6, Jul 2024
"Please, Mrs. Lu!"

"The former Jiangpo prefect’s wife, the sinful wife, Lu, paid a visit to Lord Yue."
Yue Wang nodded his head and even took off the gloves and handed them to Lu, who was very kind to help her play the machine. When she heard a scream, a mass of waste meat was abruptly pulled out by Lu.
"Yeah, I, you’re going to strangle her, and you’re surprised to do something like this with my treasure to clean it up for me."
Yue Wang glanced at it. It’s always a bit weird today, but forget it. Think about it after this.
Chapter 12 Send you to ride a donkey!
Soldiers suddenly appeared in Jiangpo City, and even the gate guards became the defenders of Jiangpo City. But it is strange that no Jiangpo people have seen these local defenders. Many people don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It is desperate enough to have such a parent.
But the people at the gate heard the noise coming from the front. This quiet Jiangpo City has not been so lively for a long time.
Back to two hours ago …
The former prefect’s wife avenged herself, but no matter what hatred she had, she couldn’t kill a court official, so she asked her to help him to have a castration.
This Yue Wang found a doctor to stop the bleeding and bandage the new father-in-law. Even Jia Jian was somewhat worried when he was sitting in the deputy position. "Are you hurt?"
"It’s not … it’s so hard."
"The report said that I was too weak to be bullied. He said that I should learn from others’ arrogance, but it seems that I can’t do it."
Yue Wang picked his eyebrows. "No wonder I always feel that you are a little stronger. In fact, it is good."
"But it doesn’t deter him!" Even Jia Jian secretly watched this Yue Wang, who took a sip of tea after hearing what she said, and turned to kneel in Jiangcheng prefect.
He was kneeling rather than shivering in a big lump, so that Yue Wang didn’t want to talk for a while and continued to ask, "Do you want to borrow this million names?"
"Listen to the maid who sent me a meal yesterday. She said that this is really expensive. This person dare not provoke me. I think it is enough for Wanjia. In fact, I should be lucky for the Guo family. If the Guo family name is here, it can also give them some names."
Yue Wang arrived and accepted the answer, "Miss Lian thinks that such people should be treated like this to calm the people’s anger?"
"Parade, but if ordinary people parade, even if the people are angry, since he deceives men and bullies women and kills many girls, then we should be able to let women vent their anger."
"He’s a basket case now."
"But don’t the people in this city know that if Lord Yue believes in Wanjian, he will give it to Wanjian to calm the anger of the people on this river slope?"
"Miss Lian has been dealt with over there, but such heinous acts are better handled by this punishments, as an example."
Lian Jian Jian looked at him with great certainty and said, "I won’t hurt his life."
The people in Jiangpo watched the gate of Jiangpo Mansion surrounded by soldiers being suddenly hit. The prefect of Jiangpo was pushed out naked, and instead of parading around like that, he rode a wooden donkey like the one who punished the unclean woman. Similarly, his minions were all tied behind this car naked.
Walking in this parade, the first person started to read aloud that the crimes of Jiangpo prefect occupied the land, but it was rebellion, bullying men and women, evil deeds, plundering the people’s wealth, shaking the foundation of the imperial court, and so on, and so on, and so on, and all the crimes filled the streets and lanes.
After all, they have never seen the prefect of Jiangpo, who knew that he was ugly, so people were afraid to meet the people of Jiangpo. As a result, people were afraid that it was a trap until someone shouted, "Isn’t that the soldier who robbed my daughter?" !”
Yue Wang walked out of the office and saw the onlookers waving their hands at the house. "Send them home! There is no family girl left for us to send you home after we find our family, and inform the city that anyone who has been occupied by this villain in the Zhuangyuan shop will come to the government every day to register and get back the title deed, but he will be guilty of robbing the impostor by fire! "
No one knows that this Yue Wang is a man, but they know that this man is their savior!
Even Jia Jian walked out of the house. "When Lord Yue comes, it depends on how many poor but hateful people there are on this river slope. Once the river slope is cleared, it can be reborn."
"Jiangpo is a property site, and I have sent someone to inform him."
"I think it should be said that we are passers-by to rectify the river slope, which is a merit for us and a sin for the five princes."
Yue Wang looked at her. "What does Miss Lian think should be done?"
"The merits and demerits must be greater than the merits. If we handle this matter properly, we will say that it is the five sovereign merits."
"Well, it’s the best."
The next day, a lot of people gathered at the entrance of this mansion, but many opportunistic people looked inside and gave up the land. They knelt in a row for the registration of this Jiangpo prefect. Everyone would be asked a question, and those people seemed to have been ordered to look at it. It was called a careful and detailed question, and they were afraid that except the question.
"Sure enough, there is an impostor Wang who lives in this inn. The innkeeper hasn’t changed anyone since four years ago. How can he get you?"
"Wrong! Your majesty! Wang Ye forgives! "
"Pull it out and show it to the public!"