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"Be sincere, I’m sure I can impress each other."

"Let’s follow the original plan and explore the’ dark tunnel’ not far from here."
After not too long but not too short trek, the day after tomorrow, Yang has arrived near the ash town. He slowed down his pace and communicated with the fog to extend his perception.
Perceive the black fog bonus and sweep it forward like a tidal wave to sense the surrounding environment.
Soon Tianyang discovered the remains of the black people, a dog-shaped creature that seemed to be resting on the ground.
Tianyang raised his hand and Xingluo stopped. He built the creature’s shape with the help of black fog.
Dog-like body, but if you look closely through the model, you will find that this thing is a combination of several things that crawl like tentacles.
But there are a pair of dancing tentacles on the back and crotch with fangs and claws, and the cuticle looks extremely hard. It is not difficult to imagine that such a pair of tentacles can be used as whip blades
This creature has no eyes, no nostrils, no ears and doesn’t know what organs sense the outside world.
When the wind blows nearby, the strange dog will hold its head high in the direction of the wind.
Tianyang quietly gave a command to Star Roda, and the female knight took off her cloak and lifted’ Thunder Roar’ on her knees to point at the dog-shaped creature.
Star Luo hasn’t shot that thing, which seems to be sensed that Huo Ran bounced from the ground and then spread his legs and flew in the direction of Star Luo.
During the galloping process, it paws all over its body to release a dark red stream.
These streams seem to rush toward its mouth through the peristalsis tentacles of the body, so a dark red light gradually lights up on the black earth.
The dog-shaped creature condensed a dark red slurry ball in its mouth, but before it spewed out the slurry ball and attached a’ reloaded warhead’, it crossed the wilderness and hit the slurry ball in the strange dog’s mouth and broke out from its tail.
The tentacles of the strange dog Huo Ran were scattered on the ground, and some strange organs and black-blue liquid were sprayed everywhere for a while before they turned black sludge.
There is a black and red arc cuticle tentacle that flashes from time to time in those decomposition products.
Tianyang walked over, stretched out his hand and touched the relic, and his heart naturally swelled with this information.
This is a relic left by a dark predator, which remains part of the characteristics of the predator. It is very strong and difficult to destroy, and can release high-pressure flow, and condensed flow can form a slurry ball with good destructive power.
Dark predators are dark empire hounds. They are very sensitive to murderous look and can detect murderous look or willingness to attack against dark people from a very long distance. They are extremely flexible and can change their shape and pass through most narrow terrain.
After the disappearance of dark empire, they wandered the land without restraint, but they had the habit and behavior of cooperating with another kind of black people’ (Note 1)
"The dark predator imperial hound sounds as if it is the lowest black people in this inverse world …"
Tianyang squints slightly. "Although it’s the lowest level, it’s not dangerous at all. It’s very fast. If it’s not for Starbuck, low-ranking hunters may not be able to hit it."
"It can release the paddle ball, which is obviously a means of long-range attack, and once it is close, its tentacles with cuticles, fangs and claws are not furnishings."
"If compared with No.127 anti-black people, this kind of thing should be as dangerous as the elite species in crazy dogs …"
"This is the overall strength of the anti-boundary black people in the scavenger city. No.127 anti-boundary black people …"
Tianyang took a breath and put away the "predatory touch". He has discovered this place and its "dark predator"
These dog-shaped creatures are all around the periphery of’ Ashes Town’. They are either dormant or wandering around. They are the sentries of that town.
If it weren’t for Tianyang’s assassination of "Dark Breath" all the way, it would have alarmed the monsters in the town.
As you get closer to the town, you will find that there are large and small ash flocs falling in the sky like snowflakes. They fall without weeds, and the rugged ground has long been dead and hard. The sarcophagus is exposed to the air, or the tombstone is standing or falling.
Pass a place that seems to be a cemetery.
Walking along a winding path, passing through mottled stone pillars on the roadside, Tianyang and Xingluo finally entered the town.
Most of the buildings here are spires. In the black fog model, the sun can see that most of the buildings like bell towers and towers have collapsed, and a small part of them are still tenaciously supported.
Building coatings are gray and falling off, so it’s hard to imagine them as they are.
The ground is tattered, but you can barely see that it is covered with Shi Zhuan.
There are many dry stone wells in the town, and once a river passed through the town, so there are still several stone bridges in the town, but there is no water source in the bridge now, and there is a dry river bed.
There is a huge building deep in the town, but unfortunately, the sun’s perception does not extend that far, so it can detect the blurred picture.
Now that he has entered the town, he suddenly stops and quietly retreats with Xingluo into a building next to a master-slave elephant mill, and then looks out through the broken door left unlocked.
There is a faint red glow quietly outside, which comes from a humanoid tall creature with a rickety figure. It looks like a tall humpback camel with a row of sharp crystal-like things, that is, they emit a misty red light.
This creature has long hands and feet, its arms hang down to the ground, and its legs have anti-joint structure. It is even wearing a pair of tattered pants, dragging a rough metal war stick with nails all over it, and some nails can also be seen. There is no water left in the meat scraps.
It stopped and looked around. When it faced the mill, the sun clearly saw that its face had no eyes and its nose had a mouth with teeth turned out.
Stop for a minute, a black citizen, walked into the distance of the street again, and soon his figure and body all disappeared into the deep darkness of the street.
Tianyang was about to knock on the door and leave when suddenly he caught a strange sound in his ear.
Creaking … creaking …
After the sound, he didn’t turn around immediately, but communicated with the black fog to extend his perception.
Suddenly, he’ saw’ people hanging overhead in the house where he lived. Their faces were gently shaking like wind chimes.
There is no wind in the room.
high noon
The sun is fierce in the scavenging city.
Two magnetic energy vehicles travel-stained into the shops of this city, and the residents of the city cast all kinds of eyes on them, but when they came into contact with the flashing sword pattern of the car body, they all shrank back.
That’s the symbol of the war episcopal church. The influence of this church in the west continent is too great.
Even if the city of law and heaven is located at the bottom, it is unnecessary and no one will deliberately provoke this church
A bar near two magnetic energy cars stopped and hit the door. A woman, three men and a total of four silver-crowned knights came out of the car.
They looked around and then Chen Yan pushed the heavy door of the bar.
Note 1: Black people will appear after dark predators. It was designed by’ burning memories’ in the group. I made adjustments and made some necessary modifications. This brother designed the whole dark empire black people file and helped me save countless brain cells. Thank you!
Chapter 175 is urgent
As soon as the church knight entered the bar, he saw that the people inside had shrunk to the other side. Seven strong men with tattoos or mechanical prostheses were pointing at the church knight with swords, sticks, pistols and rifles, and their faces were tense.
Commander kurotsuchi nemu frowned slightly and then looked flat. The latter said, "People like us are not very welcome here."
"Leave it to me."
The hunter coughed in the previous step and said, "We’re here to find someone and leave when we find the horse."
A bald man with bronze skin and sunglasses put a very heavy and rough pistol on the side counter and pressed his hands to signal everyone to put their weapons away before asking, "Who are you looking for?"
"We’ll talk about this later. Give us some food first. We are all exhausted." Ping took out a gold coin and bounced it at the bald man.
This is a currency popular in the west. It is made of gold and each gold coin has a standard weight.
The bald hand caught it, put it in his mouth, bit it, and then nodded, "What should I do when I am scattered?"