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An old man with no enmity chose this opportunity to do whatever it takes, so that when these people came to help the villagers to die, they went back to the day before.

The black body was carried back to the woman and cried into a ball. The old father had to wipe his tears and make arrangements for the funeral. The family was so poor that he borrowed more than half of the seats from his neighbor. At that time, he had not made up his mind, and it was better for him to have such a thing than for many years. The neighbor immediately promised.
Having a seat is a solution to black dad’s worries. According to the rules, I took the seat to the Dragon Temple and buried it three days later. I don’t want to just finish two big ships and dock quickly.
"It’s the trough gang."
"These are the people who killed Brother Black."
Angry villagers quickly picked up their weapons and turned around and ran in the direction of the village, mostly worried that the gang would watch the murder again and go back and shout that everyone would not suffer.
The dragon in the water jumped from the ship and looked at the dragon temple. Everyone snorted, "This group of ungrateful guys would have let you all go to see Yan if they hadn’t looked at the adults."
Accompanied by the brothers of the Trough Gang, one by one respectfully, the other is the leader of the Trough Gang, and the position is extremely high. As one person walks in the water, the dragon is quick, "Tongzhi adults are careful."
Tongzhi is the name of an official position. When establishing an official position, most of them have a position of Tongzhi, which is second only to the palm of your hand. Although the official position is not small, it is still an empty position, just as Lin Feng did a good job as a security officer with escort, although it was not low, compared with holding a security commander.
When the commander of the Taiping government appeared in front of him, he knew the state and the state, but he knew the state from six officials, and this is Zhengwu.
"This is where the adults say?"
The dragon in the water is busy nodding. "It is the temple called Dragon Temple. I heard here that the old man remembered that there was once a dragon god who lived in the villages along the way. Once he died, people would put it here to pray for forgiveness from the dragon god or to be reborn early."
"Is there really such a god?"
"My Lord, it’s just a trick."
TongZhi cold hum a "look at my expression of eyes" say that finish before stepping at this time to keep the villagers get together next to the body. The first old man was killed by the trough gang. The black father was carrying two stones in his hand. There is almost nothing near the Dragon Temple that can be used as a weapon except weeds.
"Old people can’t hurt themselves and others when they are old."
"You animals give me back my life."
The old man’s figure is forward. After all, he is old and rushed out obliquely. Before the stone in his hand was thrown out, he was kicked to the ground. "Grandpa, don’t touch my grandpa."
The meat is roaring, the face is dark, the hand is carrying a half stick, and the big eyes are staring at these people. "Baby, go back quickly." The old man who fell to the ground saw that his grandson ran out and hurriedly shouted a word. Sun Cheng finally relied on it. There must be no mistakes, otherwise it would be a sinner in Jiuquan
"What a good boy!" At this moment, the dragon in the water suddenly pulled out his machete, and everyone’s heart followed these murderous demons. Once provoked, what would they do?
"not afraid"
Although children are young, they are nine years old and courageous, and they are taller than ordinary children. Looking at each other’s hands, there is no fear in their eyes.
The water is cold and happy. "Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Unfortunately, they all become tiger food in the end."
"Who also don’t want to touch my life, root," black dad climb from the ground to hug the sun.
"That’s enough!"
After drinking a low amount of water, the dragon’s figure retreated to the front of a person. "When something like this happened to the old man, we also felt heartbroken. This time, it’s really impossible if you didn’t openly take those people to fight against the imperial court. If there is a disaster today, you must be white and simply raise your grandson well."
It’s not the kui that being an official is relatively tactful. This time I went to the Dragon Temple with orders from the government and adults. The best way to get things done is to combine carrot and stick. If these people don’t know what to do, they will have other ways to deal with it.
"Are you an official?"
Black dad looked at this man with a puzzled face, followed by government officials. Although this man is dressed in casual clothes, he can have such a scene, and let the people in the trough be so afraid to have those high officials.
Knowing each other, ha ha, a joy, "Can the ashamed old man have a word?" Bending his arms and pulling the old man from the ground will never leave his grandson’s side. This is the only way to protect him.
"Remember to stay at home these days when everyone is evacuated."
"Go home."
Black dad sighed, who can let stand this kind of thing be resigned? Otherwise, what else can be done to help people kill people? It’s as simple as chopping cabbage. Even if you sue, it will be revenge.
"Do the officer a favor, and your son will avenge you."
The two men came to one side, and the black dad was stunned. I didn’t expect the other party to say such a thing. "Adults don’t joke about what an old man can do."
"It’s not difficult to do this. The official promises that the murderer who killed your son will be severely punished. Not only that, but you can also get a large sum of money enough for you to raise your grandson safely. Of course, you can’t promise what the gang will do. The official can’t guarantee it."
This method of combining hard and soft is especially for the weak who have no resistance at all. "Can you really take revenge in black?"
"The official swears to heaven that if he violates this oath, the devil takes the hindmost."
"Okay, I promise."
"Good. The government is arresting a heinous Jiang Yang thief. According to information, this person is likely to come here, and our people will be dressed as corpse keepers."
"There are these?" Black dad looked at this man with a bit of worry in his eyes. There was no way to promise to say that moment from the other side. This was a situation with no choice. The other side swore to say the conditions, which also tempted black dad. I would do anything if I could take revenge on my dead son.
"Once these people come, someone will show you that when the time comes, you need to grab that person’s leg from the face, remember to grab it, or I promise you today that all this will be wasted."
Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Who is the master?
Just kneeling on the ground, the old man suddenly challenged the whole person to save the instantaneous forest air. The look of the old man changed greatly, but the speed was not fast, but the most deadly, just like a balance formed on both sides of Taiping, which was easily broken by a seemingly insignificant thing.
There are seven offensive sword lights flashing before windson, and it is difficult to distinguish between the actual situation and the actual situation. If there is nothing wrong with intuition, the fiercest blow has not been issued, and those people who are still hiding on their knees are still hidden.
Windson has no choice but to retreat. Don’t forget that there are Tang Niu, Lu Jun and Feitian Yan behind him. On the other side, they rushed out of a large number of knives. Brother Meng rushed close with machetes. Don’t look at the average strength. They are not afraid of death.
Windson stepped back and left leg kicked out the waist machete. This is the limit of windson. The sword light flashes in front of him, and the machete in windson’s hand draws cold light.
A stuffy hum kicked the old man in the chest with his left leg. This windson is reserved to kick and hurt the other side.
Ignore the fact that the other party is in danger at the moment, and it is suspected that the careful layout of the other party will lead to the death of Lin Feng and his party. At this time, compassion, even kindness, may be cruel to themselves and the three accompanying people
The old man was determined to die, and he took revenge on poor Sun. He was kicked in the chest and the whole person fell to the ground. At that moment, he resisted the pain and jumped out again. At this time, there was an idea that everyone should seize the man’s legs, which was a condition in exchange for what he wanted
Ding-ding, Ding-ding, the machete in Lin Feng’s hand is connected with several swordsmen. What three people did in a joint blow was a false move. Lin Feng’s knife weakened and instantly jumped up and grabbed Lin Feng’s legs.
"Windson, it’s your time to die."
There are three hidden swordsmen behind the kneeling in anger, and the remaining two have already fled to one side. Only this person still kneels with a pair of eyes glued to Lin Feng’s legs. What he has to do is to send the strongest blow at the moment when the old man succeeds and kill Lin Feng, the most heinous murderer.
Although this way is not a personal way to deal with a person, and this way has been despised by the martial arts path, it is absolutely a great opportunity to kill the murderous demon blood knife this time. At this moment, chivalry in my heart has long lost its original meaning
A gust of autumn wind made the courtyard look at the leaves falling with the wind and shake constantly, revealing the unique yellow color of autumn, which is a symbol of the passing of life. "It should be about time."
"Adult sjms control the situation this time windson will die"
"Blame windson don’t know the rules but come to this muddy water. If it’s not a last resort, I really don’t want to go this blind alley. Once windson’s own place is killed, it will take a lot of thought to explain to the emperor.
"Adults’ means are bound to roll with the punches."
"I hope so"
A sword stabbed straight out, which happened to be a joint attack by seven people. The old man caught Lin Feng’s legs in an instant. At this time, when Lin Feng was in a state of difficulty in maintaining strength, he issued several offensives in succession to resolve the opponent’s offensive. At this time, when the strength was almost new, it had not yet been generated.
This timing happens to be perfectly grasped by the other party
Ding Lin Feng’s wrist raised the blade almost close to his body, which was extremely thrilling. It was also Naiju Ding’s tip that hit the blade by mistake.
The sword is thrust head-on with great strength. Although it is exquisite and the timing is equally accurate, it is a pity that the speed is still poor.
If this moment appears, the killer Lin Feng, who is good at speed, can avoid ding and raise his arm just to seal the other side’s attack to a sword.
At ordinary times, Lin Fengke fought back decisively without giving his opponent a chance. At this time, his hand strength was insufficient, and his whole body was affected by the strength of the sword. It was terrible that his legs were caught by people at this time. Don’t look at the old man’s age, he didn’t know martial arts, and his hands were strong because of his daily work.
Lin Fengshen looked back at the last moment, and the swordsman smiled at the corner of his mouth. With a turn of his wrist, he seized the opportunity to follow up and stabbed Lin Feng in the lower abdomen.