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Month stretched out his hand and counted the fruit while the breeze said, "You see how the golden strike fell here."

At this time, the golden strike has been swallowed up by the land, and half of all Guanghua has been suppressed by an inexplicable force.
The breeze heard the words and said, "It’s weird. It’s weird. I didn’t expect the golden strike to fall here. There must be thieves stealing the ginseng fruit before the golden strike."
The breeze grabbed the golden stroke and tried to pull it out, but it didn’t move. It quickly said to the moon, "Come and help me."
The two children whined and pulled out the golden blow with great efforts, and the breeze said, "There are six missing ginseng fruits."
"It must be those monks who did it. I heard that the monkey once made a scene in the flat peach and had a criminal record. It must be the monkey’s suspicion," Yue said.
"Let’s get even with them," said the cool breeze.
Two Taoist priests angrily walked towards the temple, saying that Wu had stolen the ginseng fruit. After eating it one by one, the pig bodhi old zu snapped his mouth. "It’s really a good thing. An old pig was reborn. This kind of inferior flesh and blood has derived a trace of the purest ancestral blood. This ginseng fruit really deserves its name."
The door was kicked, but I saw that the angry breeze moon came in. "It’s good to waste my master’s order to treat you well without thinking that they were all thieves."
With that, the breeze tugged at Na Yue and came to the main hall. Before seeing Jade Duxiu sitting, it was swearing and swearing. After baldness, it was full of foul language. It was a long time to yell and scream.
Yu Duxiu said, "The poor monk Amitabha was afraid of shivering if he saw the villain."
Yue said, "You won’t steal food, but your disciples will steal it."
"Don’t scold benevolence and righteousness, which is worth a thousand dollars. Just ask him to accompany you. Besides, I don’t know if it’s him." Jade Duxiu said
On the way "accompany? Even if money can’t buy it, who else can it be if it’s not him? They’re still screaming there. "
Jade Duxiu saw that the two children’s mouths were really neat. "I’ll ask the three disciples to come out and answer."
Yu Duxiu said, "All disciples come here."
When the three people in the wing heard the cry, they immediately knew that something had happened, and they realized that "if such a dirty thing goes out, it will inevitably ruin the English shame, and if the master asks, we will never admit it or we will be ashamed in the future."
Pig bodhi old zu hey hey smile "is very, very never admit that looking at two Taoist children can be like"
"Master, is the meal cooked?" Enlightenment three people walked into the hall smile happily say
Jade Duxiu said, "It’s not about food, it’s about whether you have eaten that little man’s ordinary things."
The breeze on the other side said, "That’s him laughing, that’s him, that’s him stealing."
Enlightenment is somehow also an open strong man, but now he is being identified, but he is also embarrassed to deny that he just thought about putting all the mistakes on abstinence. "I was told to taste a fruit and I beat three of our other disciples to share it."
"You’re lying, you’re lying." At this time, it’s another burst of disorderly scolding and enlightenment. Suddenly, you would look angry in your eyes, and your heart secretly hates the tunnel in your heart. "The Taoist master said that the master was old, and the two children were killed. It’s better to come to a last resort to know that I’m old."
Wu didn’t know that the innate spirit root came to the backyard in an out-of-body experience, and the golden cudgel swung up and smashed it towards the innate spirit root.
A piercing scream of the ginseng fruit tree generate saw that the ginseng fruit tree gave off a misty yellow light, but he could not stop the realization of the golden hoop. He heard a thunderbolt and the ginseng fruit tree was uprooted and broken, and the remnants of the ginseng fruit tree vanished in an instant.
Yuan Zhen, Fangcun Town, Lingtai, was shocked to see Yuan Tianzun, but praised "this matter has become a grand plan to congratulate Brother Dao, but it is expected that he will become immortal and escape from reincarnation."
Chapter 1644 Zhenyuan Huiguan
After all, the remnant thoughts can’t stop the enlightenment stick from being swallowed up and disappearing into the void as the ginseng fruit breaks.
"At this time, I want to save the ginseng fruit tree, brother, and take the opportunity to refine it, so I can really refine it thoroughly." Yuan Tianzun said.
"This is a congenital spiritual root. Can it be saved?" Town yuan jittery looking at yuan Buddha.
"Before this matter has been calculated, Daoyou will take the Tang Priest’s master and apprentice, and I, the Buddhist, will step in to ensure the revival of Daoyou’s ginseng fruit tree," said Yuan Tianzun.
"In that case, be original and leave now."
Zhenyuan saw that his ginseng fruit tree was broken, and his heart had long been unable to bear it, and he was walking away at this moment.
The enlightenment destroyed the revolving house of ginseng fruit trees. At this time, the cool breeze moon boy saw three other disciples sitting there, and he was puzzled by the two people drinking and scolding. The cool breeze said, "Is the ginseng fruit tree leafy and covered the fruit? Let’s not scold the wrong person and count it."
Month nodded "it’s better to count again"
When they came to the backyard, they suddenly turned around and looked at the fallen ginseng fruit tree, broken limbs and fallen leaves all over the ground. All eyes were full of stars, and the breeze gnashed their teeth. "Oh, no, disaster is coming. Now the ginseng fruit tree is pushed but it is broken. How can we explain when Xianmiao Daxian comes back?"
Na Yue said, "Those monks must have done it."
"What should we do now?" Qingfeng avenue
Month is wrinkly to knit the brows. "Don’t panic, you and I tidy up our clothes and say that there is a lot of fruit. For the time being, we will hold the monk steady and the monkey is fierce. If we question the monkey, we will definitely play to depend on it and refuse to admit that if we fight, we will not be rivals. It is better to hold it steady first and then play it by ear."
"Can also be so" the wind sad face way
The breeze and the moon coaxed the Buddhist scriptures and a group of people to go to Zhai Fang Zhai and then took the opportunity to lock the gate with layers of chains before swearing again.
Jade Duxiu heard the smell speech and complained to Wu, "You stole the fruit, but it’s just that people scold you, and you are angry with him. Now how can you tear down the fruit tree? This time, it’s a disaster. It doesn’t make sense to sue the government."
Wu Hehe smiled. "Master, don’t worry. Let’s leave after dark. I have my own sleeve."
It was a night awakening that summoned a few disciples and disciples. The pig bodhi old zu said, "Brother, how can we get to this house? The chain outside the front door is refined, but it is difficult to get rid of it. The master is the body. If there is no master, you and I can get rid of this house by relying on our strength. A slight vibration will kill you and my four brothers."
Wu chuckled, "Don’t be angry with me. I have my own way."
When I saw that the golden hoop in Wu’s hand turned into a golden needle, I heard a poke in the lock, and soon I heard "Bang!" "pa!" "pa!" When the stereo started, I saw that the chains were falling off one after another, and the four of them quietly walked out of the den.
When I left the den, I realized, "Go ahead and I’ll take care of one or two children."
Jade Duxiu smell speech was a positive "enlightenment don’t kill people’s lives is wrong, don’t be wrong"