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Chapter 636 An old friend Yan

Virtual has been shot out of a huge black hole, just like a door that has been wiped out. Everything is gone, such as time, which has disappeared. In front of the black hole, time seems to be meaningless, because the years disappear here, and there is eternal destruction and swallowing.
"He really killed the strong wind clan …" Yang Suiyun took a breath of air-conditioning wind clan. The middle-aged man died, especially in the end. Yuan Shen was chopped by a knife. The picture was also shown in his mind over and over again. His heart was not calm. It was more a kind of scalp pins and needles. He was really scared by Ning Caichen’s fierceness. He was desperate to slay the middle-aged man and the other party was an almost extreme but still dead.
"What about Coson Ning? Is he dead?"
Someone said more people’s hearts, that is, Zhang Liang and Tongtian stopped to look at the black hole. They just saw the picture of the middle-aged man who died in the wind family, but what happened to Ning Caichen in the end? They didn’t see that there was a huge black hole left there, but Ning Caichen disappeared.
"Should be dead?"
Some people are not sure that there is little hope that Ning Caichen will live from the Dragon Island War when Ning Caichen was surrounded by the Palace Master of Guanghan Palace and others. Even if he didn’t die, they believe that Ning Caichen has been absolutely hit hard. I don’t know how many times it has been broken, and now a head has been attacked by the Palace Master of Guanghan Palace and Purdue. It’s hard for them to imagine that a person’s vitality can be so strong that he can still live, but they are not sure. Just like Xiang Yu’s previous rebirth with blood, the world can’t be judged too early. What’s more, they haven’t seen it with their own eyes
"There is a Xiang Yu in the world. Although Coson Ning is powerful, is it comparable to Xiang Yu?"
Some people say that this is hostile to Ning Caichen, which means that Xiang Yu can drop blood and be reborn. Coson Ning is definitely dead than Xiang Yu.
The eyes of the Palace Master of Guanghan Palace, Tongtian, Purdue, Yuan and others all looked at the huge black hole, and soon their pupils contracted rapidly, and a broken body emerged from the black hole. This is a person, but it’s really sad that the body is incomplete, and the chest and body are gone, that is, the hands are far away, leaving only a head and arms!
"You can’t kill me"
The population’s broken body and mouth showed a big white tooth with messy hair, and it was Ning Caichen who was blown to reveal a handsome face covered with blood.
"Oh, my God, Coson Ning is not dead yet. Can he kill or die!"
Someone exclaimed to see the mutilated body. At this time, Ning Caichen’s hair was terrible, and his chest and body were gone. However, there was a surge of red and green light at the fracture wound, and the new body grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. Ning Caichen’s mouth cracked and his handsome face showed a big white tooth, but it gave people a chill.
You can’t kill me!
In a word, several people gasped, that is, Tongtian, Purdue and others all changed their faces at this moment, and they felt a sense of horror in their hearts. Because Ning Caichen’s vitality was so tenacious and tenacious, it made people feel terrible. They didn’t want their heads to die and recover quickly. They didn’t think of breaking Ning Caichen’s head directly, but Ning Caichen did protect it so well that they never had a chance.
The intersection of red and green light, Ning Caichen’s broken wound, and the broken limbs are also growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. This is very striking and dazzling. Five people of the wind family are dead, including the middle-aged man of the wind family, whose strength is close to the extreme. The strong wind family, a line of five people, destroyed. On the other hand, Ning Caichen seems to be like nothing, and his body grows again like an immortal.
No one can be calm, even watching Jiang Xiaobai, Wang Yue and others can’t help but gasp. It’s really hopeless and even more frightening to almost kill people.
Suddenly, there was a huge crack in the virtual sound, which was that the master of Guanghan Palace waved his hand in vain, and then he saw that Tongtian, Yuan and Purdue deified a streamer to fly to the virtual crack, and the master of Guanghan Palace would step into the crack.
"They want to escape!"
Seeing this scene, Yang Suiyun and others couldn’t help being one leng. They saw the intention of the four people in Guanghan Palace. This shows that they are going to escape from here, which makes them somewhat unable to return to the four extremes and face a Ning Caichen and Zhang Liang. This is unexpected.
However, many people in Ning Caichen are silent when they see that more than half of their bodies and legs have grown up. It’s not that Purdue and others are not strong, but that Ning Caichen’s vitality and physique are too abnormal. If his head doesn’t go out, he won’t die, and he can recover quickly. This is almost immortal, and it has been like this since the Dragon Island War to Ning Caichen now. Although he survived many times, he has survived. Instead, Purdue’s four people have been hit hard one by one, except Purdue, Yuan, the main palace of Guanghan Palace. Tongtian three people are all left with Yuan Shen Yuan Shen, but they have just been split in half by Zhang Liang’s sword. Although they are not dead, they have almost lost their fighting capacity. Just now, the wind family and a line of five people are directly destroyed, including the middle-aged man with close extreme strength. In contrast, Ning Caichen’s body has grown well again. The contrast is really desperate
At this moment, all four people in Guanghan Palace chose to escape. Although they don’t want to admit it, they have to deny that they are really guilty at this moment, and they are even more cherish their lives. Now Xiang Yu has been cursed by falling immortals and returned to China. When they have recovered their injuries, they have a great magic weapon. They are absolutely sure to kill Ning Caichen. At this moment, they choose to escape and don’t want to continue to die with Ning Caichen.
But at this moment, a sword of light was cut off to aim at the sky. It was Zhang Liang who cut off the sword directly.
"Zhang Liang, you want to die!"
Tongtian angry backhand is to cut out a sword light, but he didn’t choose to fight back because he knew that Zhang Liang was trying to stall them.
"brush! Brush! Brush! Brush! "
One road reveals that the sword means rushing to the sky, and the bright sword awn illuminates the heavens and the earth. Zhang Liang sends out dozens of swords in a row to cut to Purdue and others.
A crescent moon seems to have come from the sky, and a series of blood flowers fell from Zhang Liang’s left cheek. A deep red and harsh blood mark appeared on Zhang Liang’s left shoulder, and the bone Zhang Liang was deeply visible. The whole person stumbled, and the whole left arm was almost cut off. This is the Guanghan Palace, where the palace master used the sword light to display the moon, and Zhang Liang was not slightly injured. Although Zhang Liang’s strength was almost close to the extreme, it was still a little short, and the moon decision was a contemporary treasure.
Zhang Liang was forced to retreat, but the Lord of the Guanghan Palace did not show his joy, but became serious, because at this moment she had already felt the overwhelming atmosphere of destruction on her head.
"Hey!" Virtual broken the head of the main palace of Guanghan Palace, which was killed by Ning Caichen. "You all stay."
Ning Caichen’s left hand, kopis, swung out and directly cut out a dark knife more than a kilometer long. Mangxu was easily cut vertically and took the main of Guanghan Palace.
"Tear …"
Something should crack. That’s the white gauze of the main face of Guanghan Palace. It has always been a mysterious face for the main face of Guanghan Palace. However, at this time, kopis’s knife awn was cut off and the veil of the main face of Guanghan Palace was directly removed by the knife gas sweep. The main face of Guanghan Palace was also revealed.
Beautiful! This is the first impression to everyone, but it is also unexpected to many people. Because the main appearance of Guanghan Palace is beautiful, melon face, cherry mouth and outstanding beauty, but it is not amazing. It is not as beautiful as many people think. Although it is rare to see a beautiful woman, her appearance is weaker than that of Yunmeng Goddess Yu Ji and others. Perhaps it is the power reason that only the main character of Guanghan Palace is not to fall into concubine and Yunmeng Goddess.
The Palace Master of Guanghan Palace is beautiful. It’s not as amazing as people think, but when they see this manifested face, Ning Caichen’s body is frozen for a moment, and his thinking is breathless-
A distant and familiar face shows up in my mind, and finally the palace master of Guanghan Palace coincides-Wang Shiyi, the woman who accompanied him through most of his life!
Chapter 637 ended
Wang Shiyi, a distant and memorable name, is called Ningfei in Ning Caichen. Wang Shiyi was his college classmate, but they were not very close. Maybe they had a good impression on each other, but for various reasons, they never went their separate ways after graduating from senior year until they lost contact.
Ning Caichen wouldn’t have been so impressed by her if it was just like this. The most important thing is that the memory of life on the earth was the same person who accompanied him silently for most of his life. He spent a flower, a world, a dream and a reincarnation with him during his most difficult and difficult time. Even though Ning Caichen knew that the experience might be a dream bubble, the impression was so deep that it was like living from life to life.