5, Jul 2024
The green baby jumps and jumps, but it struggles without chains.

"Live? What should I do with spiritual wisdom? " Jiang tai frown way
If there is no spiritual wisdom, Jiang Tai will give it away and eat it … Jiang Tai suddenly has a hard time.
"I didn’t expect this either, but it’s Dan medicine anyway. There are 200 thousand people watching here and we agreed not to keep our word!" Bian Que frown way
"shake the number!" Jiang tai endure the in the mind uncomfortable call way
Chapter ninety-seven Make a scene at the meeting
A group of doctors’ brothers kept shaking the ball and magnified its own projection for people with poor eyesight.
Everyone is staring.
Jiang Tai also stressed once again that "everyone is optimistic. This is the last time to shake the number, and whoever comes back to life will return to Dan! This time only once! "
Several people nodded and watched unblinkingly.
Cai Wang looked at Jiang Tai with a trace of expectation in his eyes. After all, Jiang Tai promised that he would give it to himself.
"The first number comes out as”, which means there is a chance from the 1st to the 99,999 th!" Jiang tai call way
"What’s the first one?"
"I knew I had come earlier!"
There was a sudden uproar at the venue, and several people complained about losing the opportunity, but half of them were holding their number plates and looking excited.
When Cai Wang saw the number plate in his hand, his face suddenly changed. You know, Cai Wang came in last, but the number plate had already been ranked after 190 thousand. Obviously, the first number came out and Cai Wang was declared disqualified?
"Jiang Tai!" Cai Wang suddenly nu call way
Although I was prepared to watch myself being played, Cai Wang was still angry.
Wang Yi Cai drank the whole meeting place suddenly quiet.
Jiang Tai turned to look.
"You said will come back to life Dan to me? What do you say? Ah? " Cai Wang cold drink a way
One angry drink and one quiet. What’s going on? Can this be decided?
Everyone frowned at Jiang Tai.
Jiang Tai is a slight smile. "Cai Wang, I know that your number plate has reached more than 190,000. You have lost your qualification, but you can’t talk nonsense. This is slander!"
"What did you say?" Caiwang cold road
Isn’t that what you said, and you called me slander?
"Mr. Bian Que would have written everything in heaven. How could I cheat by God’s will? Besides, there are hundreds of thousands of people here. How can I cheat? I don’t know who the final result is, but I can guarantee that this lottery is absolutely fair and continue to shake! " Jiang tai call way
"Hua!" The lottery continues.