29, May 2024
"Well, then go to sleep." If Yanxi really doesn’t want to say that Zhou Zichen can’t pry her mouth to force her to say that there is no windtight in this world anyway, so I don’t believe that I can’t make it white.

Holding the little woman in her arms tightly, Zhou Zichen stretched out his hand and took off the desk lamp that lit up the bedside until now.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
This calm wave passed for a few days.
Yanxi should eat and sleep. It seems no different.
Zhou Zichen became very busy because he went abroad for more than ten days on his honeymoon. Every day when he got to the office, he didn’t look up and read all kinds of documents to attend various meetings, but even so, he often had to work overtime.
Zhoujiadazhai at noon
As usual, Master Zhou, Empress Jiang and Yanxi have dinner together.
Although Gui Yanzhe moved in, there seemed to be breakfast when Yan Xi could see him.
He is also very busy, meeting his former classmates and friends, and having dinner one after another. I’m sorry to refuse that he has to run from east to west and from north to south in S city.
"Mom, I’m going to A at noon. Please ask Lao Wang to give me one."
Today is Yan Xi’s graduation defense day
"Good" nodded Jiang Lan and added, "Xixi, in fact, if you don’t stay at home every day and have nothing to do, ask your friends to go shopping and have fun, and then boring your mother is afraid that you will become a house girl."
Snow smiled and Yan Xi covered her lips. "Mom, you are so fashionable. Even the house girl knows."
"Then I don’t think the net can easily seal this model. What kind of otaku goddess is that actor?" Empress Jiang put chopsticks gracefully and asked, "But I don’t know how all those goddesses look alike."
"Ahem" was almost choked by rice in his mouth. Yanxi cleared his throat and went on to say, "Maybe he had to press one eye and nose all the time."
Around half past one.
Black extended Lincoln left the Zhou family mansion.
Parallel another Ma Lukou.
"Hey, Miss Yan has left home." Ordinary people 2 A man wearing a cap who can’t see his face clearly said to his mobile phone.
I don’t know who the other person is, but it sounds like a male suspect.
"Be careful not to be found"
Volkswagen 2 started slowly and kept a distance of 100 meters from the black Lincoln in front, so it went all the way to the main entrance of A.
The back seat of Lincoln was pushed from the inside, wearing a long-sleeved dress with white background printing. Yan Xi quickly came from the inside.
At this time, there were many students at the main entrance, and as soon as they saw Lincoln’s luxurious affectation, they all pointed fingers.
I should have stopped old wang qian at one o’clock
"Big housewife, I’ll park my car across the street." Lao Wang, the window driver, said to Yanxi, "Give me a call when you come out soon, and I’ll pick you up here."
"Well" shallow should have come to Yanxi again and again and hurried away.
Zhengmenkou Dashu
With a handsome figure out now.
"Look, look, that man is so handsome."