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As the grinding disc rotates faster and faster, the small pit in red molten steel begins to become deeper and deeper.

Of course, more and more red molten steel began to be thrown out by centrifugal force and attached to the painted iron mold wall.
The faster the rotating speed of the iron mold is, the molten steel thrown out by centrifugal force becomes over …
Soon the whole wall of the iron mold was covered with a thick layer of molten steel, and a small pit in the molten steel also became a slab at the bottom of the deep hole straight iron mold.
"Through … the barrel finally through …" Wei Zheng mind issued an exclamation.
Then on the front still continue to accelerate more than a dozen apprentice big ordered
"Just keep pushing the millstone at this speed and don’t stop …"
The strong centrifugal force attached to the iron mold wall makes the molten steel more and more uniform, and even the limited bubbles in the mixed molten steel are thrown out.
When the color of molten steel in the iron mold changes from red to dark and slowly solidifies, the wall of the iron mold will not fall off more than the deformation, and the serious command will ring again.
"Stop … stop pushing the millstone …"
"You horse tools take the iron mold, install the iron mold to the fixed position of the punching machine, and rely on manpower to press the built steel bar into the iron mold barrel before the molten steel is hardened, and the steel bar squeezes the barrel evenly …"
This simple punching machine located next to the turntable was also made by more than a dozen craftsmen who assisted the most primitive tools in the past two days.
Two straight and smooth iron bars are fixed side by side at intervals of 20 cm, and a simple wooden machine tool is used as a horizontal track.
A slider made of hardwood is inserted into two steel bar sliders, and a strong cowhide rope is fixed at both ends respectively, and the slider is pulled by pulling the two cowhide ropes.
And the halo steel bar made according to the caliber of the barrel fixes this hardwood to make a slider.
The wooden machine tool directly opposite the smooth steel bar is used to fix the iron mold with the barrel still unhardened.
After the iron mold, which still exudes hot air, is fixed to a simple punching machine, two turntables tied with cowhide drawstrings quickly turn around.
As the cowhide drawstring became tighter and tighter, the smooth steel bar for fixing the hardwood slider began to slowly press into the barrel hole of the iron mold.
Therefore, the engraved barrel is still in a semi-softened state, and only four apprentices with a force of two feet at the same time are pressed into the iron mold.
A list of important process department to complete the guard sign can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief in front of the eyes flashing all big ordered.
"Mara out the steel bar … after the iron mold barrel is hardened, the horse will take it out. Because the iron mold and barrel are painted with a layer of coating, it can be easily taken out by hammering, and then the barrel surface is polished to remove the coating on the surface of the barrel and remove the excess material at both ends of the barrel …"
It took only an hour for two blacksmiths to polish the surface and send out a dense cold light, and the barrel was sent to Weizheng.
Looking at the barrel in his hand, Wang Tiezhong’s eyes are shining as if he were seeing his own child.
Excited by Wei Zheng, he reported, "General, this is absolutely the same as the quality of the barrel. If this is the same as making a matchlock gun with the barrel to ensure that the barrel will not be damaged, the amount of muskets can be increased by 30%, and the range of muskets will be increased by 30% accordingly, and we are not worried about the explosion …"
Wei Zheng’s eyes lit up and said to himself, "The range has increased by thirty percent, which means that it’s the same as shooting a lead bullet from the barrel, and shooting a armored Tatar cavalry 200 meters away …"
"It’s a general …" Wang Tie Zhongda affirmed.
"Two hundred meters away from the breakdown of a layer of real armor, three hundred meters away from the breakdown of Tartar leather armor … These data are also conservative estimates by us craftsmen that the real battlefield power must be greater than our estimate …"
Chapter 53 Custom mini bomb
After carefully reading it again, the face-lifting smile of the barrel guard who weighs nine pounds in his hand is even stronger.
Wang Tiezhong asked in front of him, "How long will it take for your weapon factory to have these tools to help build a 150-gun musket …"
"Half a month … judging from the process just now, it takes an hour to work overtime to build a barrel. If we work overtime, we can build more than one hundred barrels in half a month. It is no problem to make a matchlock gun with a barrel …"
Wei Zheng nodded and analyzed, "These tools have another advantage, that is, all the barrel calibers are the same."
Speaking of this, Wei Zheng’s eyes lit up and his face was thoughtful. "Besides, I have an idea."
"As far as I know, the way you have been building muskets is that one musket is completed by one person from beginning to end, which leads to the difference of muskets built by each craftsman. If there is a problem with one component in the battlefield, the whole musket will be completely scrapped and nothing can be connected."
"In addition, the caliber of musket barrel is also different, and different muskets with the same lead bullet will also play different ranges because of the different airtightness of the barrel and lead bullet."
Wang Tiezhong replied with a face of approval, "General, because each craftsman has his own technique, it is impossible to ensure that the muskets made by different craftsmen are the same."
Wei Zheng waved his hand, and Wang Tiezhong looked at it with a surprising answer: "In this case, has Master Wang ever thought about changing this situation to ensure that every piece made by the weapon factory can be communicated with different matchlock guns?"
"It’s impossible …" Wang Tiezhong answered firmly.
"General, every blacksmith makes muskets in different ways. How can it be possible to make all parts of muskets exactly the same? I think it is impossible to accomplish things."
Wei Zheng’s smile did not change at all because of this, and he continued with a mysterious face, "Master Wang, we can solve this problem in another way."
"Before, we were all a musket, and one person was responsible for the end. Now that the barrel can be made exactly the same with some tools, we can completely center the remaining craftsmen and center one or two parts of the musket into one person just like the barrel of a musket."
"That is to say, a blacksmith builds one or two muskets full-time and organizes one or two people to assemble these muskets into a complete musket after all the parts are built."
"In this way, our muskets will be continuously produced like an assembly line."
"Not only that, all the parts made by craftsmen will be unified and standardized, but all muskets can be connected to increase the battlefield life and adaptability of muskets."
Wang Tiezhong did not answer the horse, but kept repeating the three words "assembly line" to himself.
After half a column of incense, he gradually woke up in meditation and answered thoughtfully, "General, you said this method needs to be tested in detail, but to succeed, you said that this result can be achieved and muskets can be produced like ordinary assembly lines."
After two big problems in a row were solved, the matchlock gun troubled Wei Zheng, and the last problem immediately came to mind.
Complicated loading process of matchlock gun
In front of Wang Tie Zhongwei Zheng, he bluntly asked, "You must pay close attention to Wang’s assembly line … I will discuss the loading of a matchlock gun with you …"
"According to the current loading method of the matchlock gun, it is not only cumbersome, but also takes a long time. More importantly, it is tense in the battlefield. Many musketeers can’t guarantee whether the gunpowder they pour into the gun chamber is consistent or not, which leads to the explosion of the musketeers during firing …"
Wang Tiezhong, an old craftsman who built muskets, still knew all kinds of disadvantages in the battlefield of muskets. He asked Wei Zheng directly, "General, what do you mean …"
"In the previous step, we can determine the amount of gunpowder and wrap it with lead bullets. The battlefield musketeers need to bite open the paper and pour out a little gunpowder into the medicine-inducing pot, that is, the fire door, and then pour the bullet part containing lead bullets and residual gunpowder into the gun chamber and tamp it all the way."
"Simply replace the original cumbersome and error-prone loading process in a few steps to make the matchlock gun in a ready state."
However, the introduction of Wei Zheng is obviously very general.
After a word, Wang Tie’s face in front of him was blank or blank.