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Tui nodded slightly and asked, "What is the output per day?"

Ordinary Bai Jue answered "about 250"
When I heard the answer from Bai Jue, I asked again, "Can the output of chemicals keep up?"
Ordinary white off sneer at a light way "with don’t say material limited manpower is also a serious shortage, at most can also make about ten thousand drugs"
"Ten thousand … that’s enough!"
Take the soil back and look at the bottom. Look at the ordinary white face and seriously say "hard work."
Ordinary Bai Jue smell speech stared at the square clone army with no change in his cold expression. After a moment of silence, he said coldly, "If you are willing to wait, you may not have to do that at all. At that cost, no one can afford to ask you and me to join us. One day, we will knock on the door of truth, and then there may be a safe way."
I laughed at myself when I heard the common vernacular, and my eyelids drooped slightly. I looked at the smooth ground and said calmly, "I chose the fastest and most dangerous way when I practiced the immortal mode in Longdi Cave. You should know that I won’t continue to wait and … it’s better to try my best to seize the existing opportunity to believe in an uncertain future."
At the beginning, when Longdi Cave cultivated the immortal mode, it took great risks to bring the soil, and mastered the immortal mode in the shortest time. Of course, that was after Wuyin Village failed to fight Chiba.
At that time, Daitu was defeated by Chiba for the second time, but he was unwilling to take risks and went to Longdi Cave to learn the immortal mode.
"Is it worth it?" Ordinary white off suddenly asked
With the soil, I did not hesitate to respond. When I turned around and strode, the stairs seemed to be heading for a way back.
Listening to the footsteps drifting away, it is rare to stare at the bottom clone army for a long time with a faint sigh.
The number of clones cultivated by the golem of Li Waidao has reached 10,000, and it continues to produce at present. There are seven bijuu and chakra who support the production of clones all the time.
With Nagato’s failure, I don’t want to follow in his footsteps. He can succeed or not.
Muye Huoying Office
Bright a bit dazzling light Chiba took out the glass bottle with the eye circle, gently put it on the table and silently stared at the eye circle.
Time goes by little by little.
One hour, two hours and three hours passed …
Chiba is just like a stone carving. The table is still and silent.
After a while, Chiba suddenly reached out and picked up the glass bottle, then put it away and walked towards the door. At the same time, he ordered the hermetic personnel in Hokage’s office to say
"Inform orochimaru and Gang Shou to prepare for the pupil force transfer operation!"
Chiba is going to transplant round eye to replace her lost eye, and it will take some time to adapt and master it after transplantation.
Nowadays, the situation in the forbearing world does not wait for me when it changes day by day.
Of course, it’s a transplant. It’s a transplant
In the eyes of reincarnation, uchiha madara’s mantra was discovered by orochimaru. After all, when orochimaru played with the mantra, he studied under the regiment, and both of them were very dark. Ninjas are used to this method to restrain their hands.
Although orochimaru found the curse of uchiha madara, he found the method to crack it.
That’s uchiha madara’s eye-turning pupil force. The spell is as strong as the earth and the forest body. It will never be cracked unless it destroys the eye-turning! Please browse and read the mobile phone
Chapter four hundred and four Vortex gens
But a genius like orochimaru, a scientist, has found a special way to give Chiba a a second look.
Is the pupil force transfer mode.
To put it simply, the first step is to take Chiba’s lost eye and put it in the column cell liquid to absorb and adapt to the strength of the thousand-handed family
The second step is to take out Nagato, that is, uchiha madara’s eye pupil force.
The third step is to transfer the eye pupil force to the kaleidoscope sharingan in Chiba.
It’s simple to say, but it’s more dangerous in practice.
After all, that’s because the immortal’s eye pupil force ratio is strong, that is, Nagato was blasted into slag by Chiba, but a pair of round eyes were intact and damaged.
A burst of pupil force that can’t be handled well is likely to have unimaginable consequences.
After all, this is equivalent to a nuclear bomb.
And even a hydrogen bomb has no such energy.
What orochimaru does is equivalent to transferring the energy of the hydrogen bomb to the original surface. The hydrogen bomb is the eye of the eye, and the original bomb is the kaleidoscope sharingan.
This process is not dangerous, which is why Chiba has her eyes removed.
It’s bold for Chiba to let an original bomb and a hydrogen bomb exchange energy next to their heads, but also dare not try it easily.
The preparations were arranged one by one.
Several dark ninjas blocked a laboratory ten kilometers away from Konoha, and there was a whirlpool clan outside the laboratory, chakra.
That’s right. This whirlpool family is the whirlpool phosphorus.
The little girl’s hair color whirlpool family’s iconic red pupil color is also as red as her hair. She wears knowledge-style glasses to give people an image of knowledge. The frame is narrow and brown, wearing purple navel clothes, black hot pants, black stockings and black ninja shoes.
In the original work, the people of Xiangphosphorus Vortex have strong chakra and excellent perception, and if the injured person bites her skin, she will recover chakra and her injuries. She used to be a member of the Sasuke Uchiha "Eagle" team of orochimaru Department.
Chiba needs the seal ability of Vortex clan, and it also releases the information of those lucky enough to let Konoha Ninja search Vortex clan in the range of forbearance.
Xiang Phosphorus was the only girl who was injured alive in the whirlpool clan. Later, when Caoguo Ninja took Konoha Nakamura’s exam, her companion got lost and was attacked by a bear. She was passed by to fetch water for Sasuke’s first meeting.
Later, I took refuge in orochimaru Xiangphosphorus, and I felt a lot of people approaching and was noticed by orochimaru. Later, I became a guard and was entrusted by the person in charge of the southern stronghold. Xiangphosphorus made outstanding contributions to perception and lucidity. However, Xiangphosphorus did not feel gratitude to orochimaru, but she was quietly worried about her feelings for Sasuke.
Then all this was turned into Xiang Phosphorus’s gratitude to Chiba, because Cao Guo asked Xiang Phosphorus’s mother and daughter to Konoha in the name of the five generations of Akira Chiba.
Grass country naturally dare not offend fire nation darling gave konoha only two whirlpool gens women in the village.
After all, Konoha is the second hometown of the whirlpool clan.
"Lord Chiba, you are here!"
Small fragrant phosphorus see chiba wearing a white royal robe came up towards her excited way
I am so respectful to Xiang Phosphorus with a little affection. Chiba is just some words.
For this anthomaniac girl, she didn’t provoke her mind at all, just because she took a fancy to her whirlpool gens constitution
However, Chiba has not adapted to this ninja world and is precocious. Even if Xiangpo is only nine years old, it is not much different from Naruto Sasuke.
I’ve been yelling all day that I can’t marry if I’m not Chiba, even if I’m a mistress
Chiba is very upset about this.
It’s good to think that Sasuke was harassed by lesbians when he entered school at the age of six.
But it’s a little different from the original.
Haruno Sakura still likes Sasuke, but Sasuke is not so cold. He is pregnant by his three brothers Chiba, Shimizu and Skunk. He has lost his father and mother, and his mind is not so abnormal.
From an early age, it can be seen that Sasuke is not a particularly cold-hearted person with facial paralysis, but that family upheaval made him suffer by other methods.
In fact, if a person loves his brother the most and kills all his relatives and friends around his parents, no one is necessarily better than Sasuke.
Anyway, Sasuke and Haruno Sakura are sneaking around together.
The saddest thing to see this scene is not Naruto, but Xiao Li. After all, Xiao Li liked KINOMOTO SAKURA when he saw Haruno Sakura for the first time.
However, KINOMOTO SAKURA likes Sasuke.
As a result, in the scene of Kakashi and Kay, Xiao Li actually challenged Sasuke because of women.
And Kay is in distress situation.
At this time, Ueda has been studying with Chiba, not close to his classmates, and because of family reasons, Ueda has always had a good impression on Chiba, the big brother of Naruto.
After all, Naruto is now a little devil in troubled times, and he has no mind to manage his young fields.
Naruto’s present state is to have a background like the whirlpool bloggers in later generations, and still be enlightened.
Naruto’s nature is so bad that he becomes Naruto when the environment in Sinatra is bad; If your family is successful, you will become a blogger.
Naruto, on the other hand, attracted Yamanaka Ino’s attention