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The strong man stared at the aid beam, and the bigger his figure became, the bigger he turned out to be a monster like a mountain peak. He looked like a giant dog and had five tails, each of which was covered with a layer of cold light with different colors, representing the five elements of wind, water, fire, thunder and earth respectively.

Five-tailed marquis
Aid beam dare not careless zhi out of the East China Sea show bully sword to protect Peng Hou’s brutal nature will shrink five tails and immediately take turns to attack the aid beam shape. Compared with it, it is like a sparrow in front of a tiger being attacked by those five elements and immediately caught in the fire and water, even the figure can’t be seen.
People behind the wind soul looked scared, even the Taoist Master Huo Feng frowned and whispered, "Although the East China Sea Xiuba Sword is an ancient Excalibur, it is not enough to deal with Houhou alone with this sword."
Wind Soul said, "Taoist priest doesn’t worry that Liang Shen is an expert, and his domineering skills can be integrated with each other. These days, I often teach him some magical powers of Taiyi to save the suffering Buddha. Don’t sit up and take notice in three days. I believe he should not lose to Peng Hou."
I saw a figure leaping from the firelight. Liang has bitten Xiuba Sword, and now a kind of dragon is really himself. He exudes amazing momentum. It is the domineering of Xiuba Sword in the East China Sea. Others are integrated into one, regardless of each other. Hou Hou roared. Not only did he continue to attack with five tails, but he also opened his mouth to bite a kind of dragon.
A kind of dragon’s body is like light, flying like a light, showing off the bully sword unexpectedly, and the flight path brings out a series of amazing shock waves. Peng Hou draws several scars and suddenly twists his body to re-create a human figure, showing off the bully sword and then suddenly chopping off a disease light.
Peng Hou tried to escape, but suddenly he stopped there to move it. Those wounds have frozen into ice and frozen its blood.
This East China Sea Xiuba Sword was originally the Excalibur worn by Ying Long, the dragon god in the wild period. Ying Long was holding this sword to help the Yellow Emperor kill Kuafu and slay Chiyou. However, the Yellow Emperor secretly colluded with the Emperor to persecute the dragon afterwards, and four Aojia brothers took refuge in heaven, which made Ying Long finally die tragically.
When Ying Long’s sword was used against Kuafu, it also froze Kuafu’s blood in Jian Zeng and Xuan Bing. Kuafu, a stepmother, had to disperse his body cold and chase the sun to die.
Houhou’s body was frozen, so he got a sword from the aid beam, and the lotus flower splashed. After all, it was a famous monster beast and the essence of the five elements. Seeing that the aid beam was split with a sword, he quickly called out a tornado at the end of the wind and forced himself to take the wind and escape.
It was Peng Hou who defeated Liang successfully in World War I, and this famous monster beast immediately attracted everyone’s applause.
Su Zhanwu turned blue in the uneven lines and sent three gods repeatedly, all of whom were killed by the aid beam.
Wind Soul stepped forward to Su Zhanwu Zun and said, "Su Zhanwu Zun, can you send these characters to die?"
Su Zhanwu Zun was not stimulated, but he said coldly, "It’s dark today and we’ll fight again."
Say that finish will turn a cloud array closed straight to his cloud village recede.
Lien Chan and Lien Jie, the signing of Liang, naturally encouraged everyone to cheer him up.
The wind soul is set there thoughtfully in my heart.
A faint fragrance blew over, but Sun Lingxiu came to him. Sun Lingxiu looked at him and said, "The soul brother won today, but this victory came strangely."
The wind soul nodded. "Let’s go back first."
In the west corner of Quarry Island, Feng Soul gathered important people including Huo Feng, Sun Lingxiu and Hu Zhongtian to discuss these battles during the day.
Sun Lingxiu said, "It’s gratifying that the aid beam repelled the four-tailed Peng Hou, but the next three wars were more like Su Zhanwu’s deliberate loss. Otherwise, since he saw that the aid beam had killed Peng Hou, he would send soldiers who were far weaker than Peng Hou to die, which would increase our morale."
The wind soul nodded his head. "It’s really too strange to see you on a moonlit night." Where are Tamamo no Mae, Odysseus and Shukaku? Where are the five male gods who respect their own hands and fog? There are also those gods who seem to have not seen a few. "
Master Huo Feng said, "But these days, there are still many high-altitude soldiers coming. Although it is difficult to see the actual situation in their hidden clouds, the number of fewer enemies is several times far from us …"
Sun Lingxiu said, "A large number of people may not necessarily represent the powerful Japanese Shinto, which claims to be a million gods, but most of them are ordinary mountain gods and water gods, which are even worse than the most ordinary monks in the Central Plains. Since it is a front-line challenge, we should send strong men to directly challenge our important generals. It is neither reasonable nor natural to rush to deal with a retreat."
The wind and the soul sink a way: "There are two possibilities: either seeing the statue on a moonlit night and deliberately letting Su Zhanwu show us that we are weak and lax in our fighting spirit. We came to see the statue on a moonlit night with a desperate plan, but we avoided fighting and didn’t even show our face. After our fighting spirit declined, we would be wiped out by surprise tactics …"
Sun Lingxiu said, "There is another possibility … that is, seeing the statue on a moonlit night is not rooted here."
Xu Feiqiong said in astonishment, "Where will it be if it’s not here?"
Sun Lingxiu hesitated, "If it’s not here … it’s even behind us."
Mr Wind long heart cold way "that if possible? We’ve always sent people to watch the moonlit meetings everywhere. If he wants to sneak behind us alone, he won’t be found. But if he wants to cross the quarrying island, Hexu, Dongji Mountain and other places with a group of people without being known by us, it’s even a delusion. "
The wind soul suddenly got up and strolled a few steps before saying, "It is not necessary to go through these places to rescue the quarrying island and repel the moonlight to see the statue. In the first world war, did we not attack him by bypassing the East China Sea? What can we do that he can’t? "
The East China Sea is beyond heaven and belongs to the human world. This is the struggle of the East Heaven itself. It is reasonable to say that the human world should never be involved. However, the emperor of the human world naturally did not interfere, and the dragon king of the East China Sea was afraid and did not dare to offend one party easily. The only thing to worry about was that someone sued the heaven, but if the heaven really wanted to blame it, it was a wild land to make such a cross-border thing in advance, and the jade emperor did not just blame Gao Tianyuan.
At the thought of meeting Zun on a moonlit night, it is likely to lurk behind them with Gao Tianyuan’s important fighting power. At that time, everyone was already chilled. When they were dragged here by Su Zhanwu Zun, they were probably ready to attack their homes.
Huo Ran, the wind soul, turned and said, "Red line!"
Xue Honglian immediately moved forward.
The wind soul said, "Your golden light has traveled thousands of miles, and others have tried to drive you back to the wild land to tell Zheng Lao that the enemy has probably bypassed the East China Sea."
The red line knows that this matter is extremely important and dare not delay any more. Immediately, the sword light will be swept straight to the sky.
If you see the statue on a moonlit night and really do it, then his primary target must be the wild land. At the thought of staying there, except for some soldiers, people like Zheng Lao, Yue Hua, Yu Yue and Chun Jinger feel that their whole hearts are up.
Isn’t he like Zhong Hua, Nangong Zhujian, the original generals of the Great Wilderness, who also look at each other and worry about each other?
"The most important thing is," sighed Sun Lingxiu. "We are sure that our guess is right or wrong. Maybe the wild land has fallen into the hands of the moon and the moon, or maybe it is the enemy’s policy to see the moon and the moon on purpose to make us suspicious, so that we can find out the truth and the truth. When we want to split our troops and rush to rescue the wild land, we will suddenly sneak up. At that time, our fighting spirit will be broken and we will be defeated."
The wind soul said, "Someone must dive into the enemy’s position to find out whether the enemy in front of us is virtual or real. Is the challenge before today’s position to deliberately hide the strength or wait for the enemy’s strong hand in the moonlight?"
Master Huo Feng frowned and said, "The enemy cloud array is not only heavily guarded, but also implies all kinds of blockades and formations. Is it easy to sneak in without anyone knowing?"
The wind soul was just about to say, "I’ll go, big brother!" A man flashed by his mouth.
The person who volunteered automatically was Hui Hong.
The wind soul froze. "This is extremely dangerous …"
Hui Hong smiled and said, "Although it’s dangerous here, I can do it. Please see …"
I saw her offering a pearl that disappeared when she was in illusion, and then she turned around and disappeared with the pearl. Everyone looked around in surprise, but one person could find out where she had gone. You know, gathering here is the practice of one of the best magical people in heaven, and there are different ways, but no one can see that Huihong is like disappearing, and which position really surprises everyone here.
"Big Brother, I’m here." Hui Hongfeng’s soul turned around and appeared again. She held the bead in her hand. "This is a Buddhist ritual spirit bead that my teacher gave me to protect myself. I believe that Su Zhanwu and his hands can’t find me. In those days when Master practiced, I also learned some Taoist gas-watching techniques to walk around the enemy lines. I can find out how many powerful people hide mistakes by looking at the gas."
The wind soul can’t help but be pleasantly surprised. Hui Hong’s master Yun Guang Shen Ni became a monk. Before she became a monk, she was the daughter of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother Yun Huaxian Yao Ji. Naturally, her fairy skills should not be underestimated.
He looked at Huihong Road "Be careful"
When Huihui is red, Lingzhu will escape into the void and disappear.
The night is getting darker and darker, and the deep sea wind rolls up the waves and beats the rocks from time to time.
They all didn’t speak, but waited anxiously for Hui Hong Hui Hong to see the enemy’s actual situation and discuss it no matter how much before coming back.
Have been waiting for more than half an hour, such as the wind soul talents see plain clothes a spin HuiHong now born.
She looked at the wind soul and sighed, "Eldest brother, we even guessed the enemy, although there are many bases, but all of them are Uzbekistan. It is really something, and there are few roots except Su Zhanwu Zun."
Everyone immediately face big change.
Chapter 27 A bloody day pontoon bridge!
Clock suddenly want to go toward outside walk.
The wind soul shouted, "Where are you going?"
Zhong Hua dazed zheng looked back and said, "Nature is to call everyone back to the wild land …"