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An evil practitioner carefully smiled apologetically. "Those fools who teach Taiyi don’t know that adults deliberately led them to borrow the Five Thunder altar to break the array."

As he spoke, his eyes moved to hide the greedy color. "Master Xiao, the female fork and the bodhi old zu told us that there are great benefits here. Is it a fairy’s legacy?"
"Sort of."
Xiao Jianqiu glanced coldly at the body of the rockery Taoist and said, "Do you know who this fairy is?"
Evil repair licked his lips "also please adult advice"
Xiao Jianqiu sighed, "In the past, the White Tiger soldier Sheng Li helped ten marshals, and Grand Marshal Hou Tong was good at terrain, but it was a pity that Li Yuan killed him."
"This man is Hou Tong’s outstanding talent, and he became the immortal body number Xingyue Zhenjun, who built the immortal Dojo here to suppress his father’s tomb."
"Grand Marshal Kunyu’s Tomb?"
Xie Xiu was even more confused after listening to it. "This true gentleman of Xingyue is already a fairy to suppress his father’s tomb. Has Marshal Kun corner turned evil things into things?"
Xiao Jianqiu nodded. "Yes, who would have thought that Li Yuan’s famous blood-evil exercise turned out to be a first-class evil method, and at last he could turn bloodthirsty evil spirits into evil spirits?"
"Marshal Kun Corner is also a character. When he found out that the whole army was out of control, he banned the operation and buried all 50,000 pro-armies. After that, he built the moon and the true king into a fairy, and then set up a Dojo guard here."
Said the corners of the mouth peep out one silk sarcasm "the so-called day is just a game. It’s a joke that the true gentleman of the moon and the moon can’t see through and is still loyal to Li Yuan …"
As he talked, his voice became cruel and sharp, as if he had completely changed his face and showed a ferocious smile
A piercing scream rang out.
Xiao Jianqiu’s neck suddenly bulged and a meatball turned into a humanoid facial features. It was Xiao Lei, the bodhi old zu of Xiao family, whose face was distorted and quickly recovered.
"People’s alchemy?"
"No, there is still madness!"
"You … who are you?"
The evil practitioners all saw it with horror.
"Ha ha ha … who am I?"
Xiao Jianqiu’s eyes flashed a trace of pain and suddenly grabbed his hair. "Who am I? Who am I? !”
"Crazy! He’s crazy!"
The evil practitioners were filled with fear, so they jumped up and fled without saying anything.
Xiao Jianqiu seemed to wake up with a start and suddenly turned around. His eyes were full of violent shapes, and he jumped on everyone in a flash.
Qiang Qiang!
The evil practitioners are also ruthless, and they immediately took care of their own affairs. At that time, the swords roared and the ghosts and fires filled the air.
However, what scares them is that Xiao Jianqiu seems to have an immortal body and the wound can recover quickly.
Not only that, but there is also a horrible suction. When it is slightly close to the whole body, the blood will be ejected from the 7 th.
Soon all the evil spirits will be drained of JingXie.
Click, click!
Another thunder fell
The body of the rockery Taoist appeared a crack like porcelain …
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Array broken magic out of the fire Yao mountain city
Booming …
Thunder keeps falling, rockeries and fairy bodies are also flying with cracks and bits of debris.
And the rune pillars erected around the rockery seem to absorb enough thunder and hum and tremble at the same time.
"Ha ha ha ….."
Xiao Jianqiu turned his head to look at the twisted and ferocious face and revealed a trace of excitement. "If the seal is broken, it will work!"
Speak to fairy body has crashed burst out of a thing.
Xiao Jianqiu’s load and claw-tightening luck made it fall into his hands. It was a token. Wang Xuan got the same thing from the devil’s fork.
His face was pleasantly surprised, and he pressed the token on his chest. Suddenly, crazy tai sui sarcoma crawled slowly and inhaled the token.
Click, click …
As the fairy’s body broke, cracks appeared in the rockery, flowing like living things, and blood gradually dyed the whole lake red
A strange rising bloody lake is bubbling like boiling water.
Xiao Jianqiu’s eyes flashed a trace of fear and murmured, "The magic army was born to be a job …"
At this moment, the whole fairy Dojo collapsed in one fell swoop.
Xiao Jianqiu ha ha smiled and took out a purple symbol in his hand. If Wang Xuan found this symbol, it was the secret symbol "Earth Hidden Symbol".
This character is the best at hiding and avoiding disasters, but it can take a hundred miles in an instant. Guo Shouqing and Zeng Shanyin relied on avoiding the robbery.
Xiao Jianqiu shook the "Earth Concealment Operator" with his sword finger, and the encirclement was instantly submerged by igniting a whirlwind of smoke.
As soon as his figure disappeared, there was a thunder crashing down and the world was white …