. If we persist, we will definitely destroy the river and the defense will definitely collapse the river city.
Not only the river city, but also a strong city in Hebei will collapse with it.
However, Yan Hongliang has no confidence in him, and he has lost too much time when he has no patience to wait. He has no more time.
Yan Hongliang didn’t believe his words and drove him out of the decision-making level. He no longer listened to his suggestion and put him in charge of logistics.
Then Yan Hongliang turned to listen carefully to Yan Hongliang’s military advice and planned to crush the Guangfu Army with absolute strength, and no longer make any thankless policy.
He is in a hurry.
Xu Lin lost power and influence and was anxious. Yan Hongliang gave up the so-called attack method. He was really anxious.
8 jin j’s future suddenly became less bright.